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09-25-2013, 04:57 PM
wahba diyab



    By: Wahba Diyab
    [email protected]
    (*)Mr. President of the Republic and the NCP Chairman last month at the Party’s head quarters, also during Ramadan festive at the mansion of Dr. Al Sisi have asked the Dar Fur parliamentary members to please take to their constituencies and arrange to meet with your people who has elected you, the President clearly was telling them to go as the representatives of all the citizen of the region and to avoid the tribal title. But unfortunately the President’s instructions has coincided with the an abrupt increase of air tickets fare so the trips might not take place as quick as was Mr. President directed.
    (*)A few days ago President Al Bashir has returned the manuscript of the law of the authorization to issue a Diplomatic Passport back to the Parliament for more subtle elaborations.
    (*)Mr. President has authorized the non hindrance to the flow of the Southern Oil solemnly through the Sudanese pipes.
    (*)The President has buoyantly initiated the contact with his opponents from other political parties.
    (*) The Ministry of Justice held a forum on the Immunities Laws and Ordinance.
    May be the Sudanese Nation is still because somewhere inside the Presidential Palace are still some rational patriots who are trying to water the soil and endeavor to put down the hanging dust which is barring people from seeing each other and causing a choke to the healthy political life in the country.
    May be more than twenty years back the late vice president Mr. Zubier M. Salih said he is of the opinion to take the risk of sacrificing the loss of 50% out of the population so as the remainder could live in prosperity, but the unfortunate hasty departure of the man prevented him from demonstrating his ideas in an understandable manner. But it seems some care takers has thought implementing the man ideas is to send off the southern part of the Sudan and others has seen it better by stirring arsenals and fragility in crucial parts of the country, and some hidden players thought it is cheaper if the people terminate each other, perchance this symbolized in the bereavement of the tribal conflicts and the perdition of lives who had been lost in vain. This devilish malignant war between the brothers could arouse the doubt if there is a jigsaw tactfully directed by remote control conductors.
    (Repel evil with that which is best. We are well acquainted with the things they allege) 97 Almuminon.
    All over the world the national army is the gigantic giant of the country he is above all and observing his disciples from his highest post and directing his search lights over all borders and parts of the country, save the rights of the community and protect all members of the society; the political parties are the pious children of the nation who are prudently playing in the garden of freedom and the substantial giant is looking down to them preserving the constitution fore court where gathered the guardians of the judicial, legislative and free press powers who are the essential elements to propel the ship.
    In our world ( the third)an obtrude nonconformist child could manipulate the confidence and blind off the giant pull his leg as isolate him from his mates and tactfully drive him to end the game to the benefits of the conspirator, drove by enchanted reins the giant could be used against his own mandate and loose his philanthropy attitude and break many of his oaths, because the narrow path the giant is forced to go through certainly might cause him a lot of damage to an imperative parts of his body , add to this the continuous efforts from the plotter obtrusive to squeeze the giant to the dwarf size until he could match with the dimensions and abilities of the one player.
    The dominance of the national army over his entire land is in no way subject to discussion, and if any part of the country is harmed by foreign boots the armed forces must not feel comfort until the thorn is removed from that part, because that is his only task entrusted to him by his nation.
    The unfortunate National Congress ruling Party adopted a policy which yielded the stirring of many domestic wars damaging the intact body of the country. NCP in its desperate attempts to distinguish these fires has fallen into the well disguised trap of bringing foreign armies (UNAMID/UNAMIS) to help him isolate the mutineers who are in listed into so many armed movements who are targeting to destabilize the security of the country and subsequently the welfare of its people. Accepting the deployment of a foreign army on the Sudanese soil must not be taken as a normal action, so it had been decoyed and decorated by many nice names, losing the dignity is not one of these names.
    If we lean on the terrace of the first Star of this article and eavesdrop the humming in the rational patriot bureau in the palace we make sure that definitely the guardian angel of the Sudanese people had come across the parrots observed a leakage that some of Dar Fur movements are remotely controlled by dwellers inhabiting the ancient tunnels of the Palace.
    Unreliable sources circulate a terror rumors are hissing that the ghost of Gordon Pasha is yet domiciles in the ancient tunnels of the old palace and the ghost is dominating some brains and hissing to them a slogan the coexistence between the Sudanese is not a viable option.
    The healthy fourth star could be the omen of the creative atmosphere seen in one to three above which encouraged the President pluckily to present his buoyant initiative for a reconciliatory solutions to help solve the adamant turmoil situation of the country and a step to help build conducive climate.
    The President initiated his crusade by Chief Sadig Al Mahdi – a figure can never be ignored- the thing understandable to the people who knows how to read between the lines; but to a lay man like me and the many Sudanese, we believe 25 years ago Mr. President Al Bashir has ousted Mr. Al Mahdi’s democratically elected government in an attempt for the salvation of the country from the deeds of Mr. Al Mahdi. So if the President have seen that the wisdom has been poured back into the Mahdi’s during the 25 years although he was absent from the ruling chair, then the President should accept what is the man heralding for a national unity government with an interim period, or otherwise if Mr. Mahdi was wise at that time (twenty five years ago) then why did he knocked him down in the first place?.
    President Al Bashir has been in power for quarter of a century now, and unlikely he would rule the same period again, during this period he went into failures and erupted to so many successes, but most of his term he was on alert status dueling and struggling against internal and external conspiracies some obvious and many unseen, either from the traditional enemies or amongst his house occupants itself, but during all that time the endorsed equation particles were the National Congress Party setting his back to an armored wall opposing the other contradiction components whether they are traditional political parties (Umma/DUP/CP)- the SPLA or the newly fabricated militant movements of Dar Fur and the pasted ones in other areas.
    The Sudanese people was never part in this equation. The traditional parties because of its impertinence behavior to each other spent most of their time in paradoxical controversies, conspiracies against each other which caused them the loss of power for three times in the same way in a futile manner that tells those gentlemen has never learned any lesson since 1958 and onward.
    Me and all tacit citizens who are the ones every politician is speaking at and one is speaking to us and all the politicians speaking on our behalf; but alas nobody expressed our needs.
    Mr. President and the patriots whom he should look for must know truthfully that none of us – the Sudanese is looking for a military coup, this I hope should be clearly understood, as citizens we were patient not for the 25 years of President Omar Al Bashir only but we were dazzling since the 1958 when General A. Khalil could not stand the heat of democracy and handed over his government to the army, since that time the political life has gone into trance, the coups plotters were trying to politicize the scene; General Abboud has the Central Pact, General Nimiri has the National Socialist Union and now President Al Bashir has National Congress Party, all these parties were breast fed from the regimes but couldn’t revive because the genes of party is not planted into them, and because of the nature of these artificial parties they block the naturally born political parties.
    Mr. President Omer Albashir who played a remarkable role in the life of the Sudan and a substantial role in the region which concluded in changing the geography of the region, Mr. President had adhered to policies resulted in changing the structure of the country and the life of its citizens, and dramatically has changed a primordial signs on the ground. Mr. President definitely –like any human- would like to engrave his initials on the trunk of the history tree in a way that may abolish the negatives resulted from the unhealthy routes to the culmination of climbing the cliff.
    Mr. President luckily has many credits to assist him rescue his country and his name simultaneously, he is an accepted personality to all the Sudanese people and the political parties, as admirers or a de facto situation, besides when he came to power quarter a century ago he vowed to rescue the country and when was elected on 2010 he also swore to be the President of the whole Sudanese Nation and to keep the country intact the way he found it.
    Taking the afore mentioned into consideration it was obvious that Mr. President would not have looked for the support from outside his house if his NCP was able to carry his responsibilities dutifully, the tenacious manner and precarious policy of the NCP made it difficult -I assume- for Mr. President to put much of confidence on the NCP shoulders to help him look into the future and stand by his side to lay the foundation for the creation of a picturesque, glamorous, serious, true/genuine, rational, responsible, healthy, honest and courageous political life for the Sudanese Nationals.
    Humanity experience like the gleaming stars on the sky shines on every era and to all generations.
    The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a close friend to the Sudan and has extended its assistance to redeem peace in Sudan by President Babangida initiative of Abuja-s (1-2-3-4- during the nineties period) which laid the foundation for peace process, unfortunately the regional and international community were not in the mood plus the fragility of the opponents encouraged others to loot the case and flatten the tightness of the original manuscript and open its agenda to add an appalling terms to the discussion table. The hazy vision of the defiant brothers led to the dispersion of the domestic to stranger hands and different countries who has negative relations to the issue has employing different players which resulted into disastrous consequences.
    Nigeria the country of General Yagob Gaon (the man who abolished the nonconformists) has a strong and good experience in the federal governance, which I think was one of the suggested methods together with other federal administration of European Countries could be implemented in Sudan, but we took only the name of the Federal Governance.
    Nigeria has also had a very rich and useful experience in converting a military regime into a fully democratic system. The discerning President Obasanjo who is considered one of the most skilful and wise leaders in Africa, he has been able to weave an acceptable constitution to all rival components of the country an agreed upon constitution which led to a successful consecutive two elections.
    No envy but Nigeria is one of the fewest countries which have more than four ex presidents still alive and actively participating in many national and international affairs and activities as we are seeing some.
    If the things are the things this suggestion –which is been trumpeted by many before me- considering that our country is in crucial situation which encourage the majority of the muffed society to suggest to Mr. President he should ask the NCP for a recess and convey to him to step down and try to regain his gasping breath and work to tighten up his loose ends.
    Mr. President might master mind a plan to compose a healthy shaped government (of 25 at maximum) from experts away from any political orientations; for the states he is to appoint only one constitutional post for each state that might be given the title of governor, mayor or a district commissioner, the states ministries should be administered by civil servants (under secretary); finally for all the localities, to look for the local governments experts to master mind a quick plan for the reactivation of the imperative rural and municipal councils and to be ignited by the buoyant local government officers. (an ably well selected volunteered members to assist the council similar to the first Ingaz committees before it has lost its ablution.
    This healthy well shaped government when it is established would relinquish the habit of the over excessive expenditure and subsequently it would immediately abolish the need to wave the support to the fuel besides improving the economy situation and stop the slippery steps the country is running into and could bring peace to the mind of the President helps him seek ways to stop the wars.
    The President when graciously prepare the platform for all the parties to work freely to hold their conferences and to elect their offices and starts campaigning their political programs among their members and prepare themselves for the elections which could be after two years which is the age of the suggested interim government.
    When there is freedom all parties can work under sun shine people would notice that many one man show parties will diminish, because there would be no need for decorative parties to work as a decorative yes puppets to the ruling party to give a false impression of coalition, this would also help the NCP to truly work as a normal political party and utilize the benefits he is possessing now to convert him into the number one party not only in the Sudan but in the Arab and African peninsula, especially if he could come to terms with the different Islamic groups who are receiving a blessed support from the Islamic and Arab oriented groups.
    Then we come to the armed movements (freedom fighters); a sincere call for peace -agreed upon by all political forces in Sudan- to be sent for them to put down their weapons and prepare to be converted into peaceful political parties to work within the frame of peaceful struggle.
    It would be obvious that any movement struggling for a just cause they would respond to the sense and adhere to peace, and they will find a tremendous support from the citizens, the government and the political forces, even from some of the non aligned international community, but the others who are getting donations from Lucifer current account they definitely would take to arms and I assure that every Sudanese would line up with our victorious SUDANESE ARMED FORCES.
    Many of the enlightened observers are whispering that the brilliant Lucifer has noticed the futile huge investment in these Freedom Fighters war lords, where he pays for the weapons, machinery, logistics, SOFT transfers to Canary Islands tacit banks plus the accommodations in seven stars luxurious hotels. The Satans and devils who are the true children and grand children of Lucifer had advised their father that it is much cheaper to stir up a tribal conflict between these ethnics. The cost will only be a few four wheel drive vehicles, a few containers full of light weapons and soft local currency flow to the right key people and this will relinquish his target with less efforts and no condemnation or accusations that he is stirring these idiot wars.
    There is a conjunction between these stars which is not covered in this article, by will of Allah would be tackled in the coming article. if Allah Will.
    [email protected]

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