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Articles and ViewsSudan's tyran rules out any settlement with his political adversaries
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Sudan's tyran rules out any settlement with his political adversaries

03-11-2014, 04:12 PM
Adaroub Sedna Onour
<aAdaroub Sedna Onour
Registered: 01-13-2014
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Sudan's tyran rules out any settlement with his political adversaries

    Without any shadow of doubt it has now become crystal clear that no grim realities-no matter how horrifying-could catch the attention or interest of sudan,s politically and economically isolated tyranny ,so long as general beshir and those operating under his purview remained unaffected by their direct and devastating consequences and stayed safe in the rear battalions away from the fire-lines of the senseless civil wars which flames the regime is still faning. This was elaborately reiterated by general beshir himself in a televised speech delivered on the closing cermony of a tourism promotion festival held in the coastal sea-port town of port sudan, in eastrern sudan on the 6th of this march 2014, when he explicitly ruled out any compromise or concession which could pave the way for a middle ground with his numerous opponents. The dismaying presidential statement was a huge blow dealt to all those who had pinned hopes on his earlier initiative code-named THE LEAP? In which he played a page-turner streching his hand to all Sudanese political parties -including the armed factions- calling on them to lay ######### together and engage in an uncoditional dialouge aimed at pulling the country back from the brink of total chaos and fragmentation???? Of course it is still premature to accurately asses the impact that miserable speech could have on the Sudanese plitical scene, but the senseless speech confirmed-once again -that the unpopular regime lacked the sense of immediacy and urgency it is in dire need for NOW to save its own party? Furthermore, the tyranny seems not to be sufficiently aware that its tarnished tactic of sending mixed messages to confuse others and buy time is over-used and could backfire deepening the regime,s own crises .Therefore the first thing it needs to realise is that solving the country,s crises and its removal from power are-unfortunately- inseparable companions .Hence it should urgently stop looking in one direction{the vivid search for below counter deal to escape unpunished from its horrendous crimes }because there is little appetite for droping those unprecedented crimes locally and internationally. Moreover the internationally-accredited oposition groups and the seemingly neutral regional players won,t accept home-made deals dictated unilaterally by the outlaw tyranny which many of its key figures stand accused of horrific crimes ,and yet they still insist to stand by their disastrous decisions which shattered sudan?? The tyranny-then-should wake up from its self-deceiving dream of assuming an unrealistic, self-proclaimed status of being a regional player…, after it recovered from its long mental illness of groundlessly considering itself an emerging super power -capable of defeating the infidel west, international imperialism, israel, russia and america all put together, but ended up split up into two antagonist states conspiring against one another {israel called off that bluff four times on strech without making much fuss of it????????} logically the senselessly defiant presidential speech sparked anger and thus frustration mounted amongst all Sudanese political entities…because the regime left them no alternative option. They were harshly reminded –for the hundredth time- that this regime has never honored any of the countless promises,treaties and agreements it had signed ever since it seized power in 1989 and haven't the slightest inclination to do so now and/or in the future..Which couldn’t have been put more bluntly than it was outlined in the afore-mentioned catastrophic speech? Actually all those who locked arms with this fascist regime were unethically pushing self-enriching agendas only?? Thanks, though, to the LEAP INITIATIVE despite its lack of agenda, time-framed deadlines or implementation mechanisms, the first poisonous fruit of which was Darfur ,s crisis leaping back in square 1 again. And only god knows how many leaps are in store for the bewildered regime or where and when? The trouble is that our out of touch tyranny is unaware that life in Sudan under its rule has become a back-breaking daily struggle to earn bread. Remarkably the cornered regime is now gaping waiting for outsiders to bail it out of its self-inflicted crises because it is evidently neither willing nor able to relinquish power which would mean sending all its key figures to courts, a pretty complex issue seldom referred to, because the numerous victims of the regime were denied neither compensation nor justice as yet? worse yet the tyranny,s amateur diplomats are still playing the dangerous game of brokering iran,s expansionist strategy in the region and insist to act as a thorn in the back of the Sunni Muslim world in total disregard of the silent, yet blunt saudi warnings which began to take tougher forms. Hence the regime should pay serious concern to that instead of its imaginary don quixotic battles with the fragmented civil opposition or its equally helpless people …and spare its howls for when there will something to howl about soon.

    Adaroub sedna onour

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Sudan's tyran rules out any settlement with his political adversaries
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