BNFA community Nuer Executive office Sudan Khartoum Statement

BNFA community Nuer Executive office Sudan Khartoum Statement

10-19-2014, 07:55 PM


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Title: BNFA community Nuer Executive office Sudan Khartoum Statement
Author: SudaneseOnline Press Release
Date: 10-19-2014, 07:55 PM
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BNFA community
Executive office_Sudan_Khartoum
Statement No_ (21)

• IGAD countries of the organization
• All human rights organizations.
• The sponsor countries of peace in the war state of south Sudan
• The masses of the people of the republic of south Sudan
• African countries all.

With full thanks and appreciation to the IGAD countries in their efforts with stated sponsor of peace in the war in the republic of south Sudan, despite the failure to implement any provision of the peace between the opposing save of the people and the reform of the situation in the republic of south Sudan under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny and wing prime march with his aides Salva kiir due back Yuweri museveni is responsible for the management of the republic of south Sudan. However the cost of salva kiir who habitually always with his militias killed innocents citizens of Nuer children and women, which is the violation of human rights but their understanding of the purges tribe and the ethnicity.
So we are in the society (NUER) with our cooperatives, we demand in the expected negotiations in Ethiopia between the opposition and the government, to address the killings and butchering of the Nuer tribe in the following different forms

• First, the countries of the organization of IGAD and the countries sponsoring peace circle in the republic of south Sudan put a clause in the negotiations to clarify and confirm the Nuer tribe and not for Dr Riek Machar, but for who causes the death who is murderer Slava Kiir and Yuweri Museveni.
• Lactating women
• Pregnant women
• Children age hours and a day until the age of seven years
• Older and the senate of 70 years of age
• Disabled and different diseases (blinds and insane and all disabled) from the Nuer tribe, although the state media that the event occurs is a process failed coup, are these category able to raise their arms in the face of another person against the government?

• The reasons for the government army to kill the south Sudanese people (Nuer) by cluster weapons that has been banned internationally.
• To clarify the reasons for the representatives of the Nuer eligibility use panzers to kill the Nuer.
• To illustrate to the IGAD countries and the state sponsor of the global peace the eligibility of entering the Arab republic of Egypt panzers to strike the Nuer people belong to evangelical community under the management of the Egyptians in the republic of Sudan, to understand that the churches in Sudan, guided by Egyptians who are residents in Sudan be as enemies of the nuer, will not even enjoy the Sudanese lands in the name of Christianity (Evangelical community)

• The optimal, first and the last solution are to omit the government of Yoweri Museveni under the administration of Salva Kiir mayardit.
• Formation of the national government control management system , the major states during/at least (10) years as (federation)
• Conviction of the two countries and to provide them for the international trail.
A/ Uganda bypassed the international laws and the global use of cluster weapons against the Nuer tribe
B/ The state of Egypt in the far north of Africa, by its direct interference of military aircraft and panzers to kill the Nuer tribe.
Despite of the independency of the vast territory in Sudan, on behalf of the churches of the evangelical community, especially Sudan’s capital Khartoum and other leaders because they are trained to the people of the states of greater Upper Nile ( Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei states) originally belonging to the evangelical community who are Nuer.

IGAD states and state sponsors of world peace, pay attention to what we ask for clarification itemize estimate of peace.

1/ Republic of south Sudan
2/ Neighboring countries to south Sudan
3/ Peace to the whole world

In conclusion:

We and not others (Nuer) in the republic of south Sudan in the state of greater Upper Nile Region will continue.
Long live for the masses of the nuer people and their aides!!
Long live our militants and our fighters white army!!!

Glory and immortality to the martyrs and the righteous of women, children and all the martyrs of the nuer,
Shame on the obligated client Salva Kiir with his boss cut throat traitor Yuweri Museveni.
Shame and mortification of the Egyptian an Arab army who does not deserve the name of the Egyptian army today, but very far in the greater Upper Nile will return them soon, God willing.
Note that the strength and unity of the nuer ,
Nuer victory unite, Unite Nuer success in every place and at every time, where the evangelical churches In Greater Upper Nile in south Sudan will remain Nuer forever, God willing, the owner of the right and power, justice and equality.

John Gatloth Madeng Kier
General Secretary for BENTIU, NASIR, FANGAK and AKOBO (BNFA) Nuer Community