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08-15-2016, 05:46 PM
Mariak Chol Majok Kuot
<aMariak Chol Majok Kuot
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    06:46 PM August, 15 2016

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    KAMPALA, Monday, August 15th, 2016. Perhaps Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States of America and Mr. Banki-Moon, the current and Outgoing Secretary-General of United Nations are still behind the news that South Sudan seceded from the oppressive regime and slavery from the Sudan five years ago; when we were declared an independent nation on 9th, July 2011and subsequent ascension as United Nations’ Number 193rd member country. It is called the Republic of South Sudan, for Christ’s sake, infallible in all its own affairs; it has her own sovereignty and the president, who also doubles as the Commander-in-Chief of National army (The SPLA) and the Supreme Commander of Other Regular Forces. It lies in the eastern part of Africa and a member of East Africa Community (EAC) and Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD; perhaps the acronym ‘D’ has to be changed and be called Inter-Governmental Authority on Destruction because this bloc is the one destroying the region) , endowed with all natural resources, cultural heritage, secular in its state and has its rules and regulations as enshrined in the transitional constitution (2011 and amended in 2015).
    The ignominy and semblance manner that has been demonstrated by president Obama in dealing with South Sudan affairs since independence is uncalled for and unfortunate, yes, we don’t deny the overwhelming support of all sorts extended to us by the U.S.A, Canada, Norway, Britain and other powerful western countries during our struggle for quest of an independent South Sudan but then, that doesn’t give these so-called friends of South Sudan any audacity to interfere in our country’s internal affairs. A midwife who was involved in the birth of the child or who help the mother labor the baby doesn’t have any right to direct the parent of that baby on how the baby should be brought up. Likewise to the Obama Administration and the western cohorts, the mere fact that they had assisted us in attaining our independence doesn’t also give them any right to tell us how we can handle our internal affairs. We appreciate the support they had rendered to us during the course of our struggle but then, they should also know the limit when giving us their pieces of advice, this habit that if you are a good diplomatic friend to America you practice their policies is a mere cant and an aversion to the people and the government of South and therefore, South Sudan will loath it at cost, no matter what it takes us to attain our second liberation from President Obama and his cohorts. All these rhetoric, wishful thinking and malicious threats America is always imposing on us in the name of peace implementation which is an invasion in disguise ought to stop once and for all.
    One has to recall how Mr. Obama and Banki-Moon reacted when our SPLA gallant forces took over Panthou (Higlig) in 2012, they treated our president as if he was their head of directorate in their institutions, always calling him and ordered that our forces must withdraw from Panthou, when in actual sense we were provoked by the Sudan Armed Forces that keep attacking our forces at the border points and the at the contested areas. That was the chronology of Obama starting to treat South Sudan like a department within his country. All these nonsensical advances are geared towards achieving the western avarice interests in South Sudan it will not work for the souls of 2.5 million lives of our martyrs and God Almighty God won’t let us down in our quest for total independence. Taking that into account, one concludes that all the messes going on in our country now were created solely by the western powers, including President Obama himself who is the mastermind. The fact that America has super powers doesn’t warrant it all absolute powers to oppress and manipulate other Developing countries.
    Mr. Obama and Banki-Moon, have been intransigent since the beginning of the negotiation of the peace process and that is why the peace implementation has been impeding. They have to understand that lasting peace should not be attained by issuing threats and deadlines. They have been threatening with sanctions and of course, they gave targeted sanctions to some generals on both parties. How do you expect someone to be co-operative in the peace process when he is been threatened and sanctioned؟ That was the time some South Sudanese gave up hope on the peace process but because you cannot threaten someone when he is fully involved in what is something to be done, the end result of course would be the negative ones because he would feel insecure and that really came to pass. A peace process a gradual which needs to be allocated ample to for it to be substantially negotiated and implemented but not as unscrupulous as these guys think
    But because what all South Sudanese wanted was nothing but peace, they accepted the Peace agreement to be implemented in letter and spirit notwithstanding its content. There were high hopes to be ushered in by ARCISS but that would have happened if South Sudanese had swallowed their egos, stop proxy thinking and we own it as ours, shape it and we implement in the way that construes to how we do our own things. But what happened, it was all disappointment which emerged, created by the existence of two armies under two distinct commands which was hypothetically crafted by the enemies and plunders of South Sudan and to create confusion and more chaos so as it is assumed that the government of the Republic of South Sudan has failed. To find a lasting peace, Obama should stop threatening with sanctions and arms embargo, South Sudan is a member country of the United Nations and any decision made by the UN Security Council needs South Sudan as a signatory to this global bloc and a sovereign nation to be consulted. Even a doctor doesn’t just come and administer an injection on the patient without his/her consent. Likewise to this issue too, any decision made by the western powers regarding South Sudan peace is always negative, catastrophic and an ambiguous in nature, even the blind and deaf person can sense that America and its western accomplices in crimes are not up to something good in South Sudan.
    The world has to open their eyes widely and see what the west is doing to the people of South Sudan. South Sudan is being bullied by America to the core and any South Sudanese of sober mind would stand up in resistance to all these vices, our country is like a small boy who is among big boy, looking after cattle, whom they bully as they want because he is weak and young. At this critical time in the history of our country, we will get to know who the patriotic and unpatriotic South Sudanese are. The patriotic South Sudanese will fight this foreign invasion with immense resistance to the end and if it means finishing us all, let it be so as they invade it when we are dead. Whilst the unpatriotic ones, the sellouts, the power-hungry South Sudanese will hide behind the foreign invaders, calling for foreign intervention and UN trusteeship so as they come back at the pretext of foreign troops presence and continue looting our resources as they did before because they are currently broke like a church mouse and the only way for them to get another money is to let the foreign troops come and they also come in. The likes of Pagan Amum tried to rally in support of foreign intervention and UN Trusteeship but they were ashamed and humiliated by our South Sudanese compatriots in the New York when they refused to attend this bogus and vague rally, meant to sell out our country. So in the end, he ended up in restaurant in order to rally on the table because those in attendance were less than twenty people. In short term, it turned out to be a food rally.
    The decision taken by the yesterday’s Extended Extraordinary Council of Ministers’ Meeting is a welcomed move; we need to get all the views of our people from all different walks of life across the country so as the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) responds to the 2304 (2016) UNSC Resolution in a detailed form. All sectors i.e youth Union, Civil Society, political parties, women group etc need to be consulted and the UN should give South Sudanese adequate time so that South Sudan Government will be able to incorporate all the views before responding to the recently passed resolution because this is an all-inclusive process which needs all the stakeholders in the peace agreement to be consulted before coming up with an official response and the position of the Government and the people of South. America, who is the so-called penholder at the United Nations, should not be hasty when dealing with our peace because the peace in question here isn’t American peace or western peace in anyway; it is our peace. So why rush and come up with threatening and hypothetic decision؟ Yes, South Sudanese badly need a drastic solution that will bring to an end these crises that have brought everything to a standstill in our country but that shouldn’t be an imposed peace with the hidden agenda. It should be a peace that brings together all the views and efforts of South Sudanese. This crisis has also let us know who are our enemies and real friends both in the region and the world. Thanks to Russia, China, Venezuela, Egypt and Angola for always vetoing Obama’s devilish plans against the People of South.
    I don’t know why the issue of South always itches the so-called international community much as if it is the only country grappling with political impasse in the world. The notable countries that are politically devastated are Libya, Central African Republic, Iraq, all of which their problems were initiated by America in the name of intervention, has this solved anything because all I see is more suffering of their citizens؟ America is sponsoring the rebels in Syria, the Free Syrian Army just to cause the regime change and bring President Assad’s rule to an end and now, Syria is devastated beyond the repair. America intervened in Libya just to oust Col. Gaddafi and as of now, the Libyan people, who were once living a luxurious life, are suffering immensely more than South Sudanese. So we need to first weigh and analyze what the foreign intervention has achieved in those countries before we allow them to come to our country. The only thing they will do will be more than just a suffering because the agreement says that these forces will have powers to disarm the SPLA Forces and other elements deemed to be a threat to peace, God forbid, that will not happen even if Earth and Heaven come together.
    I don’t see why these forces are being proposed now, to protect who when ARCISS is moving at a good speed, with almost 50% of it already achieved, with the Transitional Nation Legislative Assembly TNLA) now in place and the SPLM/A-IO has accepted the Re-integration of their forces into the national army؟ At this point, the RCISS partners and guarantors should give South Sudanese much time because this is a South Sudanese problem which needs a domestic approach though this peace was designed as a trap just to take us back to war by those who pretentiously mean to be concerned about South Sudan in order to continue destabilizing us and they accomplish their devilish projects but we have owned it now and we will implement it using our own means. For the regional intervention force, it is out of question now that Uganda and Sudan have declined from contributing their troops since the idea was not helpful at all and any good neighbor of South Sudan would not assent to this game because it will negatively backfire. I urge Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia to follow suit. If any intervention is needed in the horn of Africa, then let them take those forces to the Oromia and Amhara regions of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia where innocent, unarmed civilians who are protesting their constitutional rights are being killed daily by government forces. Why are the international community, IGAD and AU giving this unfortunate development a deaf ear؟ Is Ethiopia not part of the IGAD and AU or South Sudanese issue is a special case to the region and the world, or those being butchered in Ethiopia are not real human beings؟ Why did the Human Rights Watch Dog propose that UN Observers be sent to Ethiopia to investigate the ongoing wave of violence and Ethiopian government refused, claiming that they are capable of diffusing and bringing that crisis to an end and no one from the region or international community uttered a word or the Ethiopian government has been licensed to kill its own citizens؟
    Therefore, the international community, the region and South Sudan well-wishers should think twice and analyze any decision they take regarding our affairs because any wrong decision made will badly backfire. They should also know that South Sudan isn’t a no man’s island whereby every creature is allowed to take decisions without the consent of her citizens and with all these, the people of South Sudan will not rout but always emerge victorious.
    The Author Is A Student (Finalist) Of St. Lawrence University-uganda And Can Be Reached Via [email protected] or +211956777484

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 15 أغسطس 2016

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