Sudan Change Now:In the anniversary of September 2013 uprising, Sudanese regime continues its crack

Sudan Change Now:In the anniversary of September 2013 uprising, Sudanese regime continues its crack

09-24-2014, 04:47 AM


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Title: Sudan Change Now:In the anniversary of September 2013 uprising, Sudanese regime continues its crack
Author: حركة التغيير الان
Date: 09-24-2014, 04:47 AM

Date:24 sept. 2014

In the anniversary of September 2013 uprising, Sudanese regime continues its crackdown on freedoms

During this month that witnesses, the first anniversary of the glorious uprising of September 2013, during which more than 200 martyrs of peaceful demonstrators were killed in the streets of Khartoum and other Sudanese cities, Sudanese ruling regime continued its crackdown on political and civil liberties.
While the military campaign and air strikes against civilians in the three Sudanese war zones continued, the storming of the IDP camps escalated, as happened two weeks ago in Kalma camp incursion by government militias. During this incursion, 8 civilians of the population of the camp were killed. In the same month, the regime executed the death sentence against two detainees of the “Justice and Equality Movement”.
In the same month, the regime froze the activities of the “Regional Centre for Training and development of civil society”, an independent civil society organization, prevented the annual meeting of the confederation of Sudanese civil society organizations and in a previous date “Salamah Centre for Feminist Studies” was stormed and shut down by national security agents without giving any reasons in each of these cases.
Furthermore, the security agency launched a detention campaign since the beginning of this week, during which dozens of political activists were arrested and kept in detention in unknown places from their workplaces or homes or abducted from streets “attached to this statement is a partial list of their names”.
These continues violations dismantle the artificial Formalities of the regime who intend to deceive the world by claiming an intention for national dialogue and peaceful solutions to the problems of Sudan. The regime is trying to prolong the life of his authority through some formalities and false claims of dialogue and trying to escape from the crisis of its economic failure by another wave of increase prices under the name of lifting economic support. We reaffirm that the survival of this regime is pushing Sudan steadily in the path of disintegration, destruction and devastating chaos.
As we demand the freedom of political prisoners and the lifting of the security grip on the press and civil society organizations, we also emphasize on the continuous need to seek justice and retribution for the blood of the martyrs of September and all the martyrs who were killed by the regime in detention houses, displacement camps and rural villages that government bombardment transgresses its safe skies.
We call on all the forces that work for a better change in Sudan to arrange rows and prepare for a long and final battle with this regime in all the streets and villages and cities of Sudan.

Change Now is a Right, Duty and Necessity
Sudan Change Now movement
List of detainees
Name Gender Date of arrest
1. Amjed AL Faroog Omerain M 18/09/14
2. Khalid Saad M 20/09/14
3. Mutaaz Saeed M 20/09/14
4. Mohie Eldeen Abu Agla M 20/09/14
5. Khalid El Toum M 20/09/14
6. Mohammed Abdel Monim M 20/09/14
7. Igbal Abdalla F 20/09/14
8. Ashraf Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed M 22/09/14
9. Emad Abubaker Daoud Idriss M 22/09/14
10. Nessrin Obaid F 22/09/14
11. Widad Abdelrahman Derweesh F 22/09/14
12. Imad Abubaker Daoud Idriss M 22/09/14
13. Elohgirs Osman M 22/09/14
14. Akram Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed M 22/09/14
15. Amna Osman F 22/09/14
16. Abdelrahman Al Agib Abdelrahman M 22/09/14
17. Kamoon Mohammed Adam Ahmed M 22/09/14
18. Eisa Mohammed Zain M 22/09/14
19. Ibrahim Salih Ibrahim Adam M 22/09/14
20. Faiza Nugud F 22/09/14
21. Mirghani Atta Al Manan M 22/09/14
22. Mohammed Abdelmomin Al Gahali M 22/09/14
23. Ahmed Hamid Mohammed M 22/09/14
24. Ibrahim Al Matbaagy M 22/09/14
25. Khalid Hamza M 22/09/14
26. Omer badawi M 22/09/14
27. Waleed Al Hadeeya M 22/09/14
28. Nabeel Mohammed Osman M 22/09/14
29. Rajaa Mohammed Khalil F 23/09/14
30. Itidal Hussain M 23/09/14
31. Fatin AL Toum F 23/09/14
32. Alaa Al Sammani M 23/09/14
33. Mohammed Abbadi M 23/09/14
34. Azaad Hamid M 23/09/14
35. Atif Mohammed Yousif M 23/09/14
36. Mutaaz ElTijani M 23/09/14
37. Ahmed Abdelrahman M 23/09/14
38. Alhaj Shikh Idriss M 23/09/14
39. Mohammed Abdelmonim M 23/09/14
40. Rashid Abbash M 23/09/14
41. Ayman Abdelghaffar M 23/09/14
42. Al Haytham Osman M 23/09/14
43. Bushra Abdalla M 23/09/14
44. Abdelghadir Bashir M 23/09/14
45. Wahba Mohamed Ali M 23/09/14
46. Kamal Sedig M 23/09/14
47. Ali Mohamed Ahmed M 22/09/14
48. Hasan Abu Reem M 23/09/14