Darfur Bar Association lists Bentiu dead, injured

Darfur Bar Association lists Bentiu dead, injured

04-22-2014, 05:42 PM

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Title: Darfur Bar Association lists Bentiu dead, injured
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 04-22-2014, 05:42 PM



21 Apr

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The Darfur Bar Association (DBA) has made a provisional list of 27 Darfuris who were killed in the Bentiu massacre in South Sudan on Monday and Tuesday of last week. They also list the wounded, as well as those who took refuge in the UN compound.

In a statement released on Sunday, the DBA condemned the “heinous massacre of Darfuri civilians; most were running their business and were murdered in cool blood.”

The statement confirms that “hundreds of Darfuris and their families are still missing and their whereabouts are unknown. Some of them have been settled in South Sudan for decades.

“We unreservedly condemn the killing of unarmed innocent civilians and would like to urge the parties to the conflict to ensure protection of civilians trapped in conflict zone. We also remind them with their responsibility under international humanitarian law to protect civilians, as targeting civilians amounts to war crime and crime against humanity.”

The DBA calls for the establishment of an independent investigation committee, for its finding to be published and all the persons responsible to be held to account.

“We also urge the antagonists in the Republic of South Sudan to resolve their differences by peaceful means.”

Provisional DBA lists:

27 people killed:

1 Abdel Rahman Mansour Zakaria; 2 Ramazi Ibrahim; 3 Kamal Abdel Alla Wadi; 4 Sharief Ajab Al Dor; 5 Mohamed Abaker Guma; 6 Abbas Sharief Hamad; 7 Mohamed Adam; 8 Bashir Abaker Rajal; 9 Suliman Idris; 10 Haron Mohamed Saleh Jamil Alla; 11 Bashir Musa Idris; 12 Mohamed Ibrahim Khamis; 13 Adam Mahamdo; 14 Mohamed Ahmed; 15 Abdel Alla Abu Hashim; 16 Ismail Idris Asala; 17 Hayder Mohamed Busahar Hamad; 18 Gamal Mohamed Hyder; 19 Mubarak Abdek Rahman Musa; 20 Musa Abdel Majeed; 21. Mohamed Ajab ; 22 Mohamed Saleh Ali Hamid; 23 Ismail Shrief Rashid; 24 Mohamed Omer Rashid; 25 Mohamed Abkder Adam; 26 Mubarak Omer Mohamed; 27 Mohamed Adam Al Tayib.

Civilians injured include:

1 Mohamed Abdel Hamid; 2 Tijani Mohammed Hassan; 3 Khalid Ahmed Omar; 4 Mubarak, Omar Dafa Alla ; 5 Abul Qasim Ibrahim Adam; 6 Mohammed Abdul Karim Ismail; 7 Hassab Alla Sulaiman Abdullah; 8 Nur Din Mustafa Toum; 9 Yagob Abraham Sapon; 10 Iqbal Bosh Abdullah; 11 Abdel Karim Suleiman Gari; 12 Nagim Al Din n Jibril Khamis; 13 Hamid Mousa Abdul Karim; 14 Yagob Moussa Ibrahim; 15 Mehdi Arbab Hamid; 16 Amer Abdullah Sapon; 17 Abbass Sayed Ahmed Abdel Rahman; 18 Mubarak Abdul Karim Haron; 19 Ahmad Haron Hamis.

People who took refuge in UN compound in Bentiu:

1 Mohammed Bashir Hamid; 2 Saleh Adam Arja; 3 Mohi Al Din Adam Al Tahir; 4 Osman Gumma Fadal; 5 Hamid Abdullah; 6 Tayeb Abdullah Adam; 7 Abaker Zakaria Mohammed; 8 Abdullah Omar Abdullah; 9 Ibrahim Abker Adam ; 10 Jaafar Ibrahim Mohamed; 11 Suleiman Mohamed Al Taher; 12 Kamal Abdullah; 13 Hamid Sharaf al Din al Bashir; 14 Abdul Majid Isaac ; 15 Yahya Adam Fadlallah; 16 Abdul Ismail Isaac; 17 Ahmed Hassan Ahmed; 18 Mohammed Hassan Ahmed; 19 Issa Mohammad Abdullah; 20 Saber Al Nour Khair; 21 Busalah Omar Daffa Alla.

Photo: UNMISS evacuation support in Bentiu on 16 April (UNMISS Military)