Nine medical students were born in UK and studied medicine in Sudan

Nine medical students were born in UK and studied medicine in Sudan

03-23-2015, 07:20 PM


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Title: Nine medical students were born in UK and studied medicine in Sudan
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 03-23-2015, 07:20 PM

07:20 PM Mar, 23 2015
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Families vow to bring home nine British medical students who went to treat jihadis in Syria after fleeing their medical school in Sudan

  • Group of five men and four women left medical school and fled to Syria
  • Lena Abdulqadir said she wanted to ‘volunteer to help wounded Syrians'
  • The surgeon’s daughter sent smiling selfie to sister before entering Syria
  • Their parents believe they have been ‘brainwashed’ by ISIS fanatics and have now travelled to the region to convince their children to return home

Nine British medical students have travelled secretly to Syria to help treat jihadi fighters in hospitals controlled by Islamic State, it emerged yesterday.

The group of five men and four women, all in their late teens and early 20s, fled medical school in Sudan and travelled to Istanbul before crossing the Turkish border.

One woman, a surgeon’s daughter, sent a smiling selfie to her sister before entering Syria.

Their desperate parents believe they have been ‘brainwashed’ by Islamic fanatics and have now travelled to the region in a bid to convince their children to return home.

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Nine British medical students have travelled to Syria to work in hospitals in Islamic State-held areas, including Hisham Mohammed Fadlallah (pictured)
Lena Maumoon Abdulqadir
Tamer Ahmed Ebu Sebah

Nine British medical students have travelled to Syria to work in hospitals in Islamic State-held areas. Pictured from left to right: Hisham Mohammed Fadlallah, Lena Maumoon Abdulqadir and Tamer Ahmed Ebu Sebah

Rowan Kamal Zine El Abidine
Sami Ahmed Kadir
Ismail Hamadoun

The four women and five men apparently kept their plans secret from their families and fled to Syria from a medical base in Sudan. Left to right: Rowan Kamal Zine El Abidine, Sami Ahmed Kadir and Ismail Hamadoun

Nada Sami Kader
Mohamed Osama Badri Mohammed
Tasneem Suleyman

The medical students are believed to now be in the ISIS-held area of Tel Abyad, according to a Turkish politician. From left to right: Nada Sami Kader, Mohamed Osama Badri Mohammed and Tasneem Suleyman

The students are from the Sudanese community, but were born and raised in England.

‘They have been cheated, brainwashed. That is what I, and their relatives, think,’ Turkish opposition politician Mehmet Ali Ediboglu said after meeting the families.

‘We all assume that they are in Tel Abyad now, which is under IS control. The conflict out there is fierce, so medical help must be needed.’

He insisted that the students wanted to volunteer in hospitals, adding: ‘Let’s not forget about the fact that they are doctors; they were there to help, not to fight.’

It is believed the students had been enrolled in medical school in Khartoum. Last year, a British medical student who attended the same Khartoum medical school was arrested on suspicion of plotting with Islamic State.

Tarik Hassane, 21, known to friends as ‘The Surgeon’, allegedly posted on Twitter ‘I smell war’ hours before his arrest. He was Tasered by police who stormed a relative’s flat where he was sleeping after flying into the country.

Three of the students had graduated and the others were still studying, it is thought. They were joined by two medics from the US and Canada, also of Sudanese origin. 

Volunteer: One of the runaway girls, Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir, 19, of King’s Lynn in Norfolk, sent a selfie to her sister just before crossing the border

Volunteer: One of the runaway girls, Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir, 19, of King’s Lynn in Norfolk, sent a selfie to her sister just before crossing the border

About a dozen classmates are believed to have flown from the Sudanese capital to Istanbul on March 12, then taken a bus to the border the next day. They are thought to have kept the plans secret from their families.

They were named as Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir, Nada Sami Kader, Rowan Kamal Zine El Abidine, Tasneem Suleyman Huseyin, Ismail Hamdoun, Tamer Ahmed Ebu Sebah, Mohammed Osama Badri Mohammed, Hisham Mohammed Fadlallah and Sami Ahmed Kadir.

Their parents are now living near the wire fences of the Turkish-Syrian border desperately trying to get their children back. 

One of the runaway girls, Lena Mamoun Abdelgadir, 19, of King’s Lynn in Norfolk, sent a selfie to her sister just before crossing the border. Her father Mamoun Abdelgadir is a surgeon at King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

She sent the picture over social networking site WhatsApp, saying: ‘Don’t worry about us, we’ve reached Turkey and are on our way to volunteer helping wounded Syrian people.’

She sent it just before crossing the border and, within hours, her father boarded a plane to Turkey where he has been ever since.

‘We have decided not to return home unless we go with them,’ Mr Abdelgadir told Spanish news agency Efe. 

‘We sent our children to study [in Sudan] so that they would be surrounded by their culture. But their decision to go to Syria has been a shock for all of us.’

There was no answer at the smart family home in a village outside King’s Lynn last night, but a neighbour said that the family were ‘doing what they had to do’.

Schoolgirls Kadiza Sultana, 16, Shamima Begum, 15, and Amira Abase, 15, (pictured at Gatwick airport) fled to Turkey before crossing the border into Syria where they are believed to have become ISIS jihadi brides 

Schoolgirls Kadiza Sultana, 16, Shamima Begum, 15, and Amira Abase, 15, (pictured at Gatwick airport) fled to Turkey before crossing the border into Syria where they are believed to have become ISIS jihadi brides 

Ahmed Babikir, students’ dean at Khartoum’s private University of Medical Sciences, told AFP that five students were missing after travelling to Turkey. 

He said that they were ‘top students’ who had been studying medicine and pharmacology, with one expected to qualify as ‘the youngest surgeon’ in Sudan.

Hamdoun’s Facebook page shows pictures of hunting trips in Sudan in which his friends pose with guns and ######### of dead rabbits.

The Home Office said the students would not automatically face prosecution under anti-terror laws if they tried to return to the UK, as long as they could prove that they had not been fighting.

Mr Ediboglu said he thought the students were volunteers through a charity called IHH, which he called a ‘voluntary medical group’.

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  • Sudan’s president discusses with Ethiopian Foreign Minister South Sudan’s crisis 01-14-15, 04:48 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudan conflict could cost $158 billion over next 20 years –study 01-14-15, 04:27 PM, تقارير سودانيزاونلاين
  • We will not compete Al-Bashir on presidency: Sudan’s Democratic Unionist Party says 01-13-15, 03:58 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Re: Sudanese-Chinese talks convened today in Khartoum 01-30-15, 02:56 AM, بكرى ابوبكر
  • Sudan and China agree to explore new ways for joint cooperation 01-12-15, 05:21 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudan says it will not be able to hold a census before general elections 01-10-15, 03:56 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • IGAD’s Summit on South Sudan in Addis Ababa this month 01-10-15, 03:22 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan Artist Says He'll Keep Cartooning Despite Threats 01-10-15, 03:13 PM, Voice of America
  • Chinese Foreign Minister visits Khartoum Sunday 01-09-15, 02:05 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Thirst, hunger among Sudanese refugees in Chad 01-09-15, 02:04 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • A referendum on the return of Darfur states to one region 01-07-15, 06:14 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan's electoral body pushes back elections to 13 April 12-21-14, 03:41 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • UN says that South Sudanese rebels killed, raped civilians during an attack in October 12-20-14, 03:26 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • UN: South Sudan rebels committed atrocities 12-20-14, 02:54 PM, Aljazeera news
  • UNSC warns of considering all measures against those impeding the peace process in South Sudan 12-16-14, 04:27 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan’s Assistant of President attributes the Two Areas crisis to the negatives accompanied the las 12-16-14, 04:16 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • The international mission in South Sudan destroy hundreds of weapons in the country 12-10-14, 01:51 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • There is full consensus on the appointment of Governors: Sudan’s former vice president 12-07-14, 02:01 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Ali Osman Mohamed Taha: No crisis behind constitutional amendments 12-07-14, 01:58 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan Call A Political Declaration on the Establishment of a State of Citizenship and Democracy 12-06-14, 03:37 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Press Release:Seeking Alterative Energy in Sudan 12-04-14, 09:30 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • I will return to Sudan when the proper environment prevails: Al-Mahdi 12-02-14, 01:38 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • An important Statement No (17 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou 11-27-14, 04:01 PM, اللواء اسماعيل خميس جلاب
  • Minawi: Darfur issue should be addressed within comprehensive solution framework 11-24-14, 01:47 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • UN calls on all conflict parties in South Sudan to respect their ceasefire commitments 11-22-14, 02:50 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Troika calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in Sudan 11-17-14, 06:39 AM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Information Minister: Khartoum is keen to maintain security in South Sudan 11-13-14, 04:56 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • ​ The SPLM-N Statement at the Opening Session of the Addis Ababa Negotiation on November 12, 2014 11-12-14, 03:48 PM, الحركه الشعبيه لتحرير السودان شمال
  • Sudan’s opposition parties boycott the election and vow to bring down the regime 11-12-14, 12:58 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Al-Turabi reiterates its party’s commitment to continue the national dialogue 11-09-14, 01:42 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Defense Minister: Qatar will support Sudan with gas 11-08-14, 06:57 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudan: Neighbors Should Press UN for Arms Embargo 11-05-14, 05:37 PM, Amnesty International
  • Qatar Development donates $1.7 Million for Darfur Internal Dialogue Consultations 11-05-14, 03:08 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Talks in Qatar to join the non-signatory Darfur’s armed movements to peace process 11-05-14, 01:24 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudanese parliament member accuses bodies of smuggling wheat to neighboring countries 11-03-14, 08:09 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan’s al-Turabi ends his differences with the political forces, including the ruling party: PCP 11-02-14, 11:47 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Re: Sudanese Congress Party Leader banned from travel 11-02-14, 08:11 PM, سيف اليزل سعد عمر
  • Sudan’s president presents a pivotal regional plan to end the Libyan crisis 10-29-14, 03:56 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • AU mediation calls Darfur rebel SLM-MM to negotiate Khartoum’s government in Addis Ababa 10-29-14, 03:55 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Abdullah al Matouq and António Guterres praise Sudan for generously welcoming South Sudanese refuge 10-22-14, 07:27 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • China’s government considers its relations with Khartoum and Juba: researcher says 10-22-14, 05:37 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • IGAD team holds consultations with Al-Bashir on South Sudan conflict 10-22-14, 04:54 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan’s regime tries to join the Egyptian-Saudi axis: Egypt expert 10-21-14, 03:35 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Subsahara Centre, Ottawa, Canada:The Conflict in Upper Nile State Describes events through 12 Oc 14 10-19-14, 07:11 PM, تقارير سودانيزاونلاين
  • More than 100,000 South Sudanese refugees now in Sudan 10-15-14, 09:32 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • Eastern Sudan leader warns for Darfur scenario in the region 10-14-14, 02:30 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • El Intibaha story about students fabricated: Darfur lawyers 10-10-14, 04:12 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • Al-Merghani expresses fear over further divisions in Sudan 10-08-14, 06:50 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • IGAD to hold extraordinary summit on South Sudan 10-08-14, 06:20 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Fighting the war in the mountains of Sudanand#138; with a camera 10-08-14, 06:01 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • National Alliance Forces: Sudan is rolling toward edge of an abyss 10-08-14, 06:00 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Egyptian exports banned from entering Sudan 10-08-14, 05:51 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudanese opposition announces 4 conditions for accepting dialogue with regime 10-08-14, 05:47 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudanese Communist Party says solution for homeland crisis lies in bringing down regime 10-08-14, 05:46 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Water crisis in Sudan’s Red Sea state, new hemorrhagic fever cases 10-01-14, 04:07 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • US Pledges Another $83 Million for South Sudan 09-30-14, 01:23 PM, Voice of America
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  • UK pledges further support for humanitarian crisis in South Sudan 09-02-14, 10:44 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Press Release Arab Coalition for Sudan and the Arab Network for Media Crisis Inaugurate the (90) da 09-02-14, 02:57 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
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  • To South Sudan’s woes, add famine — 50,000 kids at risk of death 08-25-14, 01:46 AM, The Washington Post
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  • South Sudan President Fires John Garang's Widow 08-21-14, 03:53 PM, Voice of America
  • A New Approach to the National Dialogue in Sudan that will Stop the Wars, Address the Humanitarian 08-20-14, 11:33 PM, ياسر عرمان
  • Nuer Youth Association:NYSAE Press Statement-3 - Strategies to Win the Struggle 08-20-14, 09:53 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Deputy Chairwoman of Umma Party transported to female prison in Omdurman 08-13-14, 05:10 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Gal Lel Ngundeng Met President Salva Kiir in Washington DC, US 08-11-14, 03:27 AM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth met President Kiir in Washington, D.C 08-08-14, 02:55 PM, Gordon Buay
  • Minister for Africa calls for leadership in South Sudan talks 07-31-14, 10:00 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • South Sudan Musician (Dina Maruach) went to Africa for Visiting Dr. Riek Machar on June 30 – July 0 07-24-14, 11:16 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Egypt rejects adjournment of “Renaissance dam” negotiations 07-23-14, 10:17 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Khartoum renews calls for rebels to join peace 07-22-14, 08:45 AM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Press statement: USG/ERC Valerie Amos on Sudan/South Sudan - 16 July 2014 07-17-14, 10:56 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Finance Ministry: No shortage in development support for Sudan 07-14-14, 11:27 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the third Anniversary of the I 07-09-14, 02:28 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • South Sudan: Independence Day marred by ongoing war crimes and looming famine 07-08-14, 02:37 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Press Statement by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to South Sudan, Hilde F. 07-08-14, 02:34 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • UNICEF: Children pose 70% of displaced persons in Sudan 07-01-14, 09:10 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan: End Arbitrary Detention of Activists Investigate Allegations of Torture, Abuse 06-26-14, 05:33 AM, african centre for justice
  • Ghandour: Elections postponement is possible if based on dialogue 06-23-14, 04:16 AM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • 25 Years of Repression in Sudan - 3 Years of Killing in Nuba 06-11-14, 09:02 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • International community must act to end Sudan’s “unprecedented and intense” bombing of civilians 06-11-14, 10:17 AM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Political powers stick to dialogue 06-09-14, 09:12 AM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Islamic Bank funds outlaws integration projects 06-09-14, 09:10 AM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Reform Now Movement suspends dialogue with government 06-07-14, 11:31 AM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • guarantee for political stabilityand#8236; and#8234;Experts describe election as soleand#8236; 06-03-14, 01:46 PM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • South Sudan foes to discuss foreign troops’ withdrawal in June 05-20-14, 08:30 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Press Releases from Girifna about from the African Union to meet with Thabo Mbeki 05-18-14, 06:02 PM, GIRIFNA
  • S. Sudan Foreign Minister denies notification on rebel leader visit to Khartoum 05-17-14, 08:14 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Acute drinking water crisis in West Darfur’s Murnei camp 05-16-14, 04:04 AM, Radio Dabanga
  • Egyptian ambassador to Sudan blames media for Halayeb crisis 05-15-14, 02:09 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Khartoum University students’ crisis continues 05-13-14, 07:54 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Democratic Unionist group to cooperate with Sudan Revolutionary Front 05-13-14, 07:51 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • Revolutionary Front and Unionist Movement call for peace and democracy 05-13-14, 04:45 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan envoy in Geneva lauds Qatari role in supporting peace in Sudan 05-11-14, 07:29 PM, إيهاب إسماعيل
  • New Amnesty International report - Nowhere Safe: Civilians Under Attack in South Sudan 05-11-14, 07:24 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Egyptian security bans Sudanese deputy from entering Halayeb 05-11-14, 03:26 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudan frontlines report calm 05-11-14, 03:22 PM, sbs
  • The President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit: Ready to step down for interests of South Sudan 05-06-14, 07:18 PM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • SPLM-North: government displaced more than 20. Thousand citizens in Kadugli 04-30-14, 06:12 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • President Kiir: We did not pay Uganda for intervention in South Sudan 04-30-14, 04:47 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Comprehensive solution requires rebuilding of Sudan: United People's Front 04-30-14, 03:10 PM, Radio Dabanga
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  • Group Petitions AU to Mediate South Sudan Negotiations 04-29-14, 02:06 PM, Voice of America
  • South Sudan and rebels to resume peace talks 04-29-14, 02:03 PM, Aljazeera news
  • Revolutionary Front hands over roadmap plan on Sudanese crisis solution to EU 04-26-14, 05:58 PM, حركة تحرير السودان قيادة مناوي
  • Sudan accuses Darfur rebels of involvement in South Sudan conflict 04-26-14, 04:11 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • UN Security Council Press Statement on South Sudan - New York, 24 April 2014 04-24-14, 04:45 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
  • Protests flare in Sudan, citizens arrested 04-22-14, 04:48 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • Darfur Regional Authority stresses importance of signatories for peace in Darfur 04-22-14, 04:31 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • Government and SPLM to resume talks in Ababa talks 04-21-14, 07:10 PM, حسين سعد
  • ‘Al Bashir’s decree shows inconsistency, conflicts within government’: Communist Party of Sudan 04-17-14, 02:38 PM, Radio Dabanga
  • US Threat of South Sudan Sanctions Not a Hollow Warning, Envoy Says 04-15-14, 04:20 PM, Voice of America
  • Australia provides $7.8m for South Sudan 04-12-14, 04:14 PM, sbs
  • Secretary of State John Kerry met today with the South Sudanese Minister Awan Riak 04-11-14, 04:43 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Egyptian 'suspicions' behind Ethiopia dam crisis: Sudan FM 04-10-14, 08:26 PM, TurkishPress
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  • Revolutionary Front and National Consensus Forces call for comprehensive solution 04-09-14, 02:24 PM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader visits Khartoum 04-05-14, 02:56 PM, The Middle East Monitor
  • Sudan says Qatar to deposit $1 bn as part of aid package 04-04-14, 02:36 PM, جريدة الشرق الأوسط
  • Dr.Ghazi Salah-Eddin Atabani: National Congress may drop idea of dialogue after October 04-03-14, 06:25 PM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • Sudan police clash with mourners at funeral 03-13-14, 01:48 AM, Aljazeera news
  • The PSC of the AU, at its 423rd meeting held on 10 March 2014, adopted a decision on the situation 03-12-14, 02:53 PM, مبارك عبدالرحمن أردول
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  • Publication of Constitutional Proetction of Human Rights in Sudan 02-10-14, 05:37 PM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • South Sudan ambassador stresses importance of peace and national reconciliation 02-10-14, 05:29 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan’s Humanitarian Aid Commission suspends the International Committee of the Red Cross’ operatio 02-08-14, 00:54 AM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Rebel General Declared His New Faction 02-05-14, 04:12 PM, SudaneseOnline News
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  • The Nuer Community call for Removal of UN head Mission in South Sudan 01-02-14, 10:35 PM, SudaneseOnline Press Release
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  • Massacre of Nuer civilians at The Hands of President Kiir’s Dinka mili 12-22-13, 00:49 AM, sudaneseonline
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  • Russian initiative on Syria is a way out of military confrontation in 09-11-13, 06:28 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan to eliminate fuel, wheat subsidies 09-08-13, 06:23 PM, Reuters
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  • As Floods Ravage Sudan, Young Volunteers Revive a Tradition of Aid 09-02-13, 04:41 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • As Floods Ravage Sudan, Young Volunteers Revive a Tradition of Aid 09-02-13, 04:17 PM, SudaneseOnline News