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Articles and ViewsWhen the Wretch Solicits the Dud By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – U.K
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When the Wretch Solicits the Dud By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – U.K

03-15-2017, 02:30 AM
سعيد محمد عدنان
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When the Wretch Solicits the Dud By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – U.K

    02:30 AM March, 15 2017

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    Oh Well! Looks like Samson of America, with his brethren of Alt Right, want to bring down the temple on themselves and on the World at large؟
    Like what Samson of Sudan, with his brethren of Muslim Brothers, did bring the temple down on themselves and on Sudan.
    Now, Sudan has been banned from entering America – at a time they rejoiced with lifting of sanctions, even planned of sending a parliamentary delegation to visit America for discussing live matters!!
    They leant on a World Order they combatted, alas! Its combat champion is turning the magic on them. The regime has been silenced after a long life of roguery and foolhardy foulmouth of ‘all are under his shoes’.
    Today the cauldron of world media is boiling on two basic subjects, that made eyes glare in shock, and hearts sunk in terror, and for which, Muslims of the World should have been prepared before it landed on those who fared and those who failed, like an adversity on the unwitting.
    NCTC Director, Matthew Olsen, wrote, regarding the Commander-in-Chief Forum in the NBC television channel, attended by both presidency contestants, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, for the spectators to evaluate the competence of each of the contestants on their vision on Security and combating terrorism. He noted, they were not the only observers; ISIS was closely monitoring all details to evaluate who made the ideal enemy for ISIS, and they chose Donald Trump. So, what has Sudan’s Samson got to say to that؟
    ISIS preferred Trump because he mixed venom with honey in ignorance rendering it all poisonous. For, instead of fighting the Islamists (Islamic radicals) for combating Terrorism, he fights Islam for being terrorism, and the two are solemnly different. This way, Trump released an open verdict depicting all Muslims of that crime unless they proved the opposite, and this way Muslims all over the world are alienated and became sitting ducks for attacks of the Alt Right villains to charge them on crimes they didn’t commit. He also barred those Muslims from returning to their homes, their families and their interests in America. Thus, it became a forceful repatriation for the sole sin of being Muslims. This way, it deviated from a war against terror to a war against Islam. This rendered the Muslims and terrorists bunched together in one trench, in which Muslims sustained harm from their own fellow countrymen (America), because they are Muslims, and sustained the same from the terrorists because they are deserters.
    How on earth would Sudan address this dilemma, where the whole world, Muslims and Infidels, faced to it with such an admirably firm stand the Regime in Khartoum did not and cannot replicate؟
    The Director of NCTC went on, that in a meeting with members of ISIS, and from news analyses covering a report prepared by Mara Rekvin and Ahmad Mhidi from the department of Foreign Affairs, ISIS was working to make Trump win, and it used the same social media of Donald Trump. Another from ISIS wrote “assisting Trump to reach the White House is a priority for the Jihadists”, and another said they were piling their efforts to see Trump win, being the Ideal Enemy.
    This huge difference is what I wrote of in my last essay of ‘Trump is a herder without a herd’, that, by his order to drive away Muslims, Trump vested Jihad with a legality – by driving away, not terrorists, but Muslims – from their homes [one moment! Home need not be the nationality or origin; it is the place of abode, i.e., livelihood and family life. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), when he and his companions, early in the Message delivery, suffered Quraysh torment and abuse, did not resort to war with them, until when they were forced out of Mecca, that God ordained “Warring is a duty laid upon you even though it is contemptible to you” verse 2/ 2. This ordinance was decreed because they were forced out, not from Quraysh as pariahs, or from the Arabic community at large, but were kicked out from their abode, where everyday life meant to them – and that is how licence to war is delicately diagnosticated in Islam: only to defend self from attack to kill, to defend religion from being practised, or if forced out of home [clear evidence in verses 60/8 – 9 ‘Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who do not fight you for (your) Faith, nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just (8) Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith, or drive you out of your homes, and rant to drive you so, to wilfully authorise them (for patronage). So, such authorisers are the wrong doers (9)]
    Trump also allowed Muslims and their families’ livelihood to be restricted, torture them to extract answers, and spy on them in their worshipping places.
    The one action of forcing them out of their place of abode alone, religiously and morally licences a holy war. But, hang on! In this era of dialogues and restraint, Muslims and mediators most likely would wisely prevent such an imminent sedition, until a resolution is reached. Yet still, for the ongoing combat against terrorists, anyone killed as a terrorist would be classed as a Martyr of a holy crusade designated to fight them against their faith, and anyone arrested therein would legally be classed a Prisoner of War.
    This is the First Cauldron
    The second Cauldron is the materializing American/ Russian equivocal accord along an American Chinese ill-disposed discord, pungent with fumes of war. Steve Banon, Chief Strategist in Trump’s administration, hinted in an earlier occasion that there is no way out of a war with China over the South China Sea problems, wherein China claimed historic ownership of the islands (which are only pillars of sand mounted to carry military constructions to threaten the interests of the United States of America, done in utter boldness).
    This trend alone would restrict Trump from backpaddling from his start of isolationism off the world stage, otherwise he will be in war with China [as Banon foresaw, and the latter enjoyed high the confidence of Trump’s], and in another war in the Middle East (contemplate: how tricky would it be for America when Russia is in the centre of it with Syria)
    Russia’s president, Putin, warned Trump of the World Order puppeteers conspiring against him, particularly his Republican party ones harbouring harm to him, even murder. Similarly, Western media broadcast displeasure of Russian hacking activities and disrupting cyber activities the West and stifling information security.
    This cauldron threatened American National Security when Trump called off his ban decisions, which widened the gap between him and the other parties, most damaging of which was breaking down the Republican Party which is in pain on a travail of a Trump’s Alt Right party embryo.
    Again, his persistence on praising Russia and placing her in principles as an equal to America, which has never been borne in the American Political and Strategic perceptuality since departure from the last isolation, reached fanning fires in the American Establishment and its allies. All of those are pieces of the jigsaw of the American Russian accord, which is a coup d’état on the American Political and Strategic regime.
    Last Sunday, the fifth of February, in a live interview with Fox News journalist O’reilly, and before an audience of 175 million watching American football, Trump aired in a controversial response to O’reilly’s protest on an issue of killing. Trump was defending Putin, saying “Putin is a president of Russia and wields the authority to protect her”; when O’reilly protested “but he is a killer, as he kills the journalists that disagree with him” Trump’s answer was “Everyone kills, do you think we, the Americans, are innocent؟”
    That was not his first comment of its kind; towards the end of 2015, and in a hosting by MSNBC channel, he was confronted by the [Morning Joe] presenter ‘Joe Scarborough’, that Putin invaded nations, Trump replied “he is running his country, not like what happens in our case”, and when was contested “but he kills journalists”, Trump responded “I believe our country administers many killings, isn’t that so, Joe؟”

    Now to Sudan: When the regime tolerated breaking international laws of transactions that undoubtedly aided in shaping the world of today – not ideal, perhaps, but certainly working – given the circumstances of its reality then. It is the corner stone in building the solid grounds for Peace and rational dialogue between different and differing nations. Sudan fared well in rights and wins: a million square miles of land, rich with minerals, water and fertile soil, with a protection against the greed of neighbours (9 countries), which we find cemented via the healthy trust that the New World Order founded by means of rational dialogue and the extending of common grounds of principles and moral heritages.
    But the regime, indulging further in rapacity and absence of moral deterrent, misrepresented the Islamic Maxims to contract licences for themselves to enslave and abuse the God-fearing people of Sudan, who are reputable for their honesty and high demeanour.
    They also cheapened and permitted abuse of the nation’s promise, and that of the international community, to threaten punching a hole in its share of the ship, to embezzle, cloaking themselves with false garments of power, that befitted the narrative ‘That who tolerates to be despicable, becomes easy to despise’. The regime immediately embarked on completely and deliberately wiping the entity of Sudan that every Sudanese began to point fingers to one another denying their right to be Sudanese (nationalism dogma), depicting each other as an Arab migrant or an African refugee.
    They rolled sleeves to tamper with the nation’s founding constituents with all their solemn bearings. They opened doors to the devils of terrorism and to the preachers of Myth and disaster. They ushered and robbed its people in the underworld gateways, then vainly decorated their naked chests with false gallantries, elated by a cheering underworld, then emboldened in assaulting neighbours. They then housed all the terrorist and destruction pariahs, all the gurus of crime, to burrow in Sudan for a haven away from the arm of the International Law. What for are they confronting the global justice؟ Is it for the sake of fending for their children whom they spilt the blood of؟ Or for their homes to be lost and their honour smudged؟ Their leader spewed a lot of criminality with the obscenest language at the face of the international community, defying by protecting culprits, typically fitting Verse 18/35: “He entered his garden, and indecorous to his soul he said, "I deem not that this will ever perish.”
    He ranted with other African dictators to stand against the international justice, and allow the regimes and pillars of exploitation and slavery to stay.
    As the Sudanese saying goes: “How would a one-toothed goof mock a two-toothed one؟”
    The only nation that is absent from defending the faith of virtue, because it is busy preaching sedition. How can it stand tall by the side of the superstructure of infidels (non-Muslims who joined the revolt of Muslims’ on their ban), who lapped much from the grace of religion and their grace was embodied in this saying: ‘I went to Islamic countries and found Muslims but no Islam, and went to the non-Islamic countries and found non-Muslims but found Islam’؟
    Would some be getting embarrassed of themselves, or would we realise that “there is no repentance of the sinner, like there is no curdling of water؟ (a local saying)

    The essay in Arabic was published here on 08/02/2017
    لما يستنجد التعيس بخائب الرجا بقلم سعيد محمد عدنان – لندن – بريطانيا

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