Sudanese Congress Party head to be released: Mbeki

Sudanese Congress Party head to be released: Mbeki

09-11-2014, 03:27 PM


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Title: Sudanese Congress Party head to be released: Mbeki
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 09-11-2014, 03:27 PM



11 Sep

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Thabo Mbeki, chairman of the AU High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP), announced the approval of President Omar Al Bashir to release the head of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP), Ibrahim El Sheikh.

After meeting with President Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum on Wednesday, Mbeki told the press that theandnbsp;
Al Bashir had promised him that the Sudanese authorities will take “prompt action to release Ibrahim El Sheikh”.

However, Mastour Adam, SCP’s Political Secretary told Radio Dabanga, that no official body has informed him, the SCP, or the management of El Obeid prison, where the Party’s chairman is currently being held, about any decision on his release.

Ibrahim El sheikh was detained in En Nahud, West Kordofan, on 8 June by security forces. He was charged with undermining the constitutional order, opposing military actions, calling for armed opposition, publication of false news, and disturbing public peace. According to the Sudanese security apparatus, he had humiliated the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces at a symposium, by calling them “Janjaweedandnbsp;with no religion or ethics, raping women, abusing and killing civilians”.

File photo:andnbsp;People protesting in front of En Nahud court to protest against Ibrahim El Sheikh’s court hearing on 12 June 2014 (Radio Dabanga)andnbsp;