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Discussion Board in English Arabs got Talent. Muslims got Abuse..!!

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Arabs got Talent. Muslims got Abuse..!!

02-16-2015, 08:17 AM
إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
<aإبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
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Arabs got Talent. Muslims got Abuse..!!

    07:17 AM Feb, 16 2015
    Sudanese Online
    إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان-
    My Library at SudaneseOnline

    Arab countries had reached the bottom of the level of their historical existence. Here is a nation with a bright civilization and the last of the revealed religions to human kind but was so degraded into humiliating standards of well-being. The rich Arabic countries had adopted policies to secure the control of the ruling families which were established by the British during their colonization of the Middle East, coupled with execution of hidden dictated policies that were imposed by western countries. To western countries, the safety and the well-being of the Jewish state and people must be strictly enforced. The powerful lobbies of the Zionist organization had succeeded to create a powerful economic hegemony over the policies of western countries to the extent that their mutual benefits had become completely intertwined. The hierarchal triangle of power contains the Zionist entity on the top delegating policies to western countries which in turn would enforce these policies over the rich Arab countries. In other words, the Arabs are at botom of the base of this triangle. In recent years, Arabic countries had followed policies that proved to be harmful to their own well-being. The policies which had turned the table against the Arab spring in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria. The situation in Yemen backfired against the security of the weak Sunni Muslim states of the Gulf including Saudi Arabia which was the master mind of enforcing these dictated policies. The coming days will tell if the Saudis would realize the horrendous mistakes made by going against the popular tides in those countries. However, the countries which dared to change the status-quo had turned into a political mess after the civilian rebellion against their military rulers. The mess was so wide spread in the Middle East to the extent a simple remedy is not in hand for years to come. The goal is to weaken the Arab states in order to keep the Zionist entity safe and sound!

    As I mentioned previously in my article in this board “Saudi Arabia unveiling the Veil “, the Israeli vision towards their security and safety of their own State had forced the west to shift their cooperation towards yesterday’s enemy: Iran. This was meant for two reasons, to avoid confrontation with the strong adamant Hezbollah and at the same time to ensure the remaining of a weak Shiite state in Syria which had protected the Israeli boarders for more than five decades. The silence of the west towards the crimes of Assad, the Shiites of Iraq and recently the Huthis of Yemen while crying foul from the recent born unpredictable ISIS spreading influence is completely illogical! The Houthis military brigade in Yemen is called (Ansar Allah) but if instead (Ansar Al Sunna) army moved to power, we would have witnessed a very quick brutal reponse!

    This shift towards yesterday ex-enemy explains the reluctance of all parties to support the opposition against Assad but the sudden upbringing of ISIS had turned the table against all of them. The birth of these extremist movements was absolutely dependent on the failure to deal with the popular demands in the Arab world. These policies of capping tightly over the pot cannot and will not go further into the future. Definitely extremism is gaining more and more grounds and the ugly scenarios will be unfolding by the day in the coming five years. Now, the Arab peninsula is surrounded by the Shiite’s zealots from every direction in Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran and recently in Yemen! The demographic composure of the rich Gulf States had been well taken care to create future challenge to Sunni domination. The Shiites were aware of creating majrities or sizable minorities in the Gulf states long time ago. The sunni population were indifferent or unware of the silent created menance among them. Unfortunately, the focus of those who are in power in these rich states is a very short sighted approach until the powder keg will explode in face of the powerless Sunni Muslims. Even those small Gulf countries with Sunni majorities are not ammuned against a Shiite's rebelion in the coming years. the demographic composure is gaining momentum for the shiites everywhere in the Gulf. The shiites already captured strong government posts which are used to solidify silently their control on the decision making process in the small Gulf states. In a short time, we wwill witness Shiites uprisings in more Gulf states. It is only a matter of time ! It is the time to act now for these small Gulf states to correct the imbalance of their demographic composure, or it will be too late for the coming powerful tsunami of change. The Yemeni situation will unfold in the eastern part of the Arab penensula very soon than expected.

    The Arab leaders had shown talents in enforcing policies that will maintain their utmost influence in consolidating their personal powers to guarantee the existence of their family rule while simultaneously adhere to adopt policies that were harmful to the Arab and the Muslim sunni nations. The waste and the irresponsible misuse of the wealth of these Muslims’ nations cannot go for ever. This waste is evident in every day’s event nowadays whether in Tennis courts, Golf grounds, speedy boats or bicycles’ race or flashing support to famous soccer teams….etc. I wonder if the common citizen would ever benefit from this lavish spending in these events. They were not even attended by the citizens of these countries. It is clearly following dictated policies that would deprive Muslims elsewhere form utilizing their own resources….!!! The powerless citizns of these countries are under the brutal hand of these irresponsible dictators who are not capable to achieve good for their nations rather than to stand firmly against the coming tide. It is not the materialistic nurtures that would completely satisfy these citizins but the aspirations of the previous Muslim civilization that would relive the glory of Muslims which is intentionly tarnished by the Zionists with the help of countries like Britain, France and U.S.A. This explains why some very rich citizens of these wealthy Gulf States had joined hands with those young Muslims coming from western countries to form the newly created extremist organizations like ISIS.

    The silent cries of the Gulf States for the UN and western countries to react quickly to salvage the terrible situations in the troubled countries will not materialize due to their own complacence in creating these dreadful situations. The demons that were released by their horrible practices cannot be capped again into the magic pot. The worst is yet to come to haunt Muslims everywhere in the World.

    Moderate Muslims in the world are in a squeezed position due to the mess which was created by all the partners from the top to the bottom of the hierarchal triangle: Zionism, western countries and their own stooge governments. These policies were passed silently through major intelligence web so that it cannot be discussed or approved even by those who dictate it over the receiving partners from the top to the bottom. The world controlled economic situation is the powerful arm that would be used to twist the weak needy hands. I might be one of those who will be named to believe in conspiracy theories but even this accusation is part of the conspiracy theory itself. I will recall a recent example of what we will face in the future. The recent killing of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A was classified as a simple crime over the disagreement on a parking space. Just imagine somebody who disagrees with one owner of a car will take a gun and shoot all of his three neighbors. It is neither a hate crime nor a terrorist act. President Obama reluctantly denounced the “crime” after President Erdogan‘s request. Another example of the two Americans was caught in Halifax. Nova Scotia, Canada plotting to kill people on Valentine day was not classified as a terrorist act. In simple words those who commit these crimes are not Muslims. If a Muslim wrote on Twitter or Facebook account that we must fight injustice or mention the J word: Jihad, it will be enough to condemn him/her under the law of Terrorism. Under such law, authorities have the right to incarcerate any one for six months and only God knows what will happen in the jails after that time. Even the police force itself had thought that they were given a free hand to deal with Muslims. A recent example is what had happened in Alabama to an elder Indian father who came to visit his son. Mr. Patel was walking in the street while his appearance matches perfectly a Muslim man. He was powerfully attacked by two policemen who roughly forced him down on the concrete of the street for doing nothing other than walking near his son’s home. Unfortunately, somebody had filmed the whole ordeal other than that nobody would ever hear about it. Another example was on YouTube for a Swedish policeman who suffocated a Moroccan kid nearly to death while spectators shouting obscene words towards the youngster. These were only few cases I came to notice in recent days.

    While Arab leaders got talent in enforcing policies that go against the popular consent of their own citizens and while western countries succumb to adopt policies of the Zionist powerful lobbies, Muslims have to wet their ######### for the worst to come. We will recently see Muslim countries go to full fledged wars in the name of fighting terrorism. Jordan is now ready to weaken the Syrian opposition against Assad under the banner of fighting ISIS and Egypt will wade deeply into the Liybian quackmire to support General Hafter's army under the same banner of fighting ISIS. Jordan had already got the weapons and ammunitions while Egypt is anxiously waiting the 24 Rafale Jets promised by U.S.A and France! What is not mentioned is how the pieces of cakes will be awarded. Jordan might got a piece of Syria which is already in the hands of the opposition while Egypt's eye on Eastern Libya with its oil fields!!! Iran is moving fast to claim a sizable chunk of the Arab world, the land of a nation that one day had witnessed glory. Now the dirty laundry will be dealt with by Muslim countries. Muslims will be killing Muslims!!! It is a policy that was clearly outlined by the Zionist experts on Fox News "Let Muslims kill Muslims"! Under the banner of Fighting terrorism, we will witness a fierce wave of hegemony of the Zionist led western countries into our own backyards. While muslims are busy to clean the mess and to discuss its implications, the Zionist State is now ready to claim more lands in The West Bank while the whole world is busy fighting terrorism !! All I have to say to my fellow Muslims is to get ready for further futue abuse.

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Arabs got Talent. Muslims got Abuse..!! إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان02-16-15, 08:17 AM

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Arabs got Talent. Muslims got Abuse..!!
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