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Articles and ViewsTo the Fifa officials (In order not to be fooled) by Kamal El-Hidai
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To the Fifa officials (In order not to be fooled) by Kamal El-Hidai

05-01-2017, 02:46 PM
كمال الهدي
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To the Fifa officials (In order not to be fooled) by Kamal El-Hidai

    03:46 PM May, 01 2017

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    · In order not to be fooled, the Fifa men, we expect that the committee you have decided to send to Sudan, will not look into papers only, since we are among the least countries of the world, in terms of committing to transparency, in all fields, not only in the football area.

    · We are not naive to assume that whatever comes from your international body is correct, fair and transparent, especially that the corruption of your institution has been apparent during the past years.

    · But we, like others who are concerned with football all over the world, are pleased by the arrival of the new board, chaired by Mr. Infantino.

    · And what made us more happy was the news of the fall of one of the paper tigers in our beloved continent ( Issa Hayato).

    · So to assure us that your era is really new in everything, Mr. Infantino, we hope that your mission to Sudan – which we look forward to its arrival – will investigate in more than papers filled with flowery words, as it is easy for those in charge of football in our country to put on papers what please you most and attempt to make you believe that they abide by whatever you desire and set as rules and regulations.

    · The officials of the football association in our country are used to corruption and knew its paths very well.

    · They also reconciled with failure.

    · We hope that you will not be misled by the popularity of football in our country, as these millions who support their clubs and national teams in the Sudan - despite the repeated defeats - are completely ignored, when it comes to the management of whatever relates to football.

    · Even in the clubs, nobody listens to the supporters` voice.

    · The democracy and popularity of the sports movement are just slogans, which have never been observed in our country.

    · Such mottos are completely absent in running our sports intuitions.

    · Forget the Football Association and the complexities regarding its general assembly, and let us mention a simple example on the absence of real democracy in our popular clubs.

    · Al-Merrikh for example has been managed by appointed committees for a number of years and we can't even remember when was the last time a board was elected to run this great club.

    · And in Al-Hilal, the supporters have complained many times against the ongoing attempts to prevent them from obtaining their legitimate right of membership, to have a say in the upcoming general assembly.

    · Can you believe, Fifa men, that some of those close to the Chairman of Al-Hilal board frequently write in their opinion columns that there will be no elections in this club and that the current Chairman will manage the club for a decade or more!

    · Do you think they insist on writing so due to the popularity of the chairman!

    · Of course not, as the one who believes in the chances of a candidate must not stand against the elections process itself, isn`t it؟!

    · They say so because the Chairman of the biggest Sudanese club, when it comes to the democracy of the sports movement is a close friend of some of the influential men of the government and he endeavors to hinder elections in the club, until he is assured that he has the majority in his favor.

    · Thus, they keep making it difficult to the fans who desire to obtain the membership, in procrastination with some officials.

    · We also remind you that Al-Hilal board has raised the membership fees to SP 300, which is a high amount to an ordinary fan.

    · What have been mentioned hereinabove can't be done away from the officials of our Football Association؟

    · This shows that those who complained to you from the government interference are just telling lies, as they have accepted this government interference in many occasions previously.

    · And they (The officials of the Football Association) are members of a government parliament, which has no any relation with real and fair elections.

    · The chairman of the central training committee in our Football Association – who made us laugh when he spoke about some interference from the Security and Intelligence Apparatus in the Association`s elections – is a parliament member as well.

    · What we desire from your mission to the Sudan is to investigate whether the ethics of the sports activity is observed, or not, since this is having a priority to what is written in papers which will be prepared by the Association officials, to pretend that they abide by the Fifa requirements.

    · For example, the aforementioned chairman of the central training committee, who spoke about the absence of integrity, has forgotten that he remained as a coach of our national team for about two decades without realizing a remarkable achievement and despite the fact that the majority of the football fans reject him.

    · He also forgot that he has surrounded himself during those many years with a specific team of assistants though there are many qualified Sudanese coaches, who are ready to help.

    · If you judge by papers only, you will find that the coach I meant (Mazda) is highly qualified in terms of certificates.

    · But if certificates are enough, the Sudanese national team would have won the African nations cup more than once and reached the World cup finals many times.

    · As you know papers and certificates are not the only tools to achieve success in the football area.

    · Thus, we warn you against looking only into papers.

    · Your committee is expected to seriously attempt to solve the problems facing the Sudanese football, not only to come raising the mottos of the democracy and independence of football movement and at the same time it applies a type of dictatorship.

    · A simple referendum, will show you that the majority of football fans stand against the current group in charge of football in our country.

    · Read what have been written and listen to what have been said during the past years, and then judge yourselves.

    · You will get to know whether the current group practices and supports the democracy of the sports movement, or it only raises misleading mottos, to safeguard their own interests.

    · What you might not know, is that those who complain against government interference are corrupted.

    · This is exactly what they confirmed themselves and by actions, not only by words.

    · Have you heard that their treasurer (Mr. Osama Atta Al-Mannan has returned thousands of Euros to a commission combating corruption in Sudan؟

    · You may look into this matter to realize how football is managed in our country.

    · What is worst is that the current Chairman of our Football Association- who recently stated that they are wise enough to avoid referring their issues to courts- had already filed a case against this same treasure of his Association!

    · It is ridiculous, isn`t it Fifa men!!

    · Yes it is ridiculous to have a Football Association`s Chairman who thinks this way, as it is not disgraceful to refer issues to courts when necessity arises.

    · Such an attitude stresses that those who are in charge of football in our country are not liable and that some circumstances have helped them to occupy their current posts.

    · The paradox is that the aforesaid Chairman made these statements after filing a lawsuit against the Association`s treasurer and complaining to you about the government interference in the preparations to the general assembly.

    · We just remind you that the officials of our Football Association, who try to make you believe in the independence of their institution, has accepted the interference of the Wali of Northern Kordofan ( Ahmed Haroun), who formed a so called accord committee.

    · Remember that I said "they accepted the interference of a regional wali (governor), not a former footballer, or a sports arbitrator!

    · The aforementioned Wali has left behind some official tasks and the severe problems of his Wilayat and arrived in Khartoum to push the so-called accord, between the members of the current board of the football association and the new candidates, though he has nothing to do with football.

    · He did so only because a strong relation binds him to the treasurer Mr. Osama.

    · Doesn`t this illustrate how they are keen to safeguard their own interests؟!

    · The other ridiculous thing is that the Association's officials have accepted the post of Vice-Chairman for their current Chairman in the coming board, in case the new candidates agree to the Wali`s accord initiative!

    · Anyone of you, Fifa men might say "Oh my God"! And you have a right to say so.

    · But when the new candidates refused the initiative and insisted on running the elections, the members of the current board referred to you as a last resort.

    · And as they had always done, we observed that they used the cover phrases which you like most such as "The democracy and independence of the sports movement."

    · This was not the first time they do or say so.

    · Whenever there was a conflict and they felt the risk of losing their current posts, they used to threaten us with the Fifa.

    · But in many cases when the authorities in our country, especially the presidential palace officials interfered and called the conflicting parties to their offices, the Chairman of the Football Association (Dr. Mu`tasim) was always the first to arrive there, to ensure a cordial settlement which allows them to go on with their corruption, floundering and unplanned work, which have really harmed our football.

    · Why only now they accessed you to mention the government interference, which they accepted in several other occasions!

    · This happens because they want to maintain their posts by hook, or by crook.

    · But we presume that you are not naïve to believe they are doing so because they are keen to develop the Sudanese football.

    · We know that you have your own ways and tools to investigate and realize what is going on in our country, when you are keen to do so.

    · These officials, who tell you about the government interference, have never done something in the interest of our football.

    · Do you believe the chaos in organizing the local competition reached a degree that three teams come to play a football match!

    · I literally mean that three teams come at a time for a match.. Does something like this happen in the competitions organized by the Fifa body؟!

    · Do believe that the treasurer of the Association keeps the official stamps at his own home!

    · Yes, this is happening in our country and the officials of our popular football clubs used to visit him in his house late in the night to stamp and sign them what they call in the Association "A letter of intention", with some foreign professional footballers.

    · You can see the photos of this secretary, in his sleep costumes sitting with some club officials and new players in his saloon, as these pictures were published in our local dailies.

    · Do you accept such a behavior and act, in the Fifa؟!

    · Many confusing questions reflect the tragic situation of our football in this era.

    · We only request that your committee come to Sudan with full neutrality and real desire to uncover the hidden.

    · Its members will find a lot to read and hear, but they need to be cautious not pay much attention to some unbelievable articles published in some opinion columns, because our sports press is not always far from the game of interests.

    · You will find some colleagues who are bold and frank enough to disclose the saddening truths without fear.

    · But you will always find some who only think of their own interests and their friends in the Football Association.

    · The laymen in our country can tell you a lot about the corruption of the current football officials.

    · We are fed up with the corruption and the chaos regarding our football, Fifa men.

    · The officials of our Football Association come up with things no one can believe, or accept.

    · Their treasurer Mr. Osama runs a travel agency, which is the sole agency selling air tickets to any football missions departing Sudan.

    · We know this is against the rules of integrity adopted by the Fifa.

    · They may say he has the right to invest like others, but a big question arises here: why don`t they offer other bidders the opportunity to sell such air tickets to our sports missions؟

    · We are not going to deceive you and say the list of the Renaissance and Reform ( the new candidates) is ideal and that its men are completely independent, as it is very difficult in Sudan currently for an independent person to find his way to some posts.

    · The candidate for the board chairman (Lt. General Abdul Rahman Sir Al-Khatim was a government official and the other members are not far from the government as well.

    · But remember that the current group managing our football association couldn`t have won the elections against Dr. Kamal Shaddad without a support from the government and its pro –media men.

    · This is the real situation in the Sudan, so tell us what you are going to do, Fifa officials!!

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 01 مايو 2017

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