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Articles and ViewsVis-à-vis …Sudan’s tyranny at loggerhead with the United Nations by Adaroub Sedna Onour
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Vis-à-vis …Sudan’s tyranny at loggerhead with the United Nations by Adaroub Sedna Onour

01-05-2015, 05:37 PM
Adaroub Sedna Onour
<aAdaroub Sedna Onour
Registered: 01-13-2014
Total Posts: 120

Vis-à-vis …Sudan’s tyranny at loggerhead with the United Nations by Adaroub Sedna Onour

    Monday, January 5, 2015, 11:10 AM-Late last month, Sudan expelled the head of mission of the
    united nation and the country director of the UNDP, in a
    highly symbolic gesture of defiance and disrespect to the
    international community. Few days have already gone by now.
    But the regime seems not worried at the prospect of any a
    punitive reaction from the UN. Because it pressed ahead and
    mobilized huge pro-regime militant groups of the
    notorious for ferocity JANJAWEEDs, who, immediately, stormed
    densely-populated villages ,killing innocent villagers east
    of JEBEL MERRA and displacing thousands of them , after
    burning their houses ,to implement the regime’s
    long-declared policy of ,either integrating the
    non-Arab ethnicities of Sudan into a mainstream
    Arabic-speaking /Muslim identity ,or otherwise
    annihilate and eradicate them once and forever ?? I ought to
    stress here that, even the Arab- tribes of Sudan do not
    share the regime’s designs of unknown significance which
    are only based on
    constant lying and contradictions. Of course there are
    racist elements within the invisible, yet powerful
    decision-taking organ of the regime , but their grip on
    power slackened considerably recently. Because political
    elites from all Sudanese parties are increasingly becoming
    aware that this fascist regime has no clear vision of the
    future ,identifiable uniform-identity or ,even, any
    political scheme of any kind .. other than holding-on to
    power only to gain access to a bottomless pool of
    public-money to lade from ,taking advantage of there being a
    totally pro-regime judiciary- system which is only good at
    providing room of avoidance for the key-figures of the
    tyranny ,whom the whole world know to be indicted
    criminals?? As such ,the legal route is not favored by
    the regime, moreover it has fundamentally no intention
    of accepting any democratic system of rule through fair and
    free elections ,As that might produce an over whelming
    non-Arab majority
    , which is a nightmarish scenario ,the ruling cabal prefer
    to die ,rather than see that come true and
    materialized . At present, the regime is on the verge
    of accepting any terms made by the international community,
    because it scraped the bottom of its barrel, to find that it
    has over-used every resource it had at its disposal..Except
    for groups of irregular militants, some of whom are now
    based in close proximity of the capital-city Khartoum and
    are put on maximum alert 24/7 ready to shed blood if need
    be, to protect the ailing regime, as they did in the
    September 2013 peaceful demonstrations in which more than
    200 civilians lost their lives, in spite of the physical
    presence and direct observation of the UN
    head-quarters????Nevertheless that massacre which occurred
    within eyeshot of the UN passed without punishment, because
    the UN, for unknown reason, did not show its muscles, which
    gave some credibility to the rumors of its being in -bed
    with the
    regime? Remarkably the regime’s
    nonchalance was best demonstrated in its recent step of
    threatening to expel the hybrid UN/AU peace-keeping mission
    in Darfur UNAMID..By asking them to set a time-framed
    schedule of pull-out, while as the same time deploying
    600-manned / armoured - vehicles allover Darfur to
    annihilate and finish off the innocent civilians of war-torn
    DARFUR? In a word …another horrific genocide is very much
    in the making NOW … But, likewise the passive silence of
    the UN is, still, very much in the air today. Which is
    pretty confusing …I wonder whether if the UN is living on
    the hope of the regime’s glorious collapse by some
    mysterious dispensation of providence??? Isn’t it time the
    UN realized that this regime will settle for nothing less
    than amnesty-first for its capital atrocities?? Which is a
    totally unacceptable stipulation by almost all Sudanese
    opposition factions ? ..Therefore why not take tougher
    measures to bring
    this shaky tyranny to book, instead of wasting time,
    efforts and money on fruitless talks trying to appease a
    perverted and totally not-under-command tyranny of
    unscrupulous maximalists, who better understand dire
    warnings held out to their faces NOT wake-up shouts
    that failed to echo for 25 years on end .

    Adaroub sedna onour

    مكتبة د.عبد الله علي ابراهيم

    SudanTribune aims to promote plural information, democratic and free debate on the two Sudans.

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01-31-2015, 04:27 AM
بكرى ابوبكر
<aبكرى ابوبكر
Registered: 02-04-2002
Total Posts: 18695

Re: Vis-à-vis …Sudan’s tyranny at loggerhead with the United Nations by Adaroub (Re: Adaroub Sedna Onour)

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Vis-à-vis …Sudan’s tyranny at loggerhead with the United Nations by Adaroub Sedna Onour
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