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Articles and ViewsWhen Sudanese cast their votes By Abdulaziz Ali Omer

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When Sudanese cast their votes By Abdulaziz Ali Omer

01-18-2015, 01:55 PM
Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
<aAbdul-Aziz Ali Omer
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When Sudanese cast their votes By Abdulaziz Ali Omer

    Abdulaziz Ali Omer
    Altagyeer Newspaper, two weeks ago interviewed Dr. Mukhtar Assam, the chair of Sudan National Election Commission to get a feel of how April-elections will happen. He answered worried questions with up-beat reassurances. He assured in the first place that there will never exist within polling stations any police or military personnel. From the prolonged candid interview, I gleaned that the coming up elections is unilaterally funded by Sudan. Dr. Mukhtar Assam stressed that International organization afforded assistance to previous elections in 2010 which by his estimate was forty three percent in the sum of one hundred and thirty thous.dollars. Dr. Mukhtar Assam featured some of arrangements such as designation of presiding officers in states voting-stations. Dr. Mukhtar Assam joined Sudan National Election Commission in 2010 as a deputy-chair. He had been met then by members of observation mission who demanded an assessment of political situation. He recalls that one of them asked how could Sudan electoral commission interest voters, secures elections fairness and back up democracy and peaceful transfer of power. Dr. Mukhtar Assam suggested drawing up voters register but his proposal fell into a deaf ear. That‘s how Dr. Mukhtar Assam thought of National Election Commission: legitimate and constitutional. He could see the reporter was skeptical, so he got specific. He claimed that his commission was chosen with concurrence of political parties.
    The reporter said the commission had been judged as a possible affiliate of governing party. That irritated him. He swore that his commission works in accordance with it’s laid down programme and plan. He further told him that he once encountered Sudan Republic president who asked him to act according to the dictation of conscience.
    Asked why the commission is insistent on the conduct of elections despite the objections here and there, he justified that as their being careful to avoid a constitutional vacuum that might result in a political un-rest. He pointed out that the current president took oath before the National Assembly on May, 27, 2010 and his term n office will expire on the date of the year 2015. Thus, he added he should be re-elected or another new president will take over.
    The best thing he said about forthcoming elections in Sudan” The voter has the first say. The electoral process is a progressive and democratic development for the people to win their rights.
    I wish what has been said could portend a peaceful and fair elections.

    America and Sudan
    Abdulaziz Ali Omer
    The sun kissed the colour of the Nile. With my friend I prayed somewhere in Khartoum. He took my hand and whispered look! It was a nice view of city lights. I was at peace. That peace enabled me to continue my disrupted writing because of being fettered by restraints of work.
    The 59th anniversary of Sudan independence has elapsed. We spent a day -first January with people we love for they achieved self-determination for the Sudan.Mich Albom, a novelist once wrote:" A day you spend with someone you love change everything. A day to listen, to love, to apologize and forgive. In fact, little has changed while we want everything to change. We need to listen to each other and to forgive one another as well as other fellow human beings.
    It angers me the extent to which dropped the U.S and Sudan bilateral relations. “....Sorry, we don’t need the congratulation of a man who doesn’t maintain the dignity of his family” . AbdulRhman Zoma wrote on the background of a presumed message of congratulation from a U.S dignitary addressed to Sudanese people on commemoration of recent independence instead of their president with intention of offending him at Zoma ‘s discretion. It was something didn’t conform to protocols, manners and taste, Zoma said. Then, he retorted by an expose of inappropriate behavior of same U.S top official’s daughter.
    I have also read a report about U.S military sexual assaults rise seemingly in retaliation against a report about mass-rape in Darfur that fomented a domestic outrage.
    Mahjoub Erwa brought back memories when he cited as an extract of late president John Kenndy greeting warmly Mr. Ebrahim Abboud former president of Sudan in 1961. His Excellency president John Kennedy hailed Sudan as the beating heart of Africa and as a nation whose Nile River matches in length and breadth the Mississippi.
    In 2014, the U.S cultural attaché in Khartoum served up a nice warm smile . She thought of Sudanese people as friendly and hospitable. I hope that the positive impression American cultural attaché and the wonderful reception of President John Kennedy to the old leadership of Sudan will dispel emotional ice and restore the radiance of the past diplomacy.

    Un-employment-a time-bomb

    Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
    A Dr. Salah Tayeb, a Sudanese management expert adjourned for an hour his lecture on un-employment in Sudan, We dispersed in the sprawling Gedaref university campus on leafy benches. A round us leaves rustled with sweet and warm breezes from hills that bounded university. I interrupted my visit to university due to a sudden call from mom. She always dreads an elevated blood sugar. The medical examiner smiling reassuringly said it was normal. I consoled myself by reading Dr, Tayeb thought on joblessness in Sudan in morning papers. H is article estimated un-employment in Sudan as 7% among graduate students. Dr. Salah ascribed the alarming rate to the expansion of Higher education. He remembered a comment made by a South Sudan ex-minster of Higher learning Dr. Peter Adok who alleged that Sudanese universities offer degrees of little or dubious value. He also indicated to the ironic description of Sadig Mahdi, umma party boss to Sudanese universities as a spoonful of sugar in a barrel of water.
    Dr. Salah Tayeb craved efficiency, on-the-job-training and betterment of work environment within Sudanese institutions. He is a devout believer in that economic saying:”If one can do why two” He explained that as recruitment of 6 employees rather than two in a medical insurance and retirees’ fund. He considered that as a disguised un-employment that leads to a diminished productivity.
    Dr. Salah Tayeb predicted a correlation between the rapid rise of un-employment and lack of educational and economic planning. According to him, un-employment feeds resentment, destitution and breeds crimes. He concluded his article by proposing the lay-down of visions and polices with obvious objectives. Moreover, the mobilization of private sector to develop human resources for the stability and prosperity of Sudan.

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When Sudanese cast their votes By Abdulaziz Ali Omer
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