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Articles and ViewsLets us at least respect the minds of people in Sudan by Izzadine Abdul Rasoul Noul Arbab
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Lets us at least respect the minds of people in Sudan by Izzadine Abdul Rasoul Noul Arbab

12-10-2014, 02:31 PM
Izzadine Abdul Rasoul
<aIzzadine Abdul Rasoul
Registered: 04-04-2014
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Lets us at least respect the minds of people in Sudan by Izzadine Abdul Rasoul Noul Arbab

    To set the historical records right; the Sudan Liberation Movement was born as an idea in 1992 and its military activities started in 2002; whereby President Omer Al- Bashir called it an arm rubbers and he gave a week to Al Mujahideen ( Holly Fighter) one week only to exterminate them . The first political ideas were generated on debates base on; how Sudan should be ruled in the middle of ethnical and religions divisions that divided the people of Sudan in to religion and ethnical groups! The rift created between the people of Sudan was and still deep where geographical directions color lines and hair texture as well; plays important role to have civil right in terms of finding jobs, medical treatment and attainment of public services, rights and performance of duties. Therefore; it was an incumbent responsibility and an obligation of the youth at that time to discuss such urgent issues of Sudan to guarantee and achieve future unity of the Sudanese people; to become one nation; and the diversities to be blessings rather than curse.
    The status-quo of bigotry is boosted and reinforced by common jokes one of them on this regards reads that; one day; there was a job vacancy for a messenger to distributes messages between government institutions; among the best two remained were; one from Northern Sudan brown one named Haisam and black one from western Sudan named Abahar, the interviewer started with Haisam, “Do you know to read and write Haisam? No. Do you know to ride a bicycle? No”. Then the manager came to Abakar; “do you know to read and write? Yes; Arabic and English. Oh that’s great; replied the interviewer. How about riding bicycle Abakar? Even maneuvering while pedaling; Abakar briskly answered. No, No’; you will throw government documents in the win you are disqualified; shouted the interviewer”.
    The truth is that up today such practices are still there and institutionalized and adopted by well educated people. There is a big variation if the discrimination or racism is practiced by common people and one practiced by a university professor. If a university professor or a government official said that the Sudanese Nubians are lower humans with lower understanding; then the common people will take it for grand. Therefore; I used the word institution to refer to the existing discrimination in Sudan; because it’s still practiced by constitution personalities in the government of Sudan. There are some ministries which they call them the sovereign ministries; the highest rank positions are assigned only for people of certain color and hair texture ; such as Ministry of defense, interiors ministry, finance and natural resources, trade and economy, media and communication and minister y of health.
    Why all these term oils? Because many decades ago the educational system in Sudan was design to glorify Arabs and Arab culture only and denigrate or disparage indigenous African cultures and colors as well. The curriculums to concentrate on scientific materials on problem solving; instead it was designed to devote on Arabic language acquisition and Arab culture. As a consequent ; the Sudanese political elites of post-colonial Sudan neglected the essence of knowledge, that could be used in problem solving and concentrated on Arabic language terminologies for to approve that he or she is a good orator in Arabic. Therefore; I believe that the problems of Sudan accumulated because of the absence of scientific thinking in Sudanese schools.
    The Arabization Chauvinism and madness blinded counterparts in North of Sudan to the extent that they let go the essential part of South Sudan; even as I remember on the day of the independent of South Sudan; the sick among Arab-Islamist in North Sudan slaughtered black cows and goats to show that they are happy for exterminating black colored people from Northern Sudan; not only that but next day President Bashir declared Sudan free of black Africans, adding that anyone who refused Sharia laws will be killed( he meant the rebels in Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and Darfur whom he think are Africans).
    The Islamic and Arab aggressive patriotism in Sudan blinded Bashir to prejudice the political and social situation in Sudan, and said on Sudan national TV station; that belongs to all Sudanese people both Arabs and indigenous people of Sudan that; if Arab countries allowed his government to be toppled; then he will be the last Arab man to rule Sudan as it happened in Spain when the Arab lost it. But who is fighting his brutal government? The answer is; Sudan Liberation Movement Army with its two factions, JEM and SPLM/A North. But do they fight against the Arabs or fighting for justice within the totalitarian system that its ideology is based on either with us or against us!
    As a result on this regard; I fully agree with Professor. John Henrick Clarke when he said; “all religions are political and cultural tools intended to enslave other people”.
    But let us be careful on the elites and opposition parties in the North of Sudan; and ask the following questions: Do they in fact oppose the current Islamist government ideologically, because Islamic fundamentalist ideology killed thousands of innocent civilians in the margins? Or the difference is on the division of the cake; but maintain the status-quo of forced Arabization and Islamization ? Why the North Sudan elites and opposition party members captured and detained; are released without any signs of torturing; only handfuls of them? Am wondering; is it a role play of divide rules policies by putting the cartoon opposition parties away from the eyes of the people then to release them as heroes? The appalling case is that of Ibrahim El-Sheikh the leader of Sudan Congress Party who lives with the common enemy all his times; and suddenly was put in jail with the members of his party in very dramatic ways and also suddenly released with bright faces no major signs of torture, allowed to rally and orate in the streets of Khartoum! Meanwhile the case is always very different with people from three areas; Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile. If one of them is caught; the death is his or her fate, and if lucky and released, he or she would come out with scars broses on the body or mad or brain washed to compromise to go and kill his or her own people without mercy.
    What makes my supposition seem to be correct; is that after a few days from his release; Ibrahim El-Sheikh started using the same abusive words against freedom fighters who have been in struggle with NCP government for decades. He used the same derogatory terms like agents of Israel and also that the freedom fighters who came from the regions of Sudan have no political vision. Is it because they as the victims of religions ideologies refused the use of religions in state affair and ask for justice?
    Today’s case in Sudan is very similar to the case in USA whereby the white supremacy political system trained a house Nigga Obama to replace black revolution in America; and Nelson Mandela in South Africa to forgive and forget the atrocities committed against brothers and sisters in black South Africans. This is called fears of past mistakes.
    So why the elites in the Center of Sudan do not want to adopt principles of justice for those who are the victims of genocide, tortured, raped and driven from their home? Why don’t they adopt the principle of separation of the religion from the state affair? What is the transitional justice that was proposed by Sudan call in Addis Ababa? Forgive and forget as it happened in South Africa? Don’t they realize the cases in Sudan are the case of genocide; people being exterminated on the face of this earth! Or otherwise they do have fishy hidden agendas “let NCP go and keep the status-quo”!
    Despite all these suspicious situations that we face as people living in Sudan; but I know very genuine opposition individuals and elites in the center whose voice are not audible and believe that Sudan without authentication respect of all cultures, identities and norms would be difficult to continue existing as a country.
    If Sudan opposition parties are genuine on their resistance to the Islamic autocratic system then they should follow the line of Sudan Liberation Movement; led by the advocate Abdul Wahid Ahmed Alnour; who said on day one; “No compromise with the system committed genocide and crimes against humanity against our people in Darfur, blue Nile, Nuba Mountain and other parts of Sudan and they must go today or tomorrow”. This position I think is the best to bring Sudan to safe shores; but the problem would be if some people have frozen ideas about other people that they can bring or do no good; then this would be a big problem facing a nation of Sudan.
    The position of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army is not new to local, regional and international community; it started since Abuja peace talk in 2005 in Nigeria, in Serte/ Libya 2006, Arusha/ Tanzania 2007, Qatar and today Addis Ababa. This man has become a political super star or super-Casanova; with the practical political visions of his movement; which I think is a way out to Sudan future problems; whether his enemies like it or not. It’s so obvious wherever he and his leaders go; that place is becoming the political pilgrimage direction to the Sudanese who are hungry for peace and stability. Paris, Kampla, Nairobi Addiss Ababa or South Africa; they would be followed by authentic Sudanese not because they are more intelligent than the rest of Sudan politicians or the elites but because they have unambiguous political vision and never betrayed anticipation of people of Sudan who they volunteered to fight for.
    “The truth always starts as blasphemy”
    Izzadine Abdul Rasoul Noul Arbab
    mailto:[email protected]@gmail.com

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Lets us at least respect the minds of people in Sudan by Izzadine Abdul Rasoul Noul Arbab Izzadine Abdul Rasoul12-10-14, 02:31 PM

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Lets us at least respect the minds of people in Sudan by Izzadine Abdul Rasoul Noul Arbab
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