The Nuer Community call for Removal of UN head Mission in South Sudan

The Nuer Community call for Removal of UN head Mission in South Sudan

01-02-2014, 10:35 PM


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Title: The Nuer Community call for Removal of UN head Mission in South Sudan
Author: SudaneseOnline Press Release
Date: 01-02-2014, 10:35 PM

The Nuer Community of North America Calls upon United Nation, the United State of America, Canada, Russia, China and Europeans Union to call for removal of Hide Johnson, the head of UNIMISS
For Immediate Release 01/02/2014
Nuer Community of North America (NCNA)
"What has happened this last week has for so many South Sudanese brought back the nightmares of the past," said Hilde Johnson

Today January 2, 2014, the head of UNIMISS admitted and said, "We all like to have peace, we all just pray to have it, let the people of South Sudan change from their perception that there was a coup, this is a wrong concept from the president and his followers, and there is no coup that has been planted. President kiir is the one who is fighting his own government."~ Hilde Johnson. What peace she is praying for and after what? Had it not been the case that she ignored our calls, none of this should ever have happen.
As she rightly says so in her own statement, Mrs Johnson had been seen in many junctures defending Salva Kirr government. Mrs, Johnson was influenced badly by the Dinka led government and misled as if the current crisis has anything to do with the past even, namely 1991 split. In the press conference, Mrs Johnson said, "What has happened this last week has for so many South Sudanese brought back the nightmares of the past," Johnson told reporters via a video link from UNMISS headquarters in Juba. And “the nationhood painstakingly built over decades of conflict and strife is at stake. And for us, one of the most important things is to have those nightmares end," she said.

In another report, Mrs, Johnson was talking that the U.N. is "gravely concerned" about mounting evidence of gross violations of international human rights law, including the extra-judicial killings of civilians and captured soldiers, it said Tuesday. The U.N.'s estimate of 1,000 dead was given days ago and the number of fatalities is believed to be higher as a result of the new fighting around the country, including in Bor. Bor? Had she ever ask about where the 1,000 Nuer innocents bodies are in Juba?
This is a clear indicating that she is only concerning for one particular groups and she is clearly siding with Kirr’s government. Mrs Johnson says there 1000 are dead in Juba but failed to ask the government about where are those bodies since none of those one thousands or more are from Nuer ethnics groups and are not being buried. Mrs. Johnson’s bias representation has taking a told in the conflicts in South Sudan

On January 1, 2013 the Nuer Community of North America calls upon UNMISS to “Stop South Sudan government killing our people in the name of peace” that can be found here There we said “we have been appealing to the UNMISS to start the New Year 2013 with the new beginning in South Sudan. To set up a committee that would stop President Salva Kiir's regime and the SPLA killing people in the name of peace.
However, the UNMISS has failed the People of South Sudan by standing with President of South Sudan by not to stopping his falsest peace processes with the combatants and oppositions, especially in Nuer areas after the failed attempted to assassinate spiritual Mr Dak Kueth on December 17, 2012. The recent killing of independent writer known as Isaiah Abraham (Ding Wuol) is a sign of desperate by the government to eliminate the oppositions.
On April 23, 2011, according to the Associates Press, the report said, “The three U.N. reports obtained by The Associated Press are the first accounts of mass civilian casualties in the southern village of Kaldak caused by soldiers from Southern Sudan. One report was labeled "Confidential and Sensitive Information," another was "UN RESTRICTED," and the third had no apparent classification. There however, it is clear that the SPLA and the government of South Sudan have hidden agenda. This UN report concluded, “A U.N. security assessment said the motives of the clash were tribal and political. Tanginye's force is predominantly from the Nuer community, while the majority of southerners are Dinka.
The Nuer is tribe has had a long-running feud with the Dinka, and most southerners are against the integration of rebel groups, many of which are Nuer, into the military's ranks.” Source: NBC NEWS On July 23, 2011, according to the BBC the headline was “A key South Sudanese rebel leader, Col Gatluak Gai, who this week signed a peace deal with the government, has been killed. Colonel Gai began his rebellion following elections last year, after the candidate he supported for state governor was controversially declared to be the loser. This week Col Gai signed a peace agreement with the South Sudan army and was due to be reintegrated into it. A fellow rebel told the BBC he had been lured into a trap by the army, which then assassinated him.” Nuer Community of North America
The above note was send to Mrs Johnson exactly a year ago but has never respond to either the crisis or to Nuer Community. In turns Mrs Johnson is now acting as if she knew nothing about what killed our people today in South Sudan.
We are now calling for the removal of Mrs Johnson as a head of the UN mission in South Sudan for she has failed her role as a protector of the people of South Sudan, rather a protector of Salva Kirr and his elites.
Our community is under attacked, the Nuer Community is under attacked and Mrs. Johnson has 20% of it to blame. Our community is no longer in trust to her, our community is a victim of her presents in South Sudan, our community loss thousands now because of her since she is in bed with Salva Kirr’s government. Therefore, we are calling upon all paries who are the stakeholders of the UN to take action immediately and replaced her with a genuine representative of the human soul, not a human love and favourites.
Signed by
Gatluke Chuol Reat
President of Nuer Community of North America