Militiamen loot 'lawless' Central Darfur town

Militiamen loot 'lawless' Central Darfur town

05-03-2014, 04:37 PM


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Title: Militiamen loot 'lawless' Central Darfur town
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 05-03-2014, 04:37 PM



2 May

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Mukjar town in Central Darfur is witnessing a state of lawlessness. Militiamen have robbed the citizens of their belongings at gunpoint, even from houses located near security, police, and Popular Defence Forces (PDF) sites during the past five days.

Witnesses in Mukjar told Radio Dabanga that pro-government militiamen looted the house of Halima Mohamed Haroun on Thursday, which is located near the security office. They also took the donkey of Mohamed Ishag in the police district, and another donkey, belonging to Adam Ibrahim Gindeel, a resident of Saglagla district.

The sources said that militias robbed Abakar Yagoub, Hawa Hassan, and Saleh Shatta, 50 meters south of the headquarters of the headquarters of the paramilitary PDF. The gunmen took their clothes, telephones, and sheets.

The population of Mukjar has called upon the government to control its militias and disarm them. the citizens also demanded from the police and Unamid in Mukjar to run joint night patrols to stop the militia attacks, and their nightly threats against the population.

On 5 March, heavy shooting broke out between militiamen and security troops in front of the security forces’ office of Mukjar.

File photo: Plundered, abandoned town in East Jebel Marra after an attack (Olivier Chassot/ Unamid)