Sudan Tortures Youth Detainees

Sudan Tortures Youth Detainees

06-27-2014, 09:17 PM


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Title: Sudan Tortures Youth Detainees
Date: 06-27-2014, 09:17 PM

Sudan Tortures Youth Detainees

The government of Sudan continues to detain (without charges) and to torture youth activists. In recent weeks trends of torture have been reminiscent to the vicious practices of the regime in the early 1990s. This clampdown comes at time of a renewed call for national dialogue from the regime.

Last week the families of Taj Al Sir Jaafr and Mohammed Salah revealed that after 32 days of being detained they were finally permitted by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) to visit their sons, and discovered that they were badly tortured.

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In a press conference on June 17 (see video above), where both the mothers of Taj Al Sir and Mohammed Salah spoke; Zainab Badr Al Din said that this is her son’s second detention within this year, and that when she visited her son (Mohammed Salah) he had visible signs of torture in his face, hands and legs. “The signs of torture on my son will stay until the day of judgement”, she said.

Zainab added that her son was losing sight in one eye as a result of direct beating. She stressed that she was not sure that her son could walk, and that his legs were covered with a white cloth. She also noted that, “this is an attempt to assassinate Mohammed by destroying his health”.

Zainab clarified that the presidential amnesty that called for freeing all political detainees in April 2014 did not include all detainees–especially those in the States outside Khartoum. And that families of detainees who are not in Khartoum, such as Moamar Musa and the journalist Hassan Ishaq had no information about their sons’ situation; and are not able to pressure for their release. She called for the release of all political detainees adding that, “those who participated in torturing Mohammed Salah, Taj Al sir and others must be brought to justice and put on trail”.

Speaking to GIRIFNA a few days ago, Zainab added that the United Nations’ Independent Expert for Sudan, Mr. Baderin, during his visit to Sudan last week, requested to see her son and was told that he will hear good news about Mohammed in the next 24 hours. This was obviously NISS’ attempt to deflect attention, trick the Independent Expert and stop him from insisting to see Mohammed Salah who has clear and telling signs of torture. Today Mohammed Salah, Taj Al Sir Jaafar, Moamar Musa, Hassan Ishaq and many others remain in detention and are enduring life-threatening conditions.

Meanwhile journalist Hassan Ishaq and five university students, who are held at al Nuhud prison; in West Kordofan, have entered a hunger strike more than a week ago, to protest their detention and beatings. Their health is deteriorating and they are denied proper medical care. In a phone call to GIRIFNA, Hassan’s brother said that Hassan Ishaq was beaten with a metal rod by a police officer and is injured in his left leg, back and knee.