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Articles and ViewsThe little-noticed bias in Sudan’s judiciary system؟ by Adaroub sedna onour
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The little-noticed bias in Sudan’s judiciary system؟ by Adaroub sedna onour

05-16-2017, 10:05 PM
Adaroub Sedna Onour
<aAdaroub Sedna Onour
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The little-noticed bias in Sudan’s judiciary system؟ by Adaroub sedna onour

    11:05 PM May, 17 2017

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    On the surface , Sudan seems a united and law-observing country , where law applies on all its people , but in reality facts ,if uncovered honestly would suggest otherwise and discomfort the powerful and influential ,pro-regime figures, implicated in the ill and biased enforcement of the law. Take the journalists loyal to the regime, who know of so much irregularities and cases of violations, in which influential ministers bend the law and refuse to abide by its rulings, yet, these pro-regime journalists do their utmost to fritter away the public’s attention from these scandalous violations, in which those unscrupulous officials are ,either ,directly or indirectly implicated . Even capital crimes that could make front-page news elsewhere in the world, are simply underreported .but, thanks are due to the social media sites, which flourish with gossips, political satire, detailed anddocumented thefts, bribe-taking and crimes. In fact, there are no independent daily papers in Sudan today, with the exception of the two daily papers (altayar andaljareeda) which too, refrain from openly criticizing the regime, to avoid being confiscated after printing ,and thus suffer heavy loses being purposefully inflicted on them ,that could eventually force them to discontinue and slam shut their doors . Therefore, almost all the daily papers in Sudan today, tend to shy away when reporting on the regime, because they are fully aware of their vulnerability , because the judiciary system in place is neither fair nor independent, but totally pro-regime. (The head of the regime is the one hiring andfiring its members؟)which is best demonstrated in the indictment of the head of the regime together with three other high-ranking officials by the ICC for genocide and crimes against humanity but, by contrast, against whom the Sudanese judiciary system did not bring such allegations at all, To say nothing of the countless crimes, which are routinely being committed by the day, allover the country by almost all the state-backed partisans of the regime, who fear not being brought to book. So, journalists in Sudan can hardly avoid categorization, and state –accredited daily papers are exclusively , fed with tidbits by ministers and top bureaucrats, and their editors-in-chief are allowed to accompany top- officials extensively travelling abroad, as bribing , to ensure they continue to hew to the government line. Whereas, the two aforementioned daily papers are only allowed to attend the dull and formal press conferences, where lip-deep statements are made. Because, it is prohibited by law, to touch any issue or make comments on matters of particular sensitivity, such like the Darfur genocide, war crimes, the apparent social inequality and lawlessness. Those who fail to develop a high sense of self-censorship are duly punished, as happened to my friend, osman merghany, the editor-in- chief of the altayar daily, who missed death by miracle, after being badly beaten by masked and armed men , who daringly raided his office, not in remote Darfur ,but in the heart of the capital city, Khartoum .؟ Luckily, he survived after undergoing multiple surgeries in Sudan and abroad. Of course, the offenders are still at large, because they are (unknown؟) and the case simply shelved؟ Which gave the ordinary people of Sudan the impression that the law in their country goes easy on the state-backed and influential elements, but is strictly applied on the poor and unprotected people؟ Let me, now; amuse you with this fearful example of lawlessness in Sudan. A year or so ago, the pampered son of an influential pro-regime woman (still serving as the state minister of justice ,) was arrested red-handed ,for abusing and selling drugs؟ Upon learning that ,his loving mother ,blinded by shock and disbelief , rushed into the police station in a latest-model car ,driving at top speed, and ,simply, freed her dear son and drove him home؟؟؟Such being the situation, can the lawless regime convince the people of Sudan that the law in their country is being enforced without favor؟ When, every single individual living in Sudan have had heard of the abusive use of power, not by a junior official, but by the state minster of justice who, oddly enough, is stilling in her post؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
    Adaroub sedna onour .

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 16 مايو 2017

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