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News and Press ReleasesAn important Statement No (15 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou
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An important Statement No (15 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou

11-06-2014, 05:37 PM
اللواء اسماعيل خميس جلاب
<aاللواء اسماعيل خميس جلاب
Registered: 03-14-2014
Total Posts: 16

An important Statement No (15 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou

    We greet our freedom fighters, who are preparing to attack the defenses of the enemy towards diminishing and changing the criminal system in Khartoum, uprooting it from its roots, and we would like to confirm that the victory is certain. Our greetings are also extended to each displaced Nuba, Blue Nile, Darfur and our refugees in all over the world, dear comrades on behalf of you all we salute our martyrs who gave their lives for liberation and the New Sudan vision, which worries the genocidal regime in Khartoum.
    Dear comrades, the time has come to take our historical role and put the facts clearly in front of you regarding our giant economic edifice, the Mountains Bank for Development and Commerce. we have waited too long for this transitional leadership to carry out the necessary and urgent reforms which could prevent the collapse and downfall of the bank and reserve the rights of stakeholders from Nuba people and the rest of Sudan, all that process is supposed to be based on the basic principles which came in our regulations and supreme law ( to recognize the errors and reform them is better than persisting on them) . dear comrades we have observed closely the complete absence of our pjrinciples, transparency , accountability, and the facts, which have become the dominant feature on those who are in charge of this institution, the financial, administration and the embarrassing moral corruption which is taking place in that bank
    Dear comrades, we assure you that the foundation of this bank came after a great effort by the respected group of our Nuba people who worked tirelessly to collect and save the capital beside your precious contribution which helped a lot until it acquired capital of 9 billion pounds and over. that responsibility was taken by Husain Gattart and other Nuba loyals and among them were comrade Nero Philip, Amin Zakariah in America, Hassan Barjeel and Osman Koarina in the Netherlands, Abdullah Mamour in Saudi Arabia and others, we would like in this statement to thank them and appreciate their efforts in this not forgetting those whom we haven't mentioned . We also emphasize that the appointment of Comrade Hussein Gatar as the director of the bank was based on his qualifications and experiences, that enabled him to manage his administration and more so within only four months they achieved an estimated profit of more than one billion South Sudanese pounds. And instead of honoring and praising his efforts , he was insulted, humiliated and taken to the Nuba Mountains where he was imprisoned for a period of two years after that he was dismissed, expelled from the movement and deprived from his rights and everyone was surprised and shocked from what happened . Later his deputy was appointed, Mr. Awad Albirr, who realized with his crew a profit of 27 billion pounds in one year, which equalizes the bank's capital three times, this, achievement unrivaled , besides the provision of liquidity which struck 119 billion pounds, the bank managed to engage itself in huge investments, and may have to continue even if its depositors and customers have withdrawn their assets. and according to the legal auditor's report, who was commissioned to review the progress of the bank. The bank managed in that period to provide quality services to the public, who flock to it , propelling the administration to make the necessary expansions to accommodate this huge number of clients and customers, as well as direct support which was submitted to our students who were displaced by the war and are now studying in universities and schools in Juba , Kampala and Nairobi under difficult humanitarian conditions , we are considering that to be one of the strategic objectives of the Bank. In addition to that they set up a plan for the following year to the Board of Directors, in which they pledged to achieve an annual profit of 60 billion pounds.
    Dear comrades who would ever imagine that after this great success and unparalleled achievements that he would be arrested, humiliated and imprisoned for six months
    Legal procedures known in the delivery and receipt process, to finally clear that all of this scenario was designed to set the current Director Amer alamin Secretary to begin the series of financial and administrative corruption, which now rash.
    Dear honorable comrades no doubt you have seen, followed and heard the strange behavior pursued by the Director Mr. Amer Al- Amin which had been exercised towards you, insulting, expelling, and locking the doors from you which is lack of respect for leaders, customers and the dealers with the bank until most people fled from around him, what we thought about him has meet your expectations which shows clearly that he had been sent from our enemy for a mission, this came clearly through the leaks of military and security committee of Khartoum Government's meeting which took place on August 28/2014 and doubt that he was seeking to destroy the Bank and create hatred among the people of the Nuba Mountains !!! , The logical question that imposes itself and needs an answer, is (what is the secret behind confidence and trust given to him from the leadership for the continual renewals of contracts for him.
    Dear comrades we assure you that this man came to the implementation of a range of destructive programs on this economic edifice and the evidence to that are following: -
    1. He fraud and forged the contract to set up the bank stocks change for members of the SPLM an amount of 75% and converted them to Comrade Jogod Mukuar's ownership intending thereby to make up the rift between Jogod and his comrades in addition to the loss of the real owners to their shares . in this sense (we call upon comrade Jogod Mukuar to acquit the tip of these stocks and return them to their original owners) .
    2 – He took the books of stocks and the supporting receipts to Kadugli before the outbreak of the war dispite of his knowledge to the insecurity conditions by then, and left them there till the outbreak of the war which keeps the reality hidden till now, who knows that there may be a deal between him and the governing regime. To get these documents is necessary for accountability and preserving the rights of our people.
    3 - before the establishment of the bank he has been appointed as a member of the board of directors, but he resigned on the grounds of the bank will not succeed !!! And that he feared for his reputation !!! confirming to that he did not buy even a single stok , despite his potential capability .
    4 – He dismissed more than 13 employees and workers and refused to compromise their rights, forcing them to resort to courts, and the bank's legal adviser had dealt with more than five court cases without winning any of them thus the bank was propelled to pay great deal of money for compensations. A manager of this style is intended to cause a vast financial loss, deterioration in the bank's progress and a bad reputation to the bank.
    5 – He dismissed employees in higher grades and excellent experiences who makes a pose, foundation and a real pillar of the bank and harassed others compelling them to resign, later after by contrast, He appointed inexperienced and unqualified employees promoting them to higher grades to gain the confidence of some leaders, with his hard work by the removal of any staff member who is familiar and experienced to the administration and business accounting hence marginalizing the role of some members of the Board of Directors based on Abdulaziz Adam Al-hilo's support, for instance Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Saeed, Maulana Ibrahim Ramadan Chmila and Awad Abdul Rahman. With the purpose of creating spells and opportunities for further manipulation to destroy the bank.
    6 –He created private companies t in Kampala and custom clearance offices in Nimoly and what is hidden is a lot more than what we can imagine , beside the establishment of unclear purposed companies which are using the bank's funds in an known manipulated techniques.

    7 – He granted vast advanced loans to some leaders who failed to to pay back yet instead if providing assistance to our fellow persons with disabilities who lack access to buy medicines and medical requirements .
    8. He refused to exchange the money of Nuba which totaled up to 17 billion pounds during the period of currency change in 2011 claiming that it was a political business arguing the bank manager Awad Albirr despite the central bank's approval for exchange, but he added the amount of 2 billion pounds, upgrading the total amount to 19 billion pounds causing at the central banks refusal for change the money. That issue was raised to Abdell-Aziz Al-hilo who failed to manage and return this money to the owners so far, we are all going to be accountable to Nuba people sooner or later regarding this manipulation and corruption.
    9 - lack of transparency and publication of lists of the stakeholders (the budget), in addition to the profits of the stock since he took over the office up to now.
    Dear comrades, no doubt that we are going through a difficult phase and critical path where we need to combine efforts for the sake of people of nuba mountains objectives and the people of Sudan, and this will be only through transparency based on the Constitution and principles of SPLM not by terrorism and gagged! Dear comrades we would like here to refer to that historical article of comrade Talib Hamdan , which shooked the corrupters and worried their beds, it is important here to deal with it objectively and work on the investigation with the doubtful Amer instead of the ongoing investigations with the writter of the article, the picture here Comrade is upside down !!! we appreciate your efforts and praise your article, which won the desirability of shareholders all over the world and freed disadvantaged! Hence, we hope that the leadership council will intervine to take it's responsibilities towards the historical causes of our problems in Nuba Mountains in general, and in SPLM in particular, that is of course if they were assigned to real powers !!!! , The time of laughing at us had gone , for that we think it is the time to lay hands on this bank and make the necessary reforms and account him accordingly to our regulations. and work to address the issue of the stocks , by that only you can regain the confidence of our people and the scattered shareholders all over the world who addressed the Central Bank and the Board of Directors before, for example, the former members of the Board of Directors and a group of shareholders in Saudi Arabia who threatened to resort to courts claiming their rights, hence we appeal to the concerned institutions to immediately intervene and play their role and stop the Bank so as not to move to the stage of cancer, where there will be no solution .
    Dear comrades what we mentioned here in this statement is only a drop in the ocean, whatever has been said about the manager and his actions, we couldn't find a single justification or good he did . And we do not have any description except that he is an agent, and in that no one will differ with us, and those who are standing in support of him are the beneficiaries headed by Abdulaziz Adam Al-Hilo his private secretary Yonan Musa who is his secrets' holder, more still Amer himself and others who will come to float with time

    Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab
    The former Governor of South Kordufan State/
    Nuba Mountains
    On behave of the Silent Majority

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An important Statement No (15 ) by Commander / Ismail Khamis Galab The former Governor of Sou
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