Political researcher from root cause conflict between indigenous tribes in south Sudan

Political researcher from root cause conflict between indigenous tribes in south Sudan

05-05-2014, 02:36 PM

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Title: Political researcher from root cause conflict between indigenous tribes in south Sudan
Author: Ruach Wal Yat
Date: 05-05-2014, 02:36 PM
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The Spokesperson from Great Upper Nile: Political researcher from root cause conflict between indigenous tribes in south Sudan
Nassir has been stronghold Base rebels since 1991 from Freedom Fighters confirmed today is under control by royalty Forces Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon

Nassir confirmed today on May 5, 2014 from SPLA – Opposition office has been retaking back by freedom fighters. Egyptian, JEM, SPLA-North plus SPLA government are repulsed back when White army of Latjhor state in Nassir carried heavy battle toward them. Nassir was seized yesterday at evening around 7 to 8 Europeans local time fall under hand Okdor Chuol Diet, high commander of White army who commanded by Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang from full power. Latjhor State White Army carried bitterly heavy battle to offensive SPLA government and Egyptian troops to casualties’ massive troops to devastate all their tanks to ashes.

Nassir is stronghold and never had been attacking by any abusive SPLA government troops since 1991 during incident factions between Torit and Nassir. This incident attackers must surprising massive of civilians in Nassir and asked Okdor Chuol Diet and Gathoth Gatkuoth stated and said, how come dehumanizes government must penetrate in Nassir to launch against us? OKdor Chuol Diet and Gathoth Gatkuoth will take serious investigation to any sub- clans this week to whom sub- clans endorse dehumanize government will face consequences against for their crime. They will take investigation to find rumors in detail from societies, to who interfere in this incident will be terminating against his crime by the laws reinforcement Freedom Fighters.

Nassir is in full control now under command royalties force Dr. Riek Machar, the man of peace who works hard to bring self-determination in south Sudan to free everyone from North. Machar had been working very hard during CPA to implement peace agreement in order to bring independent on July 09, 2011.

Nassir is headquarter base of rebel since 1991, and never had been attacked by any abusive SPLA government force. By today this time, this current incident attack has been surprising all Nuer in Diasporas especially from North America, Canada, European, and Australia. White armies in Nassir are flash out the Egyptian troops and abusive government SPLA, and they are on run to unknown location. Now, the civilians of Nassir go back to their normal life to enjoy livelihood in their environment. Nassirians White army will defend their territory against dehumanizes government to protect children and women to safe their life. Okdor Chuol Diet said, we will depend our territory against abusive government not attempt genocide to our children and women.

Egyptian, JEM, Uganda troops also carried heavy another attack to Bentiu, but they are failed to control the Capital city. By early morning, Gen. Koang chuol Ranleay repulsed them back, and casualties massive attackers, and also destroy most of their vehicles and tanks. Peter Gatdet Yaka and Koang Chuol Ranleay are now control full the state of Unity without fear.

Other offensive combatants also erupted in Renk County and Freedom Fighters won that battle and defeated government forces to Paluoch. Now Renk is already control under hand of Freedom Fighters. Government forces also attacked Gen. Gatwech Duol in Jonglei, but freedom fighters repulsed them back to Bor town. Another unknown war looping around in Malakal but no more source information received. But I don’t have more access on that war to which forces must control the city now, but news will come up later and wait patiently for result.

Salva Kiir current regime has been signing new deal with Egyptian government to build base in south Sudan in order to carry heavy attack and bombing Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia. Egyptian government interfere to war in south Sudan for reason to initial war against Ethiopia to bomb Renaissance Dam in order the water will follow normally and running toward Egypt. Egyptians have shortage of water in order to do some growth development process. And now, Egyptian get new deal with government of south Sudan to build new base in Nassir near close to Ethiopia to carry huge offensive attack to destroy Renaissance Dam. Salva Kiir has made very strong ally with Egyptian to allow their forces to destroy Headquarter base rebel in Nassir for purpose to initial outbreak war against Ethiopia.

Salva Kiir signed deal last mid-December with Yori Musevene the President of Uganda to crash Nuer tribe in order to build new oil pipe line toward Uganda. These two countries signed deal with high political authorities in south Sudan in order to benefit to get resources in oilfield % refinery. Uganda troops fought alongside and endorse government almost within four months, but they failed to accomplish their mission to arrest leadership of rebel.

Salva Kiir alleged defamation coup against his opponent Dr. Riek Machar, and result Massacre to innocent Nuer in capital Juba. And also he took another massacre in Malakal to killed massive civilians. Other massacre was also occurred last two week in Bor inside UNIMISS compound to end up the life of innocent people. Salva Kiir feared with Nuer tribe because Machar declared himself last year to contest upcoming election to 2015. Salva Kiir plot assassination attempt to end the life of Dr. Machar for purpose to take another term upcoming election, but his plot has failed and increased violence between two tribes especially Dinka the majority, and Nuer second majority who are superpower to defend their families’ sides against government dehumanize. Now, south Sudanese Freedom Fighters gained all their cities back from SPLA government abusive and are under control in full forces.
Ruach Wal Yat:
The Spokesperson Great Upper Nile
Nassir Headquarter Base; the State of Latjhor
SPLA Opposition Resistance Party Oyeee