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Articles and ViewsSeptember 23 Uprising remains a Milestone in the History of the Sudanese Peoples struggle
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September 23 Uprising remains a Milestone in the History of the Sudanese Peoples struggle

09-25-2014, 09:48 PM
Mahmoud A. Suleiman
<aMahmoud A. Suleiman
Registered: 01-13-2014
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September 23 Uprising remains a Milestone in the History of the Sudanese Peoples struggle

    By Mahmoud A. Suleiman
    This article comes against the backdrop of the First Anniversary of the September 23, 2013 Sudanese Popular Uprising. Moreover, on this saddening Day our National Duty imposes an onus upon us to salute the memory and read Sura Al-Fatîha from the Holy Qur'an for Al-Mighty Allah to bless the souls of the martyrs of the unique national occasion. On the other hand, the occasion comes coincided with and in synchrony with the alleged national dialogue – Wathba - for deception and fraud.
    The reported statement of the Deputy Speaker, Ms. Samiya Ahmed Mohammed , of the (NCP) regime's National Assembly - Parliament - in Khartoum as saying that the events of September 2013 would not be allowed to be repeated! Observers indicated that the statement holds within it a hidden agenda and evil intentions. In that, the regime made ready the notorious device, the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) to suppress any attempt to demonstrate. In fact, that statement came following the arrests of large numbers (46) of activists on the same day.
    On this day of September 23 we pay tributes to the souls of the martyrs and salute the Sudanese citizens, men and women who were wounded by the (NCP) machine of suppression and oppression led by the tyrant fugitive from the international justice, the genocidal criminal, Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir and his corrupt clique. Unrepentantly those hypocrites trade on the Islamic religion in spite of being away from the teachings of True Islam. On this Day 23 September, we stand solemnly in Commemoration of the popular uprising in September23, 2013 that coincides with the Tuesday, September 23, 2014 when the shedding of blood of the martyrs at the hands of the repressive machine of the National Congress Party regime occurred one year ago. The racist totalitarian regime of the National Congress Party is inept and ineligible to manage any serious dialogue, even within its own membership let alone with the political opposition, both armed and peaceful. The clearest evidence of this is the continuing repression of freedoms, confiscation of newspaper articles and detention of dissidents.
    Politicians and activists who stood on the day of remembrance of the martyrs of the bloody uprising of September reiterate the fact that the main purpose of the so-called 'Wathba' dialogue is for the distraction of the components of the political opposition as well as the purchase of time and cheap traitors of the Sudanese people. And as well as the fact that the call for dialogue by the (NCP) regime is intended only for political maneuvering open goal and purpose is limited to gain more time.
    The purpose of the alleged Dialogue is to help the regime to take a breath for lifting the political and economic crises and to be able to recruit more dealer-wheelers and hirelings while preparing them in its ranks until it reaches the stage of so-called April 2015 general elections to compete with self-solo!
    The Sudanese public pays tribute on 23 September the gallantry and the courage and valour of every Sudanese man or woman who had sacrificed in the line of duty to liberate the country from the claws and shackles of the fraudulent genocidal criminal (NCP) entity on that day. September 23, 2013 was a milestone to join the history of the struggle of the people of Sudan as a whole against tyranny. The protests and strife began from the far region of Darfur in the Western part of the remained area of the former one million square miles Sudan. It spread like wildfire to Wad Medani in the Central region between the two Rivers, Blue -White Niles to move relentlessly to the North and East and the Neo-South and leaping into the three towns City of Greater Khartoum. Here, in Khartoum, the premeditated massacre of 200 souls martyred and hundreds seriously wounded through the policy of 'Shoot -to-Kill- sanctioned by the then First Vice President of the (NCP).
    Those martyrs that day as if they were saying that death is the pride of immortality whereas life in subservience and humiliation of dignity without a doubt is the disgraceful death. Thus, the martyrdom began in Nyala, then the Wad Medani martyrdom beside the sacrifices in other locations of the homeland. The spark for the uprising was the (NCP) government's decision to lift the subsidies on fuel and basic commodities. However, honesty requires acknowledging that the lie of the Foreign Minister Ali Karti on the Day of the Uprising was not unique from that of the other gang members, or an exception. The initiator of the infamous torture Ghost Houses, Nafie Ali Nafie, former deputy head of the bloodthirsty (NCP), preceded him.
    There is a common believe that talking about the atrocities perpetuated by the government of Omar al-Bashir would reduce the anger and sense of revenge and the ability of the people to overthrow the National Congress of regime. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be referred to for the sake of attracting condemnation and denunciation of the international community to act and the good people of the world to offer support by putting pressure on their governing bodies.
    The systematic repression and killings of children, women and the elderly among the population of IDP camps in Darfur is clear evidence for lack of will for dialogue on the part of the NCP regime. Added to this comes the blatantly contradictory statements issued by members of the influential National Congress Party in order to confuse and disrupt the opposition about the dialogue as to whether it still exists or where it will be negotiated, inside or outside Sudan. Furthermore, those who still believe that the regime of the NCP is serious about the alleged national dialogue is to be in a dream or live in the cloud Cuckoo land or living with Alice in wonderland, as the saying goes.

    The foregoing summarized what the agents of Omar al-Bashir demanding from the international community to implement two things of importance to the regime. They are lifting economic sanctions on Sudan, and cancellation of the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Omar al-Bashir! In nutshell, the conditions of the ruling NCP regime of lifting the laws that prohibit freedom of expression and assembly and the release of detainees and political prisoners and the lifting of the state of public emergency imposed on the regions affected by war for more than a decade depend on the response of the International Community . Accordingly, the regime will continue to insist on ruling alone to protect its personnel and especially those whom the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued the charges of indictment and produced warrants of their arrest and at the top of that list are the President of the regime Omer al-Bashir and the Defense Minister, Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein and others. Thus, the issue of the people of Sudan remains a puzzle or a maze without a solution in the near horizon. Nevertheless, through the determination of the serious opposition using the only language understands by this brand of evil, the regime of the National Congress Party; armed force accompanying the popular uprising. Otherwise, the people of Sudan will continue languishing in open-ended doom and gloom in the clutches of the rule of the unjust regime until be judged by God's will and Allah is the Best of all judges.
    The (NCP) regime has been betting on the April 2015, General Elections as a way to save itself from all the factors that threaten its survival in power and importantly the protection from the guillotine of the International Criminal Court (ICC). In fact, the elections will not save it from the inevitable fate as confirms the regime's hardline staunch supporter and ally, leader of the so-called Just Peace Forum (JPF) El-Tayeb Mustafa.
    Soft resistance advocated by certain individuals within the opposition parties will not result in a change sought by the people of Sudan as an alternative to the oppressive regime of the National Congress Party, without the resort to who faces the opposition with overwhelming violence using armed force.
    The National Congress Party regime feels it's back is safe now that protected by the notorious former Janjaweed militia; the so-called Rapid Support Force (RSF) in Khartoum and roundabout from any invasion comes from the armed opposition forces, namely the frightening archenemy, Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF). Thus, the NCP regime considered itself safe from the attack by a prospective enemy whatever forceful it might be to sleep soundly with reassuring heart, as they say! Moreover, nothing worries al-Bashir and a time becomes devoted for delving into corruption and eating people’s money he has siphoned 'stashed $9bn in UK banks' –according to WikiLeaks cables-in the Vanity Fair, fears nothing but the wolf from preying on his herd of sheep! For those who believe that the NCP regime which, has all the worldly mechanisms for survival in the form of military might, Sudanese people’s treasury, state media outlets and the support of some members of the international community the possibility of being ousted through Soft power only is pure fantasy, if it were not kind of hitting astrology and sand. Democracy remains the solution to the Crises in Sudan but only comes at a high cost of self-sacrifice, which the martyrs of the September uprising offered so that others live within the confines of Freedom.
    Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is an Author, Columnist and a Blogger. His blog is http://thussudan.wordpress.com/http://thussudan.wordpress.com/

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September 23 Uprising remains a Milestone in the History of the Sudanese Peoples struggle
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