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Articles and ViewsThe Naive Ant and the Two Vicious Elephants By Faisal Elsayed Ali

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The Naive Ant and the Two Vicious Elephants By Faisal Elsayed Ali

07-15-2017, 01:47 AM
Faisal Elsayed Ali
<aFaisal Elsayed Ali
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The Naive Ant and the Two Vicious Elephants By Faisal Elsayed Ali

    00:47 AM July, 15 2017

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    I am a Sudanese immature and underdeveloped ant that decided to challenge two foreign malevolent and vindictive elephants. The two gigantic creatures drew a plan of action to destroy my credulous and defenseless kinfolks, divide our homeland and arrest our leaders. I was offended, disconcerted and disturbed about their evil intentions. I decided to resist their nasty endeavors and shriek load enough to alert my whole tribe and attract the attention of some fair elephants to rescue us. I soon discovered that what I regarded, as fair elephants seemed to suffer from hearing deficiencies and the volume of an ant’s screams was too stumpy to attract their attention.

    I then started to receive innumerable contacts from other Arab and African ants. Many Arabs thought I was insane and foolishly sticking my neck way out for the arrogant elephants to lacerate. An old African philosopher advised me not to count too much on the support of other elephants. That was simply because they all came from the same tribe and birds of the same feathers always fly together. I was not convinced with those negative reactions and discouraging responses and decided to continue with my struggle. I knew I was absolutely on the right track and had all the rights in the world to defend my homeland. I very soon witnessed internal and external vibrations allover my domain and escalating attempts of chocking my throat to silence my cry for help.

    That definitely traumatized me. The powers of those strong elephants compelled me to secure my back firmly against the wall each time I wanted to take a step en route for my aspirations. I was very keen not to give up without creating a strong turbulences and mêlée. I did my best to keep that position yet I felt that those strong powers were forcing their way to, systematically, dismantle my instruments for the struggle gradually. I waited in vain for help from fair elephants that respect the international call from any creatures of our world to live peacefully in their homelands without intrusions or invasions by others. So why no one wanted to stand by my side and support my legitimate contest toward safeguarding my tribe of feeble ants that were not capable of resisting elephants’ imposed belligerences؟ Why did the whole world turn its back to the cry for help that came from victimized little creatures؟ Well, that was how things tragically went and a dismal fate confronted the advancement of my struggle. My feet were soon shaking and became weaker and weaker every day. My big heart was pushing me to reach the final terminus of my stand-up fight with no regards for the consequences. That was an awkward request from an unfair heart for an ant to continue fighting two elephants single-handed.

    I finally decided to withdraw from my battle. That decision rubbed the wrong way of my feelings. In fact, it still does up to this moment. The two ugly elephants and all the Super Powers of our world won and a little naïve ant lost, who would possibly notice such a tragedy؟ Who would have the slightest remorse for the thousands of innocent ants that those elephants have lead to their necropolises and the millions that lost their place of origin؟ The answer is a big NO ONE. I, consequently, decided to dig a deeper hole and live safely under the ground for the rest of my life. However, I feel now that it is my duty to name those two immoral elephants and congratulate them openly worldwide for their shameful victory.

    Accordingly, I am hereby congratulating Mr. Obama, the former President of the USA together with the former Secretary-General of the UN for the big cataclysm that they produced in Sudan in large and the incessant bloodshed in South Sudan in particular. Shame on them is not the apt terminology or phrase that would ease my deep grief, yet it could be a signal for the International Community to wakeup and liberate itself from any dominant powers that violate the rights of small nations. If the presidents of all nations want their people to respect them, they should demonstrate to them their true leaderships among other nations. They should show them how they could always stand against acts of injustice that weaker nations suffer from. Those represent the distinguished leaders who are capable of creating and ruling great nations that we, in the underdeveloped countries, would love to be grateful to and salute. I, once again, state that you Mr. President and the Secretary-General won your fight against the naive ant but you completely failed to transform South Sudan to a new and independent country that enjoys an ordinary and peaceful life.

    I unfortunately spent the past five or six years licking my wounds and thinking if the world would ever grow up and I live to see little ants like me taking their abusers to international courts of justice. That is undoubtedly an idiotic dream that I will one day take with me to my grave. Why then am I surfacing out of my deep hole now؟ This is simply because I am starting to realize that the current President of the United States of America and the Secretary-General of the United Nations are wise and reasonable leaders. The problems of my country are too simple to be au fait with and tackle if they are willing to listen to simple and concerned people. I am honestly referring to Sudanese people who have no personal motives whatsoever and continuously aspire for putting Sudan on the right track to a safe and prosperous future. There are many of those respectable Sudanese who do not know how to communicate with the outside world and ask them to help our country to standup again confidently. Anyway, I hope that my humble appeal finds its way to the ears of the new President of the USA and the new Secretary-General of the UN via one way or another.

    I, nevertheless, noticed that history is repeating itself and President Donald J. Trump and the Government of Sudan are both committing the same previous mistakes in trying to solve the dilemma of Sudan. President Trump has delayed lifting the sanctions on Sudan for another three months to achieve his current ultimate target of fixing, inter alia, the boiling situations in southern Sudan, Darfur and other related issues. On the other hand, the Government of Sudan’s ultimate goal is to see to it that President Trump lifts the sanctions! Unfortunately, each of the two parties is looking at the negotiations with a narrow and blurred vision and adopting a shallow plan of action for achieving its goal. Politics is a very dirty game that politicians play mostly without any ethics, moral principles or codes.

    I advise both sides to realize the fact that one party can conclude an agreement today and can easily reverse or revoke it on the following days. President Trump can lift the sanctions after three months but nothing would stop him from imposing them again or even adding more in a short period thereafter. On the other hand, the Government of Sudan can fulfill all the demands that President Trump launches and when he lifts the sanctions, the Government can instigate the same problems again or add more. Once that happens, Tom and Jerry’s chaise will start repeatedly while more and more people are dying in southern Sudan or Darfur every day. Accordingly, for both sides to achieve their goals, they should change their current shallow ideologies and political tactics and go for a unified plan of action for regaining the trust and confidence on each other.

    Kindly mark my following statement that points out to only one channel for a total remedy of both parts of Sudan’s dilemmas. Unless all parties in southern and northern Sudan and the USA take very positive steps en route for improving their relationships, they are all just wasting their time in implementing malfunctioning attempts repeatedly. I say it with absolutely no reservations that regaining confidence and trust among the three parties is not as difficult as it looks.

    In conclusion, I am sending with this message few samples of my articles that I wrote quickly because of the swift motion of events at that time. Sudan Vision newspaper published them and many others that represented part of my instruments for the fierce struggle against the two vicious elephants. They are all entitled “I beg your pardon President Obama). You will easily notice the enormous threats and political tricks that I have thrown at President Obama and the UN’s Secretary-General to force them to drop their conspiracy. Unfortunately, I failed to achieve my objectives and they failed to achieve their fishy goals.

    Readers are welcome to establish contacts with me through my e-mail address: [email protected], WhatsApp No.: +249 11 3489558 or mobile No.: +249 91 3336080. (Currently freelancer)


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The Naive Ant and the Two Vicious Elephants By Faisal Elsayed Ali
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