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09-29-2015, 07:18 AM
Adaroub Sedna Onour
<aAdaroub Sedna Onour
Registered: 01-13-2014
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    06:18 AM Sep, 29 2015
    Sudanese Online
    Adaroub Sedna Onour-
    My Library at SudaneseOnline

    the fascist regime ruling Sudan today is faced with a great deal of uncertainty , that the war- ravaged bankrupt country is seldom in the headlines for good news,so it tends to cope with that uncertainty by off-the-cuff, non-programmed and momentary decisions which require presidential backing and consent to take effect ,as there are no other institutions of note in the pluralist tyranny .The mired regime seeks survival in the midst of that uncertainty by relying on a SHADOW powerful command-organ known by the name of the PRESIDENCY, which has the ultimate authority to approve and disapprove ALL the -day-to-day decisions, that many well-informed observers contend that the regime has no identifiable overall objectives and is ,thus, by no means a goal-directed political system but only goes with the flow and lets itself be carried away by the on-set of political events and developments influenced and initiated by others . The supreme power lies in the hands of the so-called PRESIDENCY which is made up of the president and a bunch of unknown people who shy away from media glare ,but have the power to hire and fire ANY ONE ,from ministers and state-governors to expatriate staff working for INGOs ,AU,UN or any other regional and international agencies headquartered in Sudan؟ Experience has been that anyone who objects to decisions issued by the PRESIDENCY is certain to be stripped of his rank and may even be gotten rid of forever,( in a car -accident or a plane- crash.؟) The PRESIDENCY has two reliable allies namely ,The irregular tribal militant groups(formerly known by the name of JANJAWEED who devastated DARFUR؟)and the SECURITY which is given free hand to dictate the rules and directives of the PRESIDENCY on the ground in total impunity . Interestingly the lies and contradictions of the PRESIDENCY and SECURITY exceeded all limits, when a pro-regime prominent parliamentarian(general. el tuhami) blamed the indiscriminate killing of the innocent 200 civilian martyrs of the September 2013 demonstrations on (unidentified armed men mounted on land cruiser pick-ups without number-plates..how disgusting ؟؟؟)the bankrupt régime, which is in dire need for money at present, is running after any prospectus investor, so as to chart a course of generating money and economic buoyancy for its bankrupt state ,But unfortunately with no luck so far ,because the few who were lured earlier pulled their support and money and fled the corruption-infested country. worse yet, the regime's vivid attempts to write-off its back-breaking debts came to nothing, simply because foreign investors have no relish to stretch a helping hand to one of the most corrupt countries in the whole world which allocates 70% of its revenues to buy weapons that will be used against its own civilian populations .؟ today the theoreticians of the troubled tyranny adamantly refuse to face up to the responsibility of their horrific crimes throughout the past 26 years, during which they enjoyed undivided absolute power , And are trying, naively , to confuse others by pretending to be opposing the very regime they were its pillars and chief backers for a whole quarter of a century؟؟؟؟At any rate, it still remains doubtful what course events would take ,because the regime which is ,understandably ,mindful of its isolation and the nightmarish scenarios a head, is doing everything in its power to gain the big tribes on its side to protect itself, while the opposition factions which today enjoy an unprecedented regional and international support are pulling in the direction of maintaining the prevailing sanctions on the regime and ,desirably, add up new tougher ones such like :safe corridors and no-fly zones ,to deprive the regime of its upper hand and superiority in using its air force in the battle fields؟ On the whole ,the fuss made about the venue of dialogue between the regime and its opponents is a dead issue , therefore all Sudanese rivals need to realize that they are neither masters of their fate nor that of their country anymore .And here I beg to adduce a little proof , just take a quick glance at the political scene and you shall see that there is a cut-and-dried solution in -store for the country, Therefore the regime ,for its own good, SHOULD develop some degree of altruism, patriotism and forward-thinking, AND know that it is not in a position to make terms but to accept them, so long as they were for the good of the entire people of Sudan, not the ruling cabal ..BECAUSE the margin for maneuvering is diminishing rapidly, plus the regional and international partners got weary of the lies and delay tactics of the regime ,And that I expect will soon result in unsatisfactory solutions being imposed on the ruling cabal and their foes alike ...I wonder why the regime refuses to seize this golden opportunity offered on a silver tray .؟ why refuse to be part of an inevitable and unstoppable change knocking on your own door؟ BUT, having said all that , I won't be surprised if the-out-of-touch tyrant and his notorious PRESIDENCY slipped this opportunity too, saying that it was designed in Zionist and imperialist circles and that it is not directed against them or their rotten regime ,BUT against Islam ,the Arabs , the identity of OUR nation ,OUR heritage , culture and values.؟ Forgetting that our being a NATION ,Arabs or THE national identity ARE, in fact, the BONE OF CONTENTION in multitudinous Sudan which accommodates ethnic groups of diverse racial origins who speak hundreds of different languages and embrace diverse religions and beliefs؟

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  • على السقيد ,عمر احساس,يوسف الموصلى و محمد ادروب فى مهرجان الموسيقى بشيكاغو 09-28-15, 07:12 PM, SudaneseOnline Images
  • صورة للفنان يوسف الموصلى مع دكتور متوكل محمود فى مهرجان الموسيقى السودانى الذى اقيم بشيكاغو 09-28-15, 07:04 PM, صور سودانيزاونلاين
  • يوسف كوة مكيYousif Kuwa Mekki -Sudanese revolutionary 09-28-15, 03:33 PM, صور سودانيزاونلاين
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  • وزير الخارجية السودانى ابراهيم غندور يبكى 09-28-15, 03:26 PM, صور سودانيزاونلاين
  • صورة تجمع بين الفنانة المصرية ام كلثوم و الفنان محمد وردى 09-28-15, 03:22 PM, SudaneseOnline Images
  • Comics by Sudanese artist Omar Dafalla about the martyrs of the uprising in September 2013 09-28-15, 03:17 PM, صور سودانيزاونلاين

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