Oil engineers abducted in Sudan’s West Kordofan

Oil engineers abducted in Sudan’s West Kordofan

04-21-2014, 04:05 PM

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Title: Oil engineers abducted in Sudan’s West Kordofan
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 04-21-2014, 04:05 PM



20 Apr

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An as yet unidentified armed group has killed five government troops, injured several others, and kidnapped eight oil engineers at Kanar oilfield between Muglad and El Heglig in West Kordofan on Saturday morning.

Sources told Radio Dabanga that those abducted include three foreigners: two Chinese and one Algerian. The attackers reportedly also stole a vehicle mounted with aandnbsp;Duschkaandnbsp;50 cal machinegun.

In a statement, Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) spokesman Col. Al Sawarmi Khalid Saad said: “The security force was not big in number, so during the clashes about two of them were killed on the spot by the assailants. Three oil workers were abducted: One Sudanese, One Chinese and one Algerian,” he said.

Col. Saad affirmed that the government is pursuing the kidnappers to recover the abducted oil workers.

Independent sources confirmed to Radio Dabanga that the attack was carried out by armed men in three vehicles, led by a person named Hashim. The rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), which is active in the area, has denied any involvement incident.

File photo: Russian-made belt-fed DSHK (Duschkaandnbsp;= ‘little darling’) 50 cal machine guns mounted on Land Cruisers (Wiki Commons)