Farmers protest factory, police demands rights in Sudan's White Nile

Farmers protest factory, police demands rights in Sudan's White Nile

04-26-2014, 05:06 PM


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Title: Farmers protest factory, police demands rights in Sudan's White Nile
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 04-26-2014, 05:06 PM
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25 Apr

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Farmers of an agricultural project in Sudan's White Nile state have demonstrated against the arrival of a factory to their lands.andnbsp;Meanwhile, about 500 police contractors in the state have complained about the non-payment of their financial entitlements for two years.

The farmers ofandnbsp;theandnbsp;Um Jer agricultural projectandnbsp;in White Nileandnbsp;have raised complaintsandnbsp;to the Agricultural Committee of the National Assembly.andnbsp;Theyandnbsp;protest against the transformation of their land in favour ofandnbsp;aandnbsp;Mashkour sugar factory.

The farmers have raised banners saying: “The farmers of Um Jer project refuse El Mut’afi's sugar”, and confirmed to reporters that they totally reject the establishment of a sugar factory on their lands that would amount to more than 20,000 acres.

The former Minister of Finance, Ali Mahmoud, in August 2013 said that Mashkour sugar factory would begin its production in the coming few years, as a new boost to the sugar industry in Sudan. A loan agreement was signed between Sudan and India at that time, according to which India will extend 125 million dollars for the establishment of the factory in White Nile.

Police demands financial rights

One of the 500 police contractors reported Radio Dabanga that though they have retired since 2011, they have so far not received their pension entitlements. He said that they continue enduring the hardship of travelling to Khartoum in order to claim their rights. “The authorities are always telling us that the Ministry of Finance has not paid the entitlements yet.”

He pointed out that they are family #########, living in hardship and suffering, and demanded President Omar Al Bashir to intervene, and solve their problem.

File photo: Farm in White Nile state (Radio Dabanga archive)