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Articles and ViewsThe forgotten Refugees …………By Sayed Baau
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The forgotten Refugees …………By Sayed Baau

02-18-2017, 04:58 AM
Sayed Tia Baau
<aSayed Tia Baau
Registered: 06-16-2016
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The forgotten Refugees …………By Sayed Baau

    03:58 AM February, 18 2017

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    I mean by the forgotten refugees, the one who live as present in Yemen. As all know Yemen is one of the countries which host refugees since a long years ago. Although Yemen is a poor country but still the country keeps receiving refugees and migrants. All refugees who live in Yemen are classified as urban refugees who have to work so as cover their basic needs. But nodays ,its difficult to them to find a job due to current war.To understand the plight of those refugees,let me present what international organizations wrote about the humanitarian situation in Yemen:
    (Yemen currently has the greatest level of humanitarian needs in the world. After an armed conflict erupted in March, over 20 million people--80 percent of the population—is in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

    The conflict has resulted in over 2000 deaths and one million people displaced. Yemenis are struggling to survive as fuel, food and medical supplies are critically low due to the closure of land, sea and air routes. Just 14% of national fuel requirements have arrived in country since the end of March putting 10 million people at risk of losing access to water. Over 12 million people are going hungry as wheat and other staples are in increasingly short supply. More than 15 million are without access to health care as hospitals shut down due to lack of medical supplies and power cuts. (care))


    (The humanitarian situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate almost one and a half years after the escalation of conflict in March 2015.The escalation amplified an already existing protracted crisis, which was characterised by widespread poverty, conflict, poor governance and weak rule of law, including widely reported human rights violations.

    At the begging of 2016, an estimated 14.4 million Yemenis were unable to meet their food needs (of whom 7.6 million were severely food insecure), 19.4 million lacked clean water and sanitation (of whom 9.8 million lost access to water due to conflict), 14.1 million did not have adequate healthcare, and at least two million had fled their homes within Yemen or to neighbouring countries. Many of the displaced continue to live with host families, placing additional strain on scarce resources, or renting shelter, which becomes challenging as rental prices increase, displacement becomes protracted, and savings depleted.

    The conduct of the conflict has been brutal on civilians with all parties failing to take adequate steps to protect civilians or fulfil their obligations under international humanitarian law. Air strikes hit marketplaces and residential areas and indiscriminate shelling was reported in several densely populated areas. By June2016, health facilities reported nearly 6,500 people killed and more than 31,400 injured since mid-March 2015 – an average of 113 casualties per day. Over the same period, more than 848 children were forcibly recruited as child soldiers. More than 600 health facilities and 1,600 schools remained closed due to conflict-related damages.

    The ongoing conflict has significantly affected Yemen’s economy. According to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the GDP contracted nearly 35 per cent in 2015. The Government was only able to pay some salaries, with no resources available for supplies or maintenance of infrastructure. This has severely jeopardised the ability of public institutions to deliver basic services. Restrictions on imports of key commodities such as food, medicines, and fuel have worsenedhumanitarian needs as Yemen is dependent on imports, including for more than 90 per cent of staple foods, 90 per cent of medicines and pharmaceutical products, and nearly all its fuel. Fuel imports are essential to power water pumps, run generators in hospitals and water stations, and for other critical civilian infrastructure.

    Humanitarian partners are targeting some 13.6 million people for life-saving humanitarian assistance across Yemen in 2016, with the most critical needs being health, food and nutrition, and protection of civilians. Despite access and security challenges, nearly 100 international humanitarian partners are present and, alongside national partners, attending to needs in all 22 governorates. From January to April 2016, 3.5 million people were reached with health assistance, 250,000 people with nutrition support; over 270,000 with shelter and non-food items; more than 360,000 with education support, over 100,000 migrants and refugees were assisted, and an average of 4.5 million people received regular emergency food assistance per month.

    In 2016, humanitarian partners have appealed for US$1.8 billion, but by end of June, only 25 per cent of funding had been received.)


    on Population Movement (TFPM),1 3,154,572 individuals have been displaced since March 2015, of which 949,470 have returned and their humanitarian needs remain high. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNOHCHR) released a new report on the Situation of human rights in Yemen highlighting a number of serious allegations of violations committed by all sides to the conflict, and their impact on civilian lives, health and infrastructure.

    Humanitarian access and operations were highly affected during August. Due to closure of the airspace, the Sana’a International Airport was closed on 8 August causing delays for the delivery of humanitarian supply and deployment of staff. Humanitarian flights resumed on 16 August but the airport remained closed for commercial flights, affecting an estimate of 7,600 passengers. Bridges and roads, particularly those leading into the capital, have been cut-off causing temporary disruptions in transportation. Following the attack that hit an MSF-supported hospital, and due to lack of safety assurances, the INGO announced its decision to evacuate its staff from hospitals in Sa’ada and Hajjah governorates.)

    Despite the seriousness of the situation, Yemen is not getting enough international attention and the required financial support.
    With only 26 per cent of Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) requirements funded as of mid-August, the Yemen Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) agreed to review its 2016 HRP by reducing its funding requirements to US$1.6 billion to reach 12.6 million people with life-saving and protection services, focusing on the most urgent programmes)..So this is the theatre in which refugees live.The host country is a war state ,yet no one bring this fact into media.The country is forgotten and the hosted refugees are forgotten too.International community, UN Securty council, the Five permanent states have to act not to deplore,not to express worries but they have to take action.

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 17 فبراير 2017

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