Head of Sudanese Alliance puts road-map plan to remove tension

Head of Sudanese Alliance puts road-map plan to remove tension

06-18-2014, 07:32 PM

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Title: Head of Sudanese Alliance puts road-map plan to remove tension
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 06-18-2014, 07:32 PM

The Chairman of the Sudanese National Party Abdel-Aziz Khalid has speculated that the national dialogue called for by the ruling party will not come out with a solution for the country’s crisis, putting forward a road map to remove tension and realize a national consensus on the national issues.

Speaking to the Citizen on Wednesday, Khalid said that” what has been made does not pose any light point in dialogue, and what has been circulated by some will not come out with a result”.

According to the chairman of the Sudanese Alliance, the declared dialogue” is not all-inclusive and does not represent the different components of the Sudanese people”.

Khalid has suggested a solution to the current Sudanese crisis saying” the single capsule for saving the country from the ridge lies in stopping the current war, signing a truce and a reconciliation with the Revolutionary Front and realizing a national reconciliation with the opposition powers”.

The Chairman of the Alliance has renewed rejection to the International Criminal Court as against the country’s sovereignty.

He said that his party is mapping out a comprehensive road-map plan to lift the country out of the “dark tunnel”.
Sudan repeated on Wednesday rejection to the International Criminal Court measures, denouncing the attempts by the Prosecutor of the court to describe the Rapid Support Forces, which belong to the National Security and Intelligence Service, as militias.

Sudan affirmed that the Rapid Support Forces are regular forces.

Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda presented the 9th report of the ICC Prosecutor General on Darfur crimes at the international Security Council, demanding decisive measures and innovative means to suspend the Sudanese officials accused of committing violations in Darfur.

The representative of Sudan at the United Nations ambassador Hassan Hamid Ali said in a statement on Wednesday that Sudan is not concerned with the measures of this court as it is not a member just like many countries including countries with permanent membership to the Security Council.

Hamid has referred to the African Union stances and resolutions on the International Criminal Court. He added” the AU has completely lost confidence in this court that became a political tool to target the African countries”.

He pointed out that the report of the prosecutor general has completely ignored the positive developments that happened in Darfur since the start of the implementation of Doha Peace document.

He cited that the report did not indicate to the legal measures by the Special Prosecutor for Darfur in the framework of Doha Peace agreement.

Concerning what has been mentioned in the report of Fatou on the Rapid Support Forces, Hamid stated that these are regular forces and part of the armed forces’ formations.