Sudan urges the rebel (SPLM-N) to allow the tripartite mechanism to deliver aid in South Kordofan

Sudan urges the rebel (SPLM-N) to allow the tripartite mechanism to deliver aid in South Kordofan

05-06-2015, 03:29 PM


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Title: Sudan urges the rebel (SPLM-N) to allow the tripartite mechanism to deliver aid in South Kordofan
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 05-06-2015, 03:29 PM

04:29 PM May, 06 2015
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Sudan’s Humanitarian Assistance Commissioner, Dr. Ahmed Adam, has urged the rebel Sudan’s People Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) to allow the tripartite mechanism, consists of Sudan’s government, United Nations and the Arab League, to access to the areas they held in South Kordofan state to deliver the aid to the needy people, pointing out that SPLM-N did not respond to the calls launched upon the arrival of the teams of the tripartite mechanism.
In June 2011, conflict broke out again between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army-North (SPLM/A-N) in the state of South Kordofan, on the border with new Republic of South Sudan. Tensions spread to the border state of Blue Nile in September 2011. The conflict has had devastating consequences for civilians in these areas. Over 130,000 civilians have fled the two states, crossing into neighboring Ethiopia or the Republic of South Sudan to escape the fighting.
In press statements on Tuesday, Adam dismissed the reports indicating that the government has imposed restrictions on the movements of the foreign organizations in the dispute regions, noting that the last report by the United Nations confirmed that they have covered more than 95% of the regions.
The Representative of World Health Organization (WHO) Dr, Nieema Algaseer called on all the parties for allowing the immunization teams to access the targeted children and the need for creating safe corridors for accessing those regions to immunize all the children against diseases, stating that serious attempts are made by the government and the United Nations in this regard

Sudan’s People Liberation Movement-North

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