South Sudan’s government refuses the IGAD-PLUS proposal to put an end to conflict in the country

South Sudan’s government refuses the IGAD-PLUS proposal to put an end to conflict in the country

06-13-2015, 01:41 PM


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Title: South Sudan’s government refuses the IGAD-PLUS proposal to put an end to conflict in the country
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 06-13-2015, 01:41 PM

01:41 PM Jun, 13 2015
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South Sudan’s government has refused the IGAD-PLUS proposal to put an end to conflict between Juba’s government and the rebels led by the former vice president Riak Mashar.
the Press Secretary of President Salva Kiir, Ateny Wek Ateny, said on Friday that the government will not adopt the new proposal, which he refers as “nonsensical”, warning that that the government negotiating team would be held responsible if any of them agrees to such IGAD-Plus proposal.
“No No, the government did not agree on this. This is nonsensical, whoever took that decision on behave of the government should take the responsibility. The government did not agree” Ateny exclaims.
The IGAD-Plus power arrangement proposal recommends that the president, Salva Kiir administration will take the lion share of 53% of power in the national government, 100% of power in seven out of ten states and 33% in each of the three states of Greater Upper Nile.
The proposal gives the armed Opposition 33% of power in the national government and 53% of power in each of the three States of Greater Upper Nile.
The remaining 14% of power at the national level and from the three states of Greater Upper Nile would be allocated to other stakeholders in the country.
Although the government controls less than 25% of the Greater Upper Nile region with the exception of some of the main administrative centers, the government rejects the proposal for allocating most of the powers in the GUN region to the rebels.
Asked whether the government should draft its own proposals to be negotiated at the Peace Talks, Ateny attests that the government only reacts to proposals presented by IGAD and other stakeholders.
“The government does not negotiate to itself; the government reacts to the proposals that are brought by the IGAD. We have been given proposals” Ateny said.

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