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Articles and ViewsWorst case scenario in south Sudan. Who next and who to blame ? by Ada
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Worst case scenario in south Sudan. Who next and who to blame ? by Ada

01-16-2014, 02:37 PM
Adaroub Sedna Onour
<aAdaroub Sedna Onour
Registered: 01-13-2014
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Worst case scenario in south Sudan. Who next and who to blame ? by Ada

    One can hardly find suitable words to describe the scale of cruelty ,intolerance and savagery of the under-reported ethnic clashes which littered Sudan even before independence in 1956, and are still on-going in Sudan and its recently break-away southern region{south .Sudan}which gained its FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE {as they assumed and hoped in 2011 } Nevertheless the nascent pro-west state failed to stand on its feet and muddle its way through and set up its own unique example of an inclusive ,democratic and prosperous country, despite the new flag, national anthem and membership in almost all the regional and international organizations{on equal footing with its former mother-state SUDAN? }Unfortunately. Any hope of south Sudan holding together again is pretty unlikely in light of the horrible ethnic-massacres being committed there on daily basis now, because the so-called independence was no more than re-dividing up the spoils of post-independence Sudan between the fascist regime still ruling north Sudan for 25 years on end now,. And the revolutionary independence heroes of the south Sudan {turned mortal enemies now} thanks, though to the international community and regional organizations in addition to china, Europe and USA for doing the window-dressing by portraying those racists, separatists and divisive war-lords in both camps, as doves of peace?? Interestingly the people of north Sudan have had no say whatsoever in all those designs since as back as the 2005 agreement ,which led to shattering Sudan ,during which the regime adamantly refused to accommodate them or listen to their valuable advices and entrusted it to its complete amateurs none of whom were rivals to the weighty thinkers of the like of the late Dr, garang{who died in a plane crash} or the equally renowned Dr ,M. Khalid who-to do them justice- were both out-spoken critics of separation and did everything in their power to curb that trend by warning of its far-reaching impact on the people of both countries ,but all their sincere warning-shouts fell on deaf ears ,as the Sudan regime's hidden agenda were ..All or nothing? So it did almost everything to accelerate the separation, by mobilizing its shadow
    [state within the state} organizations to deride, intimidate, belittle and scare away the southerners who ,rightly, perceived that it was a bit of a gamble to carry on sharing one home land with people who portrayed them openly in the pro-state media as unequal to their superior race{notably in the notorious ALINTIBAHA/ DAILY}, .thus the logical resultant was but an overwhelming YES for separation which was swiftly achieved, thanks to the above mentioned backing -angels, some of whom had far less below the required level or sufficient background to make sound judgments on the complex land-tenure or the age-old tribal affrays that occasionally erupt between tribes in south Sudan or their equally complex relations with neighboring nomadic Arab cattle-herding tribes ,, let alone the seasonal migration of the latter into the south in search of pasture in dry season. Remarkably these EXPERTS are now dead silent after having decorated their CVs with the titles of EXPERTS in east African communities?? And abandoned the poor people, elite and masses alike, to their fate, with their hands full getting any thing done their own local way? The same could, unreservedly, be said of our leaders here in northern Sudan, Who keep sending mixed signals, unaware that taking side and/or remaining neutral both lead to the same end. That is to say.. If the NEUER lost the war they will sabotage the oil flow, because it is in their territories-simple as that – it needs no expertise to speculate. And if the DINKA won, the victory will be attributed to UGANDA which has troops on the ground fighting on SALVA,s side ....And if it were neither{as is the case now}…then the trouble is double...With the huge daily influxes of refugees from all the warring factions WHO WILL FIND weapons on sale in Sudan …and it goes without saying they have reasons to resume fighting anywhere? ...finally the picture is gloomy and is likely to grow gloomier, especially with the diplomatic team in command now who , to deserve their names should by now be racing against time to have a SAY in the seemingly endless to and fro confrontations next door, by attempting to maintain -at least- a fragile cease-fire to limit the damages that won't remain in the south for long. But it is the usual mentality of giving in passively to the lesser of the two evils. As long as those on top were safe?
    Adaroub sedna onour

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Worst case scenario in south Sudan. Who next and who to blame ? by Ada Adaroub Sedna Onour01-16-14, 02:37 PM

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Worst case scenario in south Sudan. Who next and who to blame ? by Ada
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