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News and Press ReleasesAn important statement No. (13) from talafun kuku On behalf of the silent majority In Sudan
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An important statement No. (13) from talafun kuku On behalf of the silent majority In Sudan

10-02-2014, 04:25 PM
تلفون كوكو ابو جلحة
<aتلفون كوكو ابو جلحة
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An important statement No. (13) from talafun kuku On behalf of the silent majority In Sudan

    An important statement No. (13)
    Date: 2-10-2014

    To all honest people in the path of the struggle for freedom, justice and equality to the ideologically conscious and politically mature people of Nuba mountains
    To our people who suffered and still, the orphans, widows and the elders of the margins of Sudan in general and of Nuba Mountains people in particular ,
    To the SPLM/A and the revolutionary forces in Darfur we announce to you that the Three Transitional opportunist leaders are confirming their failure day after a day and that they have nothing to do with the real reasons of the struggle for freedom, justice , equality in Sudan ,They are using these logos only to perpetuate dictatorship, tyranny in order to establish their own personal interests andbenefits , to fulfill that they use the masses of SPLM/A in nuba mountains and Sudan in general as a tool by misleading them to reach the presidential palace in Khartoum, but these masses and the SPLA will turn against them before they achieve theirflimsy dreams.
    Dear comrades we assure you that the SPLM has lost its glittering image, political identity and thecharm of its programs that attract our people, the thundering enthusiasm of our supporters also was declined all that wasbecause of the practices of these three opportunists leaders in addition to that most of them had frozen their activities waiting the end of their tyranny !!!!
    Dear comrades, to your knowledge What happens to SPLM in general and the Nuba Mountains in particular , is caused by their dictatorship , tyranny and opportunism starting by Yasser Arman, who plans well to dissolve the SPLM and evacuate it from its core programs and the basic objectives for which Nuba people took arms , and Abdulaziz Adam El hilo is stamping for that dirty role of Arman despite of hisknowledge and awareness, he became a doll as he was usual during his post as deputy governor with Maulana Ahmed Mohamed haron the wanted war criminal by ICC , the third was Malik Aggar an empty minded personwho goes with their mainstream only his main concern is to remain as chairman withoutknowing his role and functions of the transition, he doesn’t care what happens to the movement, the devastation and destruction of the biggest political and intellectual revolution in contemporary Sudan.
    Comrades confirming to what mentioned above we will support our allegations with the following evident: -
    1 / The Three transitional opportunist despotic leaders had resolved all the institutions of SPLM and appointed themselves custodians of such a large organization, ignoring the transitional tasks they were assigned for.
    2 / They had replaced the constitution , the vision, and manifesto with another ones which has nothing to do with thereal reasons for which we as nuba people took arms, that is because they want to clearthe way for isolating, excluding and marginalizingany one who express his idea freely and democratically through institutionalized accountability process they want to take most serious decisions that might determine the future of our struggle for the rights , freedom and equality without accountability .
    Dear comrades we want to assure you that the SPLM had become a part of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front at the hands of these three leadersbut in fact the relationship between them is weaker than spider thread and the differences are large and clear, because the coalition did not cross-institutional process, a weak and empty minded person like Malik Agarcan not lead this great organization , only through dirty games and intrigues, they jumped from theRevolutionary Front to sign thenew dawn document with other political forces and because it isnot built on a right foundation most of them denied that alliance upon arrival to Khartoum ( what is built on falsehood is already null ) after that they signed an agreement with Sarah Nugdallah to dance on the graves of Nuba then they jumped to sign the agreement of crafty people with Musa Hilal, the leader of the Janjaweed, who tarnished his hands with the blood of innocent people in Darfur and kurdufan thecriminal who is wanted to the ICC.to get out of each dilemma they sank deeper in more troubles , the biggerthe fatal mistakes increased by signing of the Paris Declaration? With Sadiq al-Mahdi the first prime minister who declared jihad against the Nuba people and the first one who formed the Arab militias against the blacks to ignite the flames of discord and division within the marginalizedpeoples , they finalized their fatal mistakes by signing the Addis Ababa agreement , which we reject it in total . Dear Comrades we assure you that the three autocratic leaders had lostthe way and began to flops between Musa Hilal , Sarah Nugdallah ,Sadiq al-Mahdi and Ghazaisalahadinthe turkishdescendant who claims that he wants to reform what had been spoiled by himself , which sort reform he wants !!!!! we all know that he was the planner of Islamic revolutionary front with Tudabi and others in the sudan of oppression and darkness.
    Dear Honorable Comrades these three despotic leaders want to intercalate the African high-level implementation panel in their games, on this point we want to make it clear to them and to the African Peace and Security Council , the UN Security council, that what these leaders are doing , is an attempt to dissolve the case and the issues of marginalized people in the Nuba Mountains , Blue Nile and Darfur for that we emphasize to all of them that they do not represent us at all , as we confirm that there is no different between them and the National Congress party of President Omar al-Bashir who jumps over realitiesto fulfill their fictional dreams avoiding the facts , they jump between Doha and umJerash, they don’t want to confront theroot causes of the problems in Sudan and solve it from the roots, that was by negotiate an illusion to solve what they imagineand dreams, their aim is to extend their period in power , and so does the three despotic leaders (Aggar, ArmanAlhilo) with their simulated advisers around them, they embody an exact copy of Bashir and his group in Khartoum jumping in the spaces of their dreams to lad on nowhere ... they also move from the new Dawn to Sarah Nogdallah, Musa Hilal, Sadiq al-Mahdi ... etc. refusing to work through our institutions, in constitutional order , they aim intentionally to exclude the historical and political leader and even the military leaders with whom they are not pleased, they segregate them from the leadership of the SPLA missions, they do all that to remain as long as possible in the power of SPLM/A . Even inthe Revolutionary Front, why didn’t Aggarstep down from the presidency of the revolutionary Front for one of his deputies as it came in regulations of their alliance ?
    Dear comradeswe assure you that these leaders are living their illusivedreams and that they are not aware to the extend of the destruction that they cause, we say to them that it is not the way we use to reach our objectives as comrades the vision and the mission are very clear, you are out of our manifesto. We assure you Comrades that we are committed to the program and the vision of the SPLM and the constitution till we conduct the General Conference of whatever kind or shape to legalize our work, and also emphasize that these three people are confused and facing their end ,they have to know that soon or later we are coming ...we are coming.
    The struggle continue and victory is certain,

    Major General/talafun kuku Abujalha
    On behalf of the silent majority
    of the freedom fighters
    In Sudan

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An important statement No. (13) from talafun kuku On behalf of the silent majority In Sudan
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