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Articles and ViewsThe confession … Then What؟ Written by Saeed Adnan

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The confession … Then What؟ Written by Saeed Adnan

06-15-2019, 08:45 PM
سعيد محمد عدنان
<aسعيد محمد عدنان
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The confession … Then What؟ Written by Saeed Adnan

    09:45 PM June, 15 2019

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    – London – The United Kingdom

    The Muslim Brotherhoodic Council eventually confesses to the crime of genocide of our sons and daughters in cold blood.
    They need to be disbanded, and never lent any attention nor negotiated with; the American envoy to Sudan must be required to hold talks with them to hand over power to the civilians, with no discussion, being an illegitimate power holder, cast by the very reality of having acquired it by force (that is if it had not already been called by the protesters from the American envoy to call for it to be handed over).
    The FDFC must refrain from negotiations and leave it to be carried out by the American envoy, rather than demanding holding them in Addis Ababa. Beware of breaking the line with the unscrutinised movements that are void of judiciousness.
    They must reach to the Security Council and the ICC, and to all friendly nations who are supporting the World Order, to demand, too, from the Security Council and the ICC, to have them, together with those who collaborated with them and those who incited them or coalesced with them to stand before the ICC to account for their crimes and have justice served on them for the Martyrs and those displaced.
    Those Islamists are the curse of God on Earth
    They are advocates of the devils of humans and jinns, the Group of Islamic Movement, steered by the Muslim Brotherhood and their vassals of sham Islamic movements, and crowds of sedition and amiss, that, anytime they befall a society, it none but wracks it with destruction and corruption, thus turning the Land of Islam into a land of war and corruption.
    They killed tranquillity in the people; and in our country, they failed the burden of trust and scorched the hearts of the young who grew and entrusted them their guidance. They sought homage in them in the most graceful entrustment that turned the saddest mischief for the sons and daughters of a people who are disappointed of their army from since Independence, finding out excuses for it, it might have been spirited away by its treacherous generals, who betrayed the people and soldiers in crimes they had no means to stop; so they forgave them and coalesced with them in their lines calling out ‘one people one army’. The good members of the lower ranks of the army were ready to defend the protesters against the mischievous ambush by the Security forces that resulted among the martyrs of the unarmed youths and army soldiers, mourned by the revolutionists in the most honouring grief; and in the same good will and assurance of solidarity of the pure intentions of the revolutionists and of the army soldiers, dawned upon all the people of Sudan, Peace emanated from the exoneration of the army that was never denied.
    Then came the Muslim Brotherhood killers, terrorists; the devilish people and advocates of devils and Jinn, in mischief and impedance of everybody, rape and all lust, and a forbidden cull, theft of workers’ sweat, false testimony and all the aspersions that God disparaged, and human ethics decried. They advanced to patch their bloody canvasses with archives disheartening our dear country’s conscience, and the breast of our faith, may God damn them wherever they are! May Allah let them perish how may they deprave!
    So, they murdered our boys and sweethearts the Kandakas, civilians, picketers, workers, protesters, in a peaceful outcry wielding no destruction or abuse, nor militancy, only advocating their wonderful talents of order, respect, art, inspiration of poetry an prose, of wisdom and ethics, documented without falsity nor deceit, neither clashes, only a flow of admiration and total upholding from all-over the globe, for not less than a six-months, talent watched and followed locally and internationally; from millions who topped the 9 million protesters’ figure, who gathered from all-over wide Sudan, on foot or riding, in trains packed inside and on top, in cars and buses, from east and west, from north and south, of all shades and colours, of all dialects and ages, they flocked chanting and vowing: peaceful, “peaceful, against the thieves”; ”freedom, peace and justice”… What a splendid display and what an admirable people! And what a malice-free and a cited peaceful aim and methods!
    Was led by people, never had their hands soiled in politics or governance ever; knew none of fragmentation or conspiration ever; sadly taken in treachery whilst asleep, drained, and in their worship in the sacred month; culled and burnt in their tents; hunted in their posts picketing before the terraces they guarded legally and ethically endorsed, demonstrating their peaceful protests; one standing his post or asleep being spent, whatever guilt sought on them in Almighty God’s ordinances or in international law clear litigations, no present and clear danger warranted an onslaught.
    it was an execution of a threat vowed by Ali Osman Taha when in the peak of the dishonourable downed reign, and under the attestment of his deposed president, and their group of Islamic Movement seen to by their faction, The Islamic Conference Party, and under the watch of our Armed Forces that was sworn to protect Sudan and its people: sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and without objection or reproach of any of its splinters or factions from the Islamic Front, or the Orthodox Groups. The Sunna factions, Islamic Liberation Party, or any of the parties embodying the program of terrorist Islamic law, Umma Party and the like.
    With the codification they released of the Maliki Doctrine, out of the many doctrines made to divide Muslims, legalising the ruler to slay third of his people, up to half of them if necessary, in clear defiance to God ordinances prohibiting the killing of any soul unless it posed an imminent and clear danger on life unavoidable by other than slaying. It is a blatant act of terrorism as is always in many of the codifications from radical Islamists of Politicized Islam instead of the God ordained Koran which they abandoned. They legitimised murder prohibited by God save in desperate self-defence including defending the right to worship or to save one’s home, which is Jihad, or in the case of vengeance a licence to the blood relative to demand the execution of a murderer if forgiveness or compensation options were exhausted.
    Controversially, Muslim Brotherhood advocated it as legitimate in their politicized Islam, non-ordained by God ever, via various named factions of theirs, like Al Qaida, Daesh, Muhammadan Sunnis, Islamic Liberation Party, Islamic Movement, Freedom and Justice, etc.
    Those Crimes of theirs, of killings and culling, of rapes, beating, robbery, destruction, abuse and torture are provoked crimes or unwarranted, unless for the purpose of terrorism, which is purposely seeking to abuse the innocent via terrorism, attack, humiliation and torture, the peaceful and the non-combatant. It is the very tag with which the Republicans in America are trying to legislate to depict the Muslim Brothers as terrorists; not only because of their late actions, but because of their groups changing course from charity to forceful canvassing by their Godfather Sayid Qutb in 1965, breaking off from their Guardian Al Hudeibi who advocated their cause as “Missionaries not Judges”; he advocated it was Jihad, contrary to the ordained desperate self-defence stated in Koran, where the world did not confront them as they believed Islam was too fair to be so, and probably realised some people were not really in line with it.
    Thus, neither the West, nor any other countries stood on their way, except for a few Arab countries that tasted their venom and could not find an explanation to it. It did not discredit them as is it was masked with possible violence amongst students, that stood out as a form of enflamed disputes, even though it was inconsistent, for it is experienced only in demonstrations of the left when confronting the tyranny establishment on disputes on rights. But unlike that cae, they practised it against their rivals in what were supposed to be peaceful challenges, and not against the establishment. They implemented in that: iron bars and objects for brutal attacks, away from the common weapons of firearms, knives or spears, so as not to be incriminated as an intention to kill. They changed colour just like a chameleon, as terrorism they willed and prepared for in wickedness and extant evil, a ready and scheduled act of terror.
    They never ceased to start practising it in military toppling of regimes and dishonouring their agreements between themselves or with their enemies or allies, emboldened by their shameful Machiavellianism, the Prince, which simmers in deception and cunningness to reach an aim, synonymous with Tuqia, meaning deception (extrapolated from a misuse of the original averting a threat by dodging the attacker), which is Islamically unviable.
    And in order to satisfy the appetite of their sick psychology, they enacted their wicked onslaught on the Qadr eve, and the dawn of the Festive, tending the torture and heart pain of the living relatives of the slaughtered children, turning their festive into a mourning heartache, and turning our festive all-over the globe into sadness, and instead of Eid Greetings, all are exchanging messages of condolences to our relatives and loved ones, and poems and prose and passages of music for pacification, and for a general cerebration in respect to the message emanated from the martyrdom, and a solemn vow to avenge their blood and their families’ desolation, honour our wounded heroes, and pacify our raped maidens. Those Muslim Brothers and their vassals, traders of political faith, will pay their dues in avenging, and their filth would be barred and shut out, and we would aim to make a pariah out of them as a force of terrorism, whose deposition and estrangement is allowed, and joining our hand with that of the World Order to isolate it.
    We also promised ourselves to avenge the genocide of Darfur and all the ignored who were killed, enslaved, raped, robbed, displaced, and their land torched, to bring their abusers to courts to account for.
    We also promised ourselves to purge the armed forces of its dispirited recruits and retrain them in how to deliver the entrustment, which never practised since being trained by the British. Soon after being under the guardianship of the parties and military junta’s rules and its treacherous generals, it only deviated from the straight line, and never managed to achieve other than culling its own people and destroy our homes, abusing us and our repute, and founded corruption in our land that it became befitting of a home for the international Mafia, and open thieving, that it stood to exemplify a good model for kleptocracy.
    Now we have to unite all the Sudanese powers to purge our country of that dirt, even the political parties that helped host it, perhaps unaware of the harm it embodied, to unite to isolate the sedition clause in our constitution saying “allow one of our constitutional sources being the Islamic Sharia”, which is not an Islamic Constitution. The Islamic constitution being a commitment to asserting the rights and responsibilities as ordained by God to survive, without depriving any of His subjects or to interfere with its wordings, including choices to worship right of freedom, equality, and must revoke that invalid legislation. For worshipping God to one is prevented and no reason to stand on their way, for Allah is worshipped by submitting to His will and believing in Him, His power and His justice.

    An Arabic Version
    الإعتراف... فماذا بعد؟
    Can be accessed via the following link:


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The confession … Then What؟ Written by Saeed Adnan
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