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Articles and ViewsAshraf the "Cardinal" + 1 Forged Cheque + 2 False Witnesses = Me in Prison
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Ashraf the "Cardinal" + 1 Forged Cheque + 2 False Witnesses = Me in Prison

05-02-2014, 03:14 PM
Abdellatif Ahmed
<aAbdellatif Ahmed
Registered: 04-29-2014
Total Posts: 6

Ashraf the "Cardinal" + 1 Forged Cheque + 2 False Witnesses = Me in Prison

    Why would Ashraf imprison an innocent employee of his? This is the most difficult question to be answered to someone who doesn't know Ashraf. Come on, Ashraf can not be so mean or such an idiot to spend all this time, money and energy into this case if Abdellatif is really so innocent as he claims...
    This is what the common sense dictates: Ashraf cannot be so crazy, I must have done something really bad... There are only two types of people who are able to believe my side of the story - those who know me well and those who know Ashraf well.
    By his sick and weird standard of values, I have committed the worst possible crime of all against him: I have publicly insulted him, sent him to the hell, and abandoned him. And no one is allowed to do that to Ashraf the almighty!
    In January 2012 while I was on a business trip around the Gulf I got absolutely disgusted with his latest circumventing and interfering into the day-to-day management, so I said: well, you do it all your way from now, I don't need and I don't want this crap anymore, let it all go to hell, and you too go to hell. (That wasn't very professional of me, I admit, but it felt so good. No regrets.) And I never returned to the company again, I never answered or returned a call of his again... Moreover, I came back to Ethiopia and the very next day got appointed as the chief executive officer of an Ethiopian group, whose owner is one of the wealthiest people in Africa. That of course made our hero even more mad and furious, and that's why I am made now an example for everyone around him to see: what happens if someone confronts him, insults him, specially if it was an insect like me. No one betrays Ashraf!
    So he had to teach me a good lesson. First he fabricated two cases in Ethiopia. Once he failed with those, he created this one in Sudan. The entire case is built on an "OPEC" cheque, with my handwriting forged on it and two false witnesses who testified that I have endorsed and handed over the cheque to Ashraf. It turns out in that Sudan this is sufficient to put you behind bars and oblige you to pay 7,000,000 pounds.
    The entire case is a big lie. I have never received 4 million US Dollars in cash or otherwise, I did not endorse nor give him any cheque. There was no any deal from the first place, hence there was no any settlement, it's all lies.
    The forensic laboratory's report of the criminal investigation department in Borri proved without doubt that my name on the cheque was forged. The senior administration of the group of his 9 companies I was managing counted above 20 managers, but he chose his driver and illiterate cook as witnesses. The two witnesses stated that they saw me writing my name on the cheque. How could they see me writing it if the handwriting is not mine? The forensic report not only proves that the cheque is forged, but also proves that the two witnesses were lying under oath. But the judge twisted it somehow: the two witnesses' statements are direct evidence, so the forensic report is irrelevant... No comment.
    Ashraf lied when he said that he has invested over 250 million US dollars in Ethiopia. The combined value of his investments is about 30 million on paper as of February 2012, that also as a result of some fabricated and overinflated invoices for capital purchases that originate from the "AlCardinal Group" in Khartoum. The actual market value stands at around 14-15 million at best. That's 6% of the claimed...
    Why does he have to lie about this? What's wrong with telling the truth? I mean, even 15 million dollars is quite an impressive amount, specially for someone who was just yesterday jumping over the walls at his father's house in Kober, from one neighbor to the other like a thief, running away to avoid being arrested by the officers waiting for him to appear in front of the house (I have four Muslims ready to testify about it, under oath if necessary).
    Ashraf lied when he said he gave me 4 million dollars. Firstly, he never had that much of money at any one given time in Ethiopia. There was never over 180 thousand dollars in the company accounts and until February 2012 Ashraf did not hold a personal foreign currency account in Ethiopia. Secondly, how come there are no any witnesses to such big cash transactions. And not even a small piece of paper to record it, in a group that consists of 9 companies with fully fledged finance departments, finance managers, accountants, cashiers, and a legal department with three lawyers sitting in their offices... Thirdly, why would he give the quarter of his total capital to his employee, in cash, without any securities, guarantees or even records?
    Lies, lies, and on top of them some more lies. We have and old Hungarian proverb saying that a liar is caught sooner than a lame dog. I would rather fry and sell falafels for the rest of my life, then live and be remembered as a liar and mobster.
    Let me tell you a few things about Ashraf, other than being a liar. I am not an expert in psychiatry, but in my opinion Ashraf has to address his mental health needs urgently, before he makes even bigger harm to someone around him or to himself. I believe that he is suffering from a severe inferiority complex accompanied by paranoia. He's a very aggressive person, this aggressiveness is probably the result of overcompensating for the feeling of inferiority. That is why he has this urge to continuously keep boasting how rich, how important, how powerful person he is. He wants you and me and the whole world to believe that he is a super intelligent, super powerful and super rich superhero. On the other hand, making false accusations and the general distrust of others are the worrying signs of paranoia.
    I'm not sure what was the point of his breakthrough in gathering his wealth, but as the old English proverb says, even a blind pig may occasionally pick up an acorn. But 250 million dollars? He never came even close to that, unless in his dreams. And with his style of doing business, to reach to that level he has to sell his soul to the devil so many more times and stomp the guts of so many more people...
    I was fighting my battle with this bamboozler in the courts for over two years, quietly and patiently, hoping that he will come to his senses. But not any more. Very soon he and his two godless witnesses will be forced to stand in front of an Ethiopian judge to either confirm or deny the accusations made in Sudan. It skipped their limited brains that the accusations they've made in Sudan incriminated him in Ethiopia. Confirming will be very bad to him, denying it even worse. But you cooked it, now eat it.
    Moreover, I have decided to disclose everything what I know about him and his foul businesses. Sabdarat will be of little help once the Scotland Yard starts asking delicate questions in London...

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06-01-2014, 11:23 PM
Shrikanth Moorthy
<aShrikanth Moorthy
Registered: 05-27-2014
Total Posts: 4

Did Ali Karti read this? (Re: Abdellatif Ahmed)

    Despite horror stories like this one the minister of foreign affairs claims that the Arab countries have misperception about the situation in Sudan...

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Ashraf the "Cardinal" + 1 Forged Cheque + 2 False Witnesses = Me in Prison
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