An important Statement No (17 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou

An important Statement No (17 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou

11-27-2014, 04:01 PM


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Title: An important Statement No (17 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou
Author: اللواء اسماعيل خميس جلاب
Date: 11-27-2014, 04:01 PM

To the masses of Sudan People's Liberation Movement, to the masses of Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur's people, to the truthful and faithful people of our freedom fighters in the Sudan People's Liberation Army, we announce to all of you Dear Comrades this important statement.
Dear Honorable fighters , as you have been following and monitoring closely what goes on in the corridors of negotiations in Addis Ababa from the farce led shamelessly by comrade Yasser Saeed Arman and his humble experienced delegation, and you saw how they manipulate the fate of our great nation the Nuba people, laughing at their minds and piffling with the blood of our martyrs who gave their lives for the sake of our fare case of freedom. And we want to assure you dear comrades that the failure of talks in Addis Ababa came responsively to the desire of two negotiating parties and we have stated that repeatedly in our previous statements that the two sides agreed on ( not to agree ) which mean they don't care for what happens from death, displacement, refuge, disease and destruction to the citizens of the two states, Yasir Arman and his companion in the opportunistic leadership are using our people in The Sudan People's Liberation army to carry out the agenda and programs unrelated to the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, and that is clear from that weak and humble negotiating position presented in his speech to the mediators at the opening of the last failed talks predecessors, when he said (that this is the last chance to save Sudan through credible constitutional convention and it is the only way to bring about a national consensus for building a real national program and he said - that this round will lead to two roads only the first we need to answer the question ((How should Sudan be governed)), and that we get together to answer the common basis for national consensus and agreement on the future agendas of the New Sudan.
..... The second is the way we all know he said ( it is the continuation of the war, in which saw the abuses, genocide and led finally to the secession of the south.) to make clear dear Comrades in the two ways of Yasser Arman, you will find the following: - in the first way in which he did not mention the principle of autonomy , but even the process of self-determination he is rejecting in total , like the rulers in Khartoum and they confirmed when they signed the Paris Declaration with Imam Sadiq al-Mahdi, they were committed to him that there is no right of self-determination for two states in their program and that was stressed at Addis Ababa Agreement with ( 7 +7 ) and thus was confined to the negotiating position of the SPLM in commitment to the road map laid out in the two agreements (Paris Declaration and the Addis Ababa Agreement), which is basically constitutes of addressing the humanitarian situation and resolve the two areas cases within the overall national framework through the national constitutional conference without exception for any .. Here dear comrades we equalizes , those who are fighting, dying, displaced and suffering with. .. who those live in palaces and sumptuously comfortable and stable in Khartoum, Madani and Northern Thus they want to take the rights of the people who are sheltering in caves from the raids of Antinovs , MiG and heavy Artilleries. The second way Comrades as he said (we all know is to continue in the war) .... Here Comrades we are rather much surprised and asking when did Yasir Arman knew the war? And he did not led even one platoon during the first twenty years we spent in the bush till he reached the rank of (General) we confirm that he is hearing the news of the wars which he was talking about, like any other civilian in Khartoum and Port Sudan .... Dear comrades who sees Yasser Arman, bragging in media devices will confirm that he was witty remarkable fighter in the fields of past and current wars, but we assure you that he is an opportunist and coward, every field commander knows him .
Dear comrades the statements Which came from Eltom Hajo The other opportunist is raising the exasperation of the revolutionaries , It is irrational to say there is no problem in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, not even in Darfur !!! The problem is in Khartoum (these are wonderful philosophy wards) So why people in Khartoum don't arise and take arms against the despotic rulers there? Yes, the firebrand burn who walk on it.. Mr. Hajo, the opportunist Yasir Arman had taught you the opportunism because he is now the gallant hero of his time. His demand of the autonomy for the two-states through the media is just a cheap worthless political debate in which He wants to threaten Ibrahim Ghandour, Type text or a website address or translate a documenCancelDid you meaولم يذكر ذلك إلا عندما احرجت غندور عندما قال بان ياسif he did not agree to a comprehensive solution through constitutional conference in participation of all political forces of Sudan, he will go to the option of the autonomy . What confirms this is Ghandour's statements, where he embarrassed Arman by saying ( Yasir Arman talked about all outstanding issues, but he did not talked about the cases of the two states while he is negotiating on behave of them ) then he rejected the principle of autonomy for the two states and he said, he was not authorized to discuss it . and in the same time he threatened to withdraw from the passed April's agreement with SPLM. Finally He stated the position of NCP in only two issues ( to deliver food and collect the arms of SPLA ) !!! This fact is a farce when those who are alike meets to decide on what the people of the two states want in Addis Ababa talks.
Dear comrades we assure you here that the authorities recognized to give mandate of negotiating and identifies the negotiating position determined by the sons and daughters of the two states through consultations and decisions emanating from the heart of the views of the sons and daughters of the two states ( Southern Kordofan / Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile ) and we are here to remind you with our conference's resolutions , first and second all Nuba conferences, the consultative meeting for the people of the Nuba Mountains, all tribes conference and all Blue Nile people's conference in (2002 and 2003). In all Nuba conference one, the forth resolution said (a clear mandate is given to the leaders of Sudan People's Liberation Movement to negotiate on behave of the people of the Nuba Mountains in the IGAD peace process and the Unified Sudan National Party should take an active role in such all those negotiations.
The fifth resolution said: - A strong recommendation of alliance which is unequivocally for the people of the Nuba Mountains with the SPLM/A during the interim period, reckoning that is the way to create an opportunity for achieving a process of self-determination in a democratic, and smooth way.
And in seventh resolution came : - A / the right to self-determination and formation self-government in Nuba Mountains region to be responsible for the interim period.
B / Regional full control on economic projects and land rights in terms of ownership and tenure in conjunction with the activities of sustainable development.
And we want to remind you also dear comrades with the memorandum position of military and political leaders to the people of the two areas of the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, which was submitted to the SPLM leadership while negotiating in Naivasha on 10/19/2003 where the people of the two areas refused the principle of popular consultation in addition to the rejection of the protocol on security arrangements and demanded the leadership of the SPLM to go back to reference of their mandate and powers granted to them by the people of the two states conferences, which were specifically requested in the exercise of the right of self-determination and the power, wealth sharing and rights in land ownership. Authorization Dear comrades came to achieve these objectives and they stated in this regard powerful phrase in which they threatened SPLM leadership clearly,, ( taking any negotiating position on these two states waive it for their rights, which came in the resolutions of the conferences of the two states is considered a violation for this authorization and rejection for the rights and aspirations of the citizens of the two states, which threatens the unity of the movement and its future, and the leadership of the SPLM should know that we have the right to take appropriate steps towards what is happening in defense of our rights.)
Dear comrades This is the real mandate that we know, so from where do Yasser Saeed Arman and his Transitional opportunists brought the mandate and authorities that they are using now on the people of the two states ???
Dear comrades The claim Yasir Arman for autonomy across media platforms without it's appearance in the official papers of negotiation is just for misleading the unsuspecting and delude rules as any opportunistic leadership is interested in issues crucial to the people of the two states so we appeal to the sons and daughters of the two states to come out from their silence and express their rejection to what yasir Arman doing in Addis Ababa because what is happening is reproduction for more Sudanese crisis and prolonging the war through negotiation, which will not lead to good results and fair solutions and thus continued suffering degrading and humiliating for the citizens of the two states.
Comrades at the end of this statement we assure you that the right for self-determination is a public demand and a legitimate right of the peoples of the two states according to the resolutions of the two states conference's in Naivasha peace talks, from our side we confirm the necessity of the conferences and dialogues in between the peoples of the two areas to determine what they want from Addis Ababa talks, and we assure you all that we will not and will never allow this dirty game to continue as long as we are alive, our people must know the facts and the realities from us and work on that base to change.
struggle continue and victory is certain
Commander / Ismail Khamis Gulab
the former Governor of South Kordufan / Nuba Mountains
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