Al-Merghani expresses fear over further divisions in Sudan

Al-Merghani expresses fear over further divisions in Sudan

10-08-2014, 06:50 PM


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Title: Al-Merghani expresses fear over further divisions in Sudan
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 10-08-2014, 06:50 PM

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Al-Tom Hajo
Al-Tom Hajo
SudaneseOnline: سودانيزاونلاين

LondonThe chairman of the Democratic Unionist Party, Mohamed Osman Al-Merghani, has announced optimism that Sudan will remain united with the possibly of re union with South Sudan that separated from the country if the intentions are sound and the efforts are concerted toward adoption of a comprehensive political solution to stop war and find a solution to the economic crisis.
He expressed fears that the continuity of war might led to divisions of the rest of Sudan, calling for finding fair and comprehensive political solutions for the war issue in Sudan. He reiterated that it t all needs accepting one another, abandoning the exclusion and fighting hatred.
Al-Merghani underlined that regardless of the current difficulties, there is no solution to the flammable crises except the comprehensive political solution via an all-inclusive dialogue to be agreed upon by the Sudanese people without the harmful foreign intentions and the armed actions.
Al-Merghani said that we should remember that we are responsible before history, and that history will not show us mercy if we continued this disintegration under any justifications. He added that he is determined to go ahead with the implementation of his initiative on the comprehensive national accord regardless of the difficulties.
He expressed hope that Sudan will overcome this difficult stage toward a democratic, united and transparent state. He said that the transfer from the current stage to democracy has become a matter of time. He said that we should prepare for that transfer which is coming undoubtedly.
This came when Al-Merghani received, at his residence in London, the deputy chairman of the Revolutionary Front Al-Tom Hajo who told Al-Merghnai that the Revolutionary Front as national icon, saying that most of the leaders of the front worked with him during his chairmanship to the National Democratic Alliance.
Hajo said that he has briefed Al-Merghani that the Revolutionary Front is struggling for the good of the Sudanese citizen that it was forced to take up arms and use military solutions as means for change after the rejection to all initiative and peaceful solutions by the regime.
He affirmed that the Revolutionary Front alliance is the safety valve for the unity of what is left from Sudan.