Arab Journalists Union decries Sudanese crackdown on newspapers

Arab Journalists Union decries Sudanese crackdown on newspapers

02-18-2015, 10:05 PM


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Title: Arab Journalists Union decries Sudanese crackdown on newspapers
Author: Khaleej Times
Date: 02-18-2015, 10:05 PM

10:05 PM Feb, 18 2015
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Dubai: The Arab Journalists Union (AJU) on Sunday denounced the confiscation of 14 newspapers by the Sudanese authorities, and described the actions as unprecedented and in conflict with the freedom of opinion and expression, and a setback in the course of press freedoms in the Sudan.

In a statement, AJU said the Sudanese government authorities had taken the action without alerting the bodies concerning the assessment of the press work, and it was also taken without resorting to the law streamlining the press and publications which meant for the issue of newspapers in the country.

AJU calls on the Sudanese authority to review the exceptional measures it had taken against the newspapers.

The union extended support and solidarity with the Sudanese journalists union in the issue, and demands the Sudanese authority to cancel all the manifestations of annoying and harassing the freedom of the press, and expression, be it in law or in politics, as these actions serve as insult to the government of Sudan, and tarnish the image of the Sudan in front of the international public opinion.

AJU appeals to all international and human rights organizations to denounce the undemocratic measure taken by the Sudan government.

Sudan’s information minister Ahmed Bilal Osman justified the confiscation of the dailies by the Security and |intelligence agency by saying that the newspapers were seized according to the law, threatening that any attempt to compromise national security will be swiftly dealt within the purview of the law.

He further said the matter will remain unchanged until the constitution and the security agency law is amended.

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