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Articles and ViewsIt is vital to.Clear up the mess first... Before national consensus in Sudan
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It is vital to.Clear up the mess first... Before national consensus in Sudan

05-07-2014, 03:23 PM
Adaroub Sedna Onour
<aAdaroub Sedna Onour
Registered: 01-13-2014
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It is vital to.Clear up the mess first... Before national consensus in Sudan

    After 25 years of inhumanely exclusive, brutal and absolute rule which clamied millions of innocent lives, shattered the social fabric beyond repair, drove wedges between communities on tribal, regional, sectarian and ethnic grounds and tore the country into two antagonistc failed states which have all the ingredients of instability and insecurity forever?? To say the least of the regime,s glaring failure to curb the lust and appetite of its corrupt officials for #####ng public money which is nowadays dominating the headlines in the local press in colorful stories beyond belief {a junior staff in khartoum itself was allegedly found possessing tens of luxurious villas in fashionable locations in the capital city?} but to this hour {thanks to allah} nobody was flung in jail or a hand palm amputated..Let alone death penalities which were hastily and mercilessly handed down by this very regime to some innocent Sudanese citizens dealing in their own hardly-won money {not stolen public money???}...Hence,for any dialouge to be worthwile it should touch the thorny issues of the mass-murderers who are free now and still operate with total impunity,settle the issue of the thousands of public servants sacked from their posts, the confiscated private businesses and enterprises and the whereabout and/or burial-sites and mass-graves of the countless viticms of this regime whose families are still grieving , because any dialouge stopping short of addressing such issues would be dead and buried and no responsible patriots would participate in it. Normally in any dispute certain measures are observed in an effort to heal the wounds and create an viable environment of mutual trust and respect. But no dialouge is ever dictated by, take it or leave it, presidential decrees. Therefore if the regime is serious, which I doubt, then it should talk to those it failed to clamp down on and those deeply prejudiced against it ,for reasons., not its predominantly pro-regime vulntary brigades who were operatives fiercely loyal to it regime just a couple of years ago??????True, an honorable exit should be secured for those not implicated in grand violations, but again the lid should be lifted transparently to unviel what was really happening during the past 25 years. And the bigwigs of the tyranny should not hide behind ISLAM which incriminates and condemns the mercilessly devilish designs of the last 25 years. The beneficiaries of the resultant of any reform are potentially the ordinary people of Sudan who should be given access to participate/make and take part in the change-process, mark you?? Deals made in air-conditioned halls cant be sustained and will be ill-received, if we had drawn any lessons from the previous short-lived deals.the regime should take substantial steps to gain confidence, beyond recovering stolen money{theoritcally of course?}And re-depositing it in the same ungaurded drain pipe, as such lies can scarcely be effective magical cure. Of course not much progress seems to have been made yet and understandably those involved in heinous crimes have sufficient reasons to throw a monkey wrench into any change they think would come at their expense..Therefore the initiators of the dialouge should be credited for it because, as the saying goes better late than never? Without that meaning giving the ruling cabal a carte blanch to wrap their mysterious agenda in an emotional presidential speech of no relevance to the aspirations of the hard up masses of Sudan who are no reduced to groups of under-paid workers, unemployed, internally displaced persons {IDPs} and beggars .which is depressingly a natural outcome, in a regime which takes ISLAM as a word of mouth and a business trade mark without ethical obligations that require living up to and adhering to.lastly i have long given in to despair and fed up of any good ever to be expected from such dialouges of the deaf and have resigned to that this country would only be spared by some miracle or heavenly intervention,after its ruling cabal purposfully and decidedly made it a safe heaven for terrorists and a hub for money laundrying ,disposal area of chemical waste ,human trafficking.... and of late a SAFE destination for containerized shipments of drugs.....and if it had not being for international tracking down agencies, that lethal cargo could have passed unobserved like previous ones because it had an army of backing-angels and facilitators of 25 ministers from the central government and 1 regional minister ...?? And that is why any dialouge should be deemed vital and a ray of hope.

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It is vital to.Clear up the mess first... Before national consensus in Sudan Adaroub Sedna Onour05-07-14, 03:23 PM

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It is vital to.Clear up the mess first... Before national consensus in Sudan
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