Sudan Change Now Movement:Addis Ababa agreement and the National dialogue:The dead can not be reviv

Sudan Change Now Movement:Addis Ababa agreement and the National dialogue:The dead can not be reviv

09-09-2014, 02:44 AM


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Title: Sudan Change Now Movement:Addis Ababa agreement and the National dialogue:The dead can not be reviv
Author: حركة التغيير الان
Date: 09-09-2014, 02:44 AM

5th of September 2014

In the morning of Friday; the 5th of September 2014, an agreement on the principals of national dialogue were signed between the Parties of Paris Declaration; (Umma Party and the Revolutionary), representatives of the National Dialog Commission delegated from the regime (Ghazi Salah al-Din and Ahmad Saad Omar), and the African Union mediation panel led by President Thabo Mbeki. The agreement was signed in two separate identical copies in each the mediation panel signed separately with each of the parties.

The signed agreement stated some of the demands that was provided by some of the opposition forces after Albashir proposal for National Dialogue in the beginning of this year, while it ignored some other demands of other forces, most importantly the transitional situation during the dialogue. The ruling regime proved repeatedly that it is not serious any meeting any requirements that allow a fair and just dialogue. Starting by ignoring the demand to release political detainees whom the regime continued to arrest and torture less than two weeks after the proposal for dialogue - in the events following the killing of UoK student Ali Abakar in the hands of the paraformal militias. The campaign of mass political detention continued to include; Sadiq al-Mahdi, journalist Hassan Ishaq, and Ibrahim El Sheikh and a large number of the membership of the Sudanese Congress Party, who are still in detention since last June to end with the arrest of Mariam Alsadig few weeks ago and all with charges of expressing their political views.

Repressive measures against politicians and restriction of freedoms and confiscating papers continued and its last was the prevention of Mr.Seddig Yousif ( the head of the political committee of the national consensus forces from travel to Addis Ababa to participate in the same negotiations with SRF. In regards to war, the regime escalated its military campaign using the paramilitary militias like the rapid support forces during the beginning of this in Nuba Mountain and Darfur even after its proposal for national dialogue. All that represent a real challenage for the mediation to prove its seriousness and its capacity by making the regime accept this agreement.

The regime have several goals and motivations to be achieved via these Pro forma activities. To support its claim of walking in the way of a political settlement in Sudan in order to avoid international sanctions of the upcoming meeting of the Human Rights Council at the end of this month. Also, aims to ease economic pressure by requesting new economic aid to improve the economic situation instead of clear procedures to fight corruption and theft of state money.

We also find that such agreement which ignores talking about the justice process and under the auspices of the mediator (Thabo Mbeki) who states explicitly the need to ignore the issues of hustice and accountability, in the same month, which is witnessing the anniversary of the assassination of more than 200 peaceful protesters in various parts of the country is a clear sign of the aims of this settlement.

We call on the forces that still believes in the opportunity of fruitful dialogue with the regime to look at the disappointments of its earlier attempts and to stop supporting the criminal regime in its weakest minutes.

The way towards the future of Sudan starts by overthrowing this system and salvation from its criminal grasp.

Sudan Change Now

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Sudan Change Now Movement
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