African Mission Trip to Sudan and Ethiopia Refugees Camps (Mosquito Nets Distribution)

African Mission Trip to Sudan and Ethiopia Refugees Camps (Mosquito Nets Distribution)

10-31-2014, 10:39 PM


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Title: African Mission Trip to Sudan and Ethiopia Refugees Camps (Mosquito Nets Distribution)
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 10-31-2014, 10:39 PM
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From August 25, 2014 to September 25, 2014

Learn to do right; seek Justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case for widows. Isaiah 1: 17
Our main targets are: New born babies, Orphan children, pregnant women, Elderly people and Disable.

Sponsored by Peace Lutheran Church, Sudanese Ministry of the Lutheran Church of Missouri Synod/USA
Malaria is caused by a bite of a female anopheles mosquito, which passes the malaria parasite from one human to another. The most obvious symptom is high fever, but there can be other symptoms such as diarrhea.
Malaria threatens thousands of people in refugees’ camps in Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and IDPs under the bushes in South Sudan. Many catch the disease each year and a thousand die from it, mainly children under five years and pregnant women. Malaria kills around one child in 20.
Prevention: One way of protecting yourself from malaria is to take anti-malaria medicines and sleep under mosquito nets. Unfortunately, in many places the malaria parasite become resistant to anti-malaria drugs and the problem is getting worse in refugees camps.
Therefore the Peace Lutheran Church and the Sudanese Ministry have decided to address the concern to the friends in Christ to help the vulnerable people of South Sudan in refugee’s camps who have been affected deeply by crises in South Sudan.
We distributed the mosquito nets to the vulnerable South Sudanese people in refugee’s camps in Alagai, Judah of Sudan and Tharpham Gambella of Ethiopia. Additionally, we preached the word of God and empower refugees to have confidence and strengthen their faith in Christ Jesus, so that they may have hope and peace. We convey our deep appreciation to people who make generous gifts that have granted to the vulnerable South Sudanese people in refugees’ camps in neighboring countries such as Ethiopia and Sudan.
Word of prayer for South Sudan:
Father we pray that the land and the people of South Sudan belong to you. Your word declares that you counsel stands forever the plans of your heart to all generations. How blessed is the nation of South Sudan whose God is the Lord. We declare that the nation of South Sudan will become a nation whose God is the Lord. We declare that the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry.
We declare that the face of the Lord is against those who do evil actions. Our heavenly Father has given the nation of South Sudan to His Son for His inheritance and the ends of the earth are His possessions. We speak the righteous anger of the Lord over the land of south Sudan, so that its leaders will begin to hear the voice of God from heaven and know the meaning of the fear of the Lord that they will take delight in Him and rejoice with trembling to bow down before the king of kings, prince of peace, Lord of Lords who has been given this nation as His possession. Your promise is that they will be blessed.
Lord, only you can bring peace in this land and among its peoples. Only you are able to strike the consciousness of this people to honor each other as being made in your image. Lord, only you can unite the people in this land and give them one heart as a nation.
We declare that the blood of Jesus is able to go back deep into the blood lines of the people of South Sudan and clean the heart, mind, and soul each person from the spirit of bitterness, anger, rage, unforgiving thoughts, and action of killing and revenge.
We pray for peace and reconciliation of the people of South Sudan through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for strengthening each of us in our life and walk with you, In Jesus name. Amen.
Rev. Bafel Paul Gak Deng
Former Chairperson of Peace and Reconciliation Commission for Upper Nile State of South Sudan
mailto:[email protected]