North Darfur’s Kutum controlled by militias

North Darfur’s Kutum controlled by militias

05-15-2014, 04:28 PM


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Title: North Darfur’s Kutum controlled by militias
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 05-15-2014, 04:28 PM



15 May

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Militiamen are control of Kutum locailty, in the absence of authorities since two years. Apart from the rampant insecurity, the situation has led to soaring prices of basic commodities in Kutum locality.

“The security situation deteriorated enormously,” a listener reported to Radio Dabanga from Kutum town. “On Monday two people were injured during clashes in Kutum between government-backed militiamen and army troops, when militiamen attempted to plunder a mobile phones shop.”

“Militiamen have randomly set up more than 20 checkpoints along the El Fasher-Kutum road in North Darfur, demanding fees from each vehicle passing by. They rob passengers, and steal from lorries loaded with consumer goods, and often seize the vehicles too. This has caused a huge shortage of basic goods and soaring prices.”

The listener said that Kutum has been devoid of police and judicial organs since 2012. “This has created a situation in which chaos could easily exacerbate. Militias have taken control over Kutum. They are assaulting and robbing the citizens without being held accountable, despite the presence of the Sudan Armed Forces.”

“The insecurity is particularly high in the areas north and east of Kutum town. This week, and at the end of last week, villages east of Kutum were attacked. The militiamen stole 120 sheep from Adam Ahmed Rifa in Gourki village, along with other sheep from Tangarara village, belonging to Mohamed Mohamedein. They killed the donkey of Abdallah Osman in Hillet Yousif, when he refused to let them take the animal.”

Map: Kutum in North Darfur