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Articles and ViewsAmerica and the Shariaa Laws By: Dr. Saad M. Adnan Charlotte, USA

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America and the Shariaa Laws By: Dr. Saad M. Adnan Charlotte, USA

08-17-2014, 08:11 PM
Saad Adnan
<aSaad Adnan
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America and the Shariaa Laws By: Dr. Saad M. Adnan Charlotte, USA

    In the summer of 1953, my father lost one of his cows. An automobile driver had hit the cow. The police arrested the culprit and charged him, and was fined five Sudanese pounds by court. The police then notified my father who immediately claimed the five pounds. His claim was denied based on the British law, and he got nothing.
    Much later, in 1984, I was invited by the British council to visit the Department of Mathematical Sciences - University of Liverpool. When I arrived in London, I met my dear friend John ZogoloZolene. The first thing John said to me was, “Yesterday the residents of our multi-storey building had a meeting with the local police. During the meeting, an intelligent man in his forties asked: ‘Why does the law allow the police to keep the items stolen by a burglar? The police should hand over whatever was stolen back to those who have been robbed.’ A big roar ensued showing total support from fellow residents.” I paused a little and then said: “John, it is the Sharia law that calls for the restitution of stolen goods.” I then told John about the story of my father and his wasted cow, which had happened thirty years before.
    Prior to the 1970s, divorcing spouses in many states had to allege that the other spouse was guilty of a crime or sin like abandonment or adultery. Most of these allegations stumbled over the lack of evidence and counter allegations. After having had their egos bruised, the couple united all over again to continue an unhealthy reunion.Today, the US has come a long way in adopting the Sharia divorce laws.Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that the Church has never authorized divorce even though it has united the two grooms in matrimony. That is, the Church provides no exit strategy for the union it has created.According to Agatha Christie, the famous mystery writer, if a married man or woman was murdered, then the spouse was the primary suspect.Up to this day, the Church insists on the pledge “till death do us part” in total disregard to the divorce laws that have been adopted by the Christian communities three decades ago.
    One might argue that the US adopted the ‘restitution of stolen goods’ and the ‘divorce’ laws which have existed even before the Sharia laws were written. That still does not change the debate. For nobody said that the Sharia laws were original.Thus, we need only confine ourselves to the simple fact that the ‘restitution of stolen goods’ laws and the ‘divorce’ laws were adopted by the US fairly recently and well after the Sharia laws had been fully established. This is enough to prove that the US laws copied the ‘restitution of stolen goods’ laws and the ‘divorce’ laws from the Sharia laws. It is noteworthy to mention that the Sharia laws present more of a challenge if they are not original than if they are.For even though it is hard to write a brand new law, it is much harder to browse through the history of each and every nation on the face of the earth in search of the best set of laws which are not only natural, but also make sense.
    In June 2010, Republican State Rep. Rex Duncan of the state of Oklahoma called for a "Save our State" amendment banning state judges from tapping the Sharia laws when deciding cases. The amendment to the Oklahoma constitution was approved by the Legislature. The amendment was even subjected to a vote in November 2010. However, Mr. MuneerAwad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma, sued to block the law arguing that the Save Our State Amendment violated his First Amendment rights.MrAwad’s request was upheld when U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange blocked implementation of the amendment shortly after it was approved by 70 percent of Oklahoma voters in November 2010. It is definitely true that over 70% of the people in Oklahoma have no idea how far the US had gone and how far the US might still be poised to use the Sharia laws in the future. These tidings overall was a great surprise to me as I paged through the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). For why should the Oklahomans feel threatened by the Sharia laws or see their society embracing such laws?Since I have been dismayed by the way the Sharia laws have been implemented in the Sudan or in Saudi Arabia, I was interested neither in defending the Sharia laws nor in the academic nitpick details of who, why, and where pertaining to the US constitution. So I browsed lazily through the comments of the WSJ members. To my surprise, the WSJ members totally forgot about the constitution and were simply misrepresenting and fiercely attacking the Sharia laws. To be very honest, this is an area where you need to know full well whom you are attacking and why. For it is unwise of you to attack the pool of the Sharia laws when you have already grabbed a couple of items from there! Not only so, but you may grab more and trust me you are on your way of implementing more Sharia laws until, sooner than you think, the whole western hemisphere is totally immersed in the pool!
    Will the western hemisphere eventually become totally immersed in the pool of the Sharia laws? Well, let’s see. The US has already borrowed the ‘restitution of stolen goods’ and the ‘divorce’ laws from the pool. Today, the US is working hard to replace its laws of imprisonment of the human being. The Sharia laws include no incarceration whatsoever. Young offenders are flogged in public. Michael Peter Fay (born May 30, 1975) is an American who briefly gained international attention when he was sentenced to caning in Singapore as an 18-year-old in 1994 for theft and vandalism. The number of cane strokes in his sentence was reduced from six to four when President Clinton requested leniency. The embassy of Singapore to the United States reported to have received "a flood of letters" from Americans strongly supporting Fay's punishment, and several polls showed a majority of Americans in favor of the corporal punishment. It is worth noting that the act of flogging is as good a deterrent as incarceration if not better. Not to mention that people who spend as little as two or three weeks in prison come out more indifferent to society than when they first joined the prison population. They are feared and avoided.As a result, they cannot find jobs and the society has to deal all over againwith the likes of such people. Isn’t flogging a better deterrent? It is mind boggling to hear the republicans talk about the woes of big government and at the same time ignore the vast prison system. The US prison system is a big government that is highly crowded and too expensive to maintain. Let me cite an example of a murder case and how the Sharia laws deal with it. Suppose a married couple have a son (or daughter) and suppose that son murdered his father. According to the US laws, the son is tried in court and might receive the death penalty. This means, the mother who already lost her husband must prepare herself to lose her son as well. According to the Sharia laws, the mother acts as judge and jury in the trial of her family! She can pardon her son who can walk scot-free! Is there a more effective small government? No prison, no expenditure, no execution and no time served!
    Tucker Carlson is an American political news correspondent and libertarian conservative. He was host of ‘Tucker’ at MSNBC (2005 – 2008). Tucker then joined Fox News where he’s been hired as a Fox News Contributor. It was very recent when I heard Tucker Carlson predicting that polygamy would be legal in the US very soon! In 1890, the Supreme Court upheld a federal law that abolished the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ corporate charter and authorized the U.S. government to seize its property. This collective punishment was constitutional, the court ruled, because the Mormons’ crime, polygamy, was “barbarism” and “contrary to the spirit of Christianity”. Well, I am sorry, but it looks like “barbarism” is us soon!
    The aim of this article is not to discuss the Sharia laws. The aim of this article is not even to praise the Sharia laws. Our aim was primarily to advise those who close their fists and attack the Sharia laws that they should not. For that can only reflect on how arrogant and ignorant they are. America used the Sharia laws and still needs more of the same!There is nothing wrong with that.
    Yet, this is not the end of the story. Simply because this piece has a stunning breathtaking conclusion which I have no intention of revealing at the present time. However, I promise to furnish the reader with its full content in the very near future.


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America and the Shariaa Laws By: Dr. Saad M. Adnan Charlotte, USA
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