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Articles and ViewsSudan'sudan,s tyranny teetering between lawlessness and bankruptcy by
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Sudan'sudan,s tyranny teetering between lawlessness and bankruptcy by

12-26-2013, 07:17 PM
Adaroub sedna

Sudan'sudan,s tyranny teetering between lawlessness and bankruptcy by

    All sincere efforts exerted by patriotic Sudanese nationals, regional powers, sisterly neighboring countries, international organizations and institutions..collectively failed to pull Sudan back from the brink of falling apart rapidly? .because all attempts to dissuade the unscrupulous rulers of the country to review, reprioritize and/or re-chart their merciless anti-people unpopular policies which crippled the war-torn country fell on deaf ears, since 1989 when the now indescribably puzzled and embroiled cabal seized power in a military coup that will go down in history as the cruelest and most ruthless in Sudan's near and distant history. The main reason behind that is the corrupt, money-hungry selfish rulers, whose top priority was, and still is, to consolidate their grip on power to loot public money? Understandably they are now trying, in vain, to break with their dark past and find avenues of escape. But the stickiest point here is that the regime's old tactic of {either us or the rebels, equation} is no longer sufficient to convince the helpless people of northern Sudan to throw themselves in the arms of the Islamists again, even if the alternative is the unknown because they no longer take any pride in the now ruling –mafia, who vividly began to make away with their loots after sensing that, even within their own party they were not singing from the same song-sheet.? In addition to the uncertainty in neighboring southern Sudan in light of the horrifying ethnic mass-killing that flared recently and its potential likelihood of spiraling over the boarders into Sudan, making the already complex situation worse. The UN and the international community did nothing to provide against that gloomy looming fate which could have been avoided had the so-called sponsors /mediators not focused on the short-term gains of brokering an agreement at any cost/anyhow . Thus, dangerously stopping short of looking into the chronic ethnic rivalry of the signatories of that recourses-sharing DEAL which was a mere QUICK-FIX? Interestingly the so-called sponsors turned a blind eye, even when they saw what happened in oil-rich hegleeg region which claimed 100s of innocent people and displaced thousands, let alone the contentious pending issue of abeyi which will very SOON put all players before a powerful test. The agony in northern Sudan is the regime's evident lack of any reliable allies or friends other than CHINA,RUSSIA and IRAN {solely because they are traditionally anti-west but they don’t of course support Sudan.. but our naïve politicians are trying to ride on the tide and capitalize on that and bring them at logger ######### with the west… How bizarre?}unaware, same as always, that relations between nations are founded on well-balanced calculations designed by cold business brains who deal with realities as they are, not on wishful thinking basis or groundless assumptions? .remarkably Sudan, as a country, never benefited from its foreign relations, which focused on asserting the position of the ruling cabal only, not the national interests of Sudan. Today, the regime, in an instant, realized that to remain afloat it has to meet the huge spending commitments towards its numerous security elements who will not protect a dying regime for free, then it has to stop poking its nose in the internal affairs of its neighbors, as it hurriedly and unprofessionally did so recently when it unduly gave the impression that it was siding with SALVA against MUSHAR in the on-going ferocious battle between the two powerful men. ?? Finally it is time to change this 25-years old CATALOUGE OF FAILURE and seriously contemplate stepping down and make substantial concessions to heal the wounds it inflicted on its own people, after disbanding its JANJAWEED MILITIAS who grew so influential and got out of hand to the extent of operating on their own under the regime's nose and right in front of the good-for-nothing UN troops???? It is to regret that Sudan, before these criminals seized it, was a well-received and most welcomed mediator allover the region and acted as ago-between and defused many disputes successfully in the past, both in Africa and he Middle East. TODAY half of its council of ministers are indicted by the ICC {others from south Sudan are destined to give them company shortly, if they don’t come to their senses and stop this nonsense} finally the ball is in the regime's yard if it seizes the opportunity to reconcile with its now split-up people and come up with a plan or a road map to setup an interim government to spare Sudan further splits {from the east this time. if we appropriately deciphered the recent under-reported events there} which the leaders of the already in turmoil country are too busy to take notice of , and which could destabilize the whole many-sided ethnic and religious mosaic of the whole region… …LIVE by the sword and die by it.?. The shaky tyranny now lacks the 2 firm pillars it stood on for 25 years… TIME and MONEY??????
    Adaroub sedna

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Sudan'sudan,s tyranny teetering between lawlessness and bankruptcy by Adaroub sedna 12-26-13, 07:17 PM

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Sudan'sudan,s tyranny teetering between lawlessness and bankruptcy by
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