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Articles and ViewsPEACE AND WAR: WHOSE INTEREST IS IT IN SOUTH SUDAN by Prof. David de Chand
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04-24-2015, 11:01 PM
David de Chand
<aDavid de Chand
Registered: 04-24-2015
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    11:01 PM Apr, 25 2015
    Sudanese Online
    David de Chand-South Sudan
    My Library at SudaneseOnline

    “Peace can only be achieved through strength, but never ever in weakness because those who have changed the world have done it this way. So we too, should do it in the same way in South Sudan.” Professor David de Chand
    “Peace cannot be kept by forced, it can only be achieved by understanding.” Professor Albert Einstein
    “If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    “Courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace.” President Nelson Mandela, South Africa
    The ongoing crisis in South Sudan for the past sixteen (16) months or so has been a struggle between the forces of “democracy” calling for “democratic change” and the resistance by the forces of dictatorship or what the Chinese called the “democratic dictatorship or the “military dictatorship’ or the “organized dictatorship” specifically designed for the sole benefit of the people of Africa’s youngest state.
    Prior to jotting down any ideas or concepts, the preceded quotations from those great minds, high spirits, great thinkers, and peace Ambassadors have been truly and verily related to the ongoing nasty crisis in South Sudan perpetrated by the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir, a child and a woman killer in the 2013 Juba Genocide or minister of death under the pretext of a coup d’état attempt against him (Kiir) allegedly by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar as being the ring leader. Now, there has been no shredded evident to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was no coup d’état attempt. Did the Dinka dictator go berserk to genocide more than 30-50,000 unarmed and helpless people because of their group membership, even if political and economic as an indelible Nuer nationality or ethnicity? We would say to the whole world that the Nuer nation shall and will overcome this ‘black spot’ in its modern political history. It has not been the first time that the Nuer people have been genocide.
    The British imperialists did it against the Nuers during the Pacification Policy and cultural genocide in Southern Sudan during the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) otherwise by downgraded the Euro-centric scholars and the abdicates of colonialism or the so-called white supremacists as the Nuer Résistance in which the Nuer Prophets were labeled as being “anti-government” and had to be dealt with accordingly in the name of Her Majesty Government (HMG). The Nuer people one of the largest ethnicity spillover into three countries, namely, Nuer-Ethiopia on southwestern Ethiopia, along 500 Kilometers along South Sudan- Nuer-Ethiopia border and along the 28 to 30,000 Kilometers border between the Republic of Sudan north of the border with South Sudan and remains the largest, expanding and potentially the richest in oilfields and gas fields, including other critical and strategic minerals natural resources throughout South Sudan.
    Presently, the New Nuer nation has spread its wings throughout North America, Europe, the Nordic countries, Australia or the World Under, the Arab and the Islamic world and throughout the African continent. Just a reminder to the readers, the Nuer were gassed with Mustard Gas (1915-1920) by the British colonialists during the peak of the Nuer Revolution as a means or the path to surrender or submission because it was the path that we never chose. Salva Kiir’s through external powers and the Ugandan Dictator-for-life Yuri Museveni and the well known killer of African leaders at behest of the Western world, have done it again in the 2013 Juba Genocide. We shall and will overcome this “dark spot” inflicted against us in our contemporary history like the Jews in the Holocaust, the systematic attempt of German authorities during the Second World War to kill all Jews no matter where found-to destroy Jews as a group. More than 5 to 6 Million Jews became the real paradigm case of Genocide and the word’s origin; the 1994 Rwanda Genocide of 80,000 to 1million against the Tutsi’s ethnicity or nationality by the renegades Hutus’; the Armenian Genocide (1915-1920) by the young Turks; the gassing of the Kurds in Iraq by the late Saddam Hussein, the persecution of Rhonyingka Muslim minority community and ethnicity in Myanmar (Burma) the land of the former UN Secretary General U Thant and the 1991Nobel Peace Laureate Ms. Aung Suu Kyi, and the Algerians by the French colonialists in which more than four (4,000,000) Algerians that made Algeria to become known as the land of 4 million martyrs, and the millions massacred by the British in the cause of passive resistance for political independence in India led M.K. Gandhi; the anti-apartheid led by Nelson Mandela’s of the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa in prison for more 27-year offshore Robin Island Prison for the cause of freedom for all South Africans and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States led by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., for social equality, social justice, freedom and democracy for all Americans both Whites and Blacks, yellow and brown, Spanish and Afro-Asian émigrés in the United States, plus many others not mentioned in this work because of time and space.
    The Nuer nation and its resilient people shall and will overcome these tragic things that they (Dinka) have done, which they ought not to have done. We would seek justice and would win justice through our efforts and the international community, the AU, IGAD and the UN if the goal is to seek peace, promotion of the culture of peace and human rights protection. Nevertheless, if the above-mentioned institutions failed to perform their righteous duties and responsibilities against the perpetrators of the 2013 Juba Genocide, we would have no choice, but to seek justice the way we do feel, deem and see fit to achieve it. Reckoning, as President Nelson Mandela of South said he that “Courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace.” The Nuer nation and its resilient people would give the world community a chance to do its duty and responsibility. However, let there be no mistake that we (the Nuer) cannot wait any longer. We would seek to apprehend the perpetrators of the 2013 Juba Genocide through our own efforts like the Mosad hunted down the Nazis who killed the Jews during the WWII throughout the world.
    This is what we would do to hunt every Dinka that participated in committing the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity against the unarmed and helpless Nuer nationality or ethnicity in the 2013 Juba Genocide. We have the guts and gusto, the capacity and the ability to do it and the Dinka have already smelled what is waiting them at the horizon. We urge and appeal to the Nuer nation and its people to be calmed, we shall not let you down to live with this shame never ever. We shall teach perpetrators of these crimes of genocide a lesion, which they never forget. We should remain vigilant, observance and to know wherever these thugs, renegades and hooligans would do to move around the world. We can rest assured you, we would get them all and to bring them to Justice for that.
    The background of this Holocaust that has targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part was a result of baseless, unfounded, incredible and hoax coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir allegedly staged by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar. Realistically, there was no coup d’état, but the Dinka dictator went berserk after having had a few shots of Jack Daniel and Johnny Walker. What shall we do with drunkard Dinka dictator? Was Salva Kiir really drunk? No comment; let the readers judge it for themselves.
    The war started in the failed state of South Sudan more than sixteen (16) months or so ago and still goes on with neither end in sight nor light in the tunnel. The root causes of the war have been multifaceted as we shall discover succinctly in this article. Actually, one of the most basic reasons to cite on the crisis was the coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir allegedly staged his former VP Dr. Riek Machar who turned to become a rebel leader. The perpetrators of this crisis should know that it would not end sooner. It could take minimum of five (5) years to a decade.
    The victims of this crisis who have lost their loved ones to the Twic Dinka Militias (Agetweng, Bany Adut, Malwal Anyuol and Malwal Anyier) have been pretty angry even if the IGAD, the AU, the UN and the TROIKA (the US, the UK and Norway) may intervene militarily, but there would be continued war without the IGAD. The Nuer would take war into the Heartland of the Dinka by any means necessary. Moreover, the intervention of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) fighting at behest of Salva Kiir, should recognize that in both short and long terms, there could be some retributions within Uganda and there would be no Dinka militias or soldiers that would come to their rescue as the Ugandans have done so and paid dearly so much as the ultimate sacrifices in terms of lives and property for them in 2013 up to present. They would continue to do so as long as they remain in the quagmire or civil war in South Sudan.
    The crisis should focus on the victims and the victimizers that have been identified as the perpetrators of the crisis now facing South Sudan. Any participating minority communities that have not experienced the above-mentioned hardships should only become observers and spectators unless they wish to become part of the problem rather part of the solution. The minority communities have not been affected unless they got involved in the crisis on the side of Salva Kiir like some folks of the Shilluk (Chollo) traditional kingdom I do personally revered and respected so much and the minority Dinka Abilang in northern Upper Nile State should rethink their future in the Greater Upper region at the end of this nasty and brutal war because of the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. I could only advice them to pack and to move on peacefully to Bahr-el-Ghazel along with Salva Kiir because they would have no place in Greater Upper Nile region. They could not blame the Nuer majority for this action, but their leaders who have ordered them to massacres unarmed and helpless Nuer people in Malakal, Gerger and Renk, including the Police Commissioner who was fighting pretty hard for the protection all folks in Renk City.
    The Nuer-Dinka societies have experienced traumas, psychological devastation, pain, suffering and mental anguish, including genocide… generally is considered as one of the worst moral crimes a government- meaning any ruling authority, including that of guerrilla group, a quasi state, a Soviet, a terrorist organization, or an occupation authority can commit against its citizens or those it controls. The UN and the ICC called genocide as the gravest and greatest crimes against humanity. There is no doubt that Salva Kiir regime has targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. It was comparable to the Holocaust, the systematic attempt of German authorities during Second World War (WWII) attempt to kill all and every Jew no matter where found-to destroy Jews because of their group membership and as a indelible and religious group. This led to the murdered of 5 to 6 million Jews that became the paradigm of genocide and underlies the word’s origin. This prima facie raison d’être rather ipso facto this was the international attempt through the United Nations to make genocide an international crime or in flagrante delicto and to bring to its perpetrators to justice. Thus, in 1948 the UN proposed the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) in which the ICC state members have signed into law.
    Genocide as a crime, the CPPCG defined it as the intention to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such. The ICC accepts this definition, further elaborates it, provides broader jurisdiction and can subject individuals regardless or status or rank or Latin known as “rationae personae” to prosecution. The ICC broadly defines genocide as a crime that covers not only genocide, but crimes against humanity that include, aside from genocide, government murder, extermination campaigns, enslavement, deportation, torture, rape, sexual slavery, enforced, enforced disappearances, and apartheid. The second definition of genocide is called “democide”- that’s the intentional government murder of unarmed and helpless people because of their group membership, even if political or economic for whatever reason. So we should always probed that Genocide is foremost an international crime for which individuals, no matter how high in authority or in Latin known as “rationae Personae” may be indicted, tried, and punished by the ICC. According to Article 6 of the ICC Statute, This crime involves, “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such:
    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”
    In terms of the crisis in South Sudan, whether the Government of South Sudan (GOSS), its military intelligence likes it or not, the events, which transferred and targeted the innocent unarmed and helpless Nuer nationality or ethnicity on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 Juba Genocide, there would be no retreat or forgiveness to any individual persons involved in the process. The SPLA army or as if the party’s army, the Twic Dinka Special Militias that comprises of 3 to 6,000 directed commanded by President Salva Kiir and the notorious Generals Paul Malong Awan and Marial Cinnuor and others whose names do not appear herein, should all be indicted, tried and sentenced for this gravest and the greatest crime against humanity committed against the Nuer nationality and ethnicity because of their group membership and as an indelible group. They should not under no circumstances escape possible in the indictment under Article 6 of the ICC Statute. Actually, if the goal and objective of the national, regional and international actors, i.e., the GOSS, the IGAD, the AU, the UNSC mediators, including the TROIKA (the USA, the UK and Norway) have been determined to bring about peace, political stability and tranquility into Africa’s youngest as if a failed state in South Sudan, they should swift and impartial before it may be too late for the Dinka to conquer the Nuer nation and its resilient people.
    The Dinka dictator Salva Kiir and his have accomplices committed the crime of genocide and should be without any delays be investigated, indicted and issued arrest warrants like any another international individuals, nationalists and ######### of state and governments regardless of their rationae personae in South Sudan. Failure on the international community to undertakes pretty seriously this Article 6 of the ICC Statute in South Sudan, they should kiss any peace process goodbye because the ferocious Nuer fighters would suck it to the Dinka no matter where found-to destroy the Dinka as a group. They started these killings against our people and we shall and will fight back until they reckon the wrongs that they have done, which they ought not to have done. The national, regional and the international actors may lull the crisis in order to protect their threatened geopolitical and geostrategic economic and the vital strategic nationals interests. Who would represent our interests? Because the whole world has failed to condemn the deliberated and willful genocide against the Nuer nation and its people, we shall and will undertake whatsoever necessary measures and actions to preserve the Nuer nationality or ethnicity strategic interest to survive like any other nationality, including the Dinka within the jurisdiction of South Sudan. Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan should know and underscore that they have aggressed a sleeping giant like Imperial Japan Navy attacked against the US Naval Fleet in Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday, 7 December 1941; thus, forced the US declared war against Japan on the same day and entered the Second World War (1939-1945).
    The committed genocide against the Nuer nationality no matter happens would remain in our hands, #########, minds, thoughts and we shall and will achieve results no matter, how long and sacrifices we make in the process and in the pursuit of this basic fundamental politico-legal, God’s given and right human rights guaranteed to “all peoples” under international law, international humanitarian law and human rights law by any means necessary. There would be no surrender and this choice, of course, does not exist in the Nuer people’s vocabulary. The Nuer people like Alexander the Great said he that [he] “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; he [Alexander the Great] I am afraid of an army led of sheep led by a lion.” In the same vein, the Nuer nation and its resilient people are not afraid of an army lion led by neither a sheep by an army of lions led by a sheep. We also have known that the cost of freedom is always high, but the Nuer have always paid it. The Nuer nation and its people would like the world to know that one path the Nuer people shall never choose, and that is surrender, or submission. We would like personally for both Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan and other Dinka power elite and others, including their so-called 39 laws to know and to underscore this statement for the record for posterity. The Nuer national shall and will defeat the Dinka and they have already smelled this epilogue or epic. No logical Nuer person with sound mind and five senses to forget that the Dinka have been intentionally determined to extinct the Nuer as a nationality in South Sudan, but they have failed in this mission and would be defeated and this has been on specific raison d’être that they brought in the UPDF and its affiliated mercenaries, JEM, SRF and the SPLA-North fighting the Nuer nation at behest of the wicked, weaker and lazy Dinka that every Nuer fighter perceived as equals to one-fourth of a man. They should know that they have started the war against a sleeping giant that was neither sleeping nor an isolationist, but critically and carefully watching, observing, analyzing and was waiting for the fright time and the right place to strike.
    Specifically, the Nuer people and leaders have been praying pretty hard that the crisis should not have been started by the Nuer people, but rather by the Dinka power elites who have completely, absolutely and resolutely failed in administering the affairs of the state or the polity and its cultural diversity or multiculturalism; cohesion; national integration; national unity; the process of de-tribalization and the establishment of democratic institutions in this new failed state midwifed by the United States and its European allies and the Chinese as the treasure hunters and siphoning oil prematurely jumps into the van wagon in South Sudan. The strategy to destroy the Nuer was already planned and shelved in Salva Kiir’s closet and we knew it firsthand from the beginning before the crisis started. It was strategized by the American lobbyists, namely, Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast and Dr. Susan Rice, the current National Security Council (SNC) Advisor in the White House. Succinctly, in my capacity an intellectual and academic expert on African affairs and the US foreign policy agenda (if there was really the US foreign strategic policy in Africa) the Obama Administration had a prior knowledge of the events ahead of time of what would occur inside South Sudan targeting the Nuer people for genocide similar to the Clinton administration prior knowledge of the events in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.
    Let’s assumed that the so-called coup d’état attempt was real, the Nuer people could have been predestined for destruction or extermination in whole or in part like the “Husseineen” in the Yemeni Crisis with backing from Saudi Arabia in which the regional coalition forces have assembled to crush them. As a result, all of the IGAD countries would have assembled a huge military force against the Nuer question in South Sudan for having made a coup d’état attempt against a democratically elected government even though it has been a dictatorship, a soviet, a Marxist-Leninist, a terrorist and undemocratic regime in Juba. The US-Israeli interests were behind the plan and the Israeli Ambassador to Juba and the former Mosad Chief of Intelligence was the brainchild or the mastermind of the whole orchestrated strategy to destroy the Nuer nationality in South Sudan. It has assumed and calculated that the Nuer people are strong, have closed relations with Khartoum and potentially the richest in oilfields and Gas fields in South Sudan. Therefore, they have negatively perceived as the potential danger to any future US-Israeli geopolitical and geo-strategic economic, political and the national security interests in Africa and Southern Sudan in particular.
    In fact, the whole strategic plan has been and would continue to be the designed by the US, Israelis, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia to change the geo-political roadmap to create a “New Middle” that gives Israeli an advantage because of real politico-military threats from both Hamas and Hezbollah freedom fighters that the Israeli military logic fear most and termed them as bunch of “terrorists whilst” forgetting that the State of Israel itself was founded as a terrorist State by the Orgun –a Jewish terror group led by the late Israeli PM Manchem Begen, including other Euro-Jewish-Zionist leaders in the Middle East. Most importantly, Israel wanted to change the entire Middle East policy roadmap because of the rising of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) as a super-economic and politico-military power in the region. Conclusively, the US-Israeli policy strategy would be to destabilize the entire Middle East, including Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States Cooperation Council (GCC) at later dates in a kind of a continued Arab Spring and Arab Streets to create or install or establish new pro-Western regimes and to put a ring around Iran rapprochement and encroachment of IRI as a power to be competing for influence with the Israelis in the Middle Eastern region. This was a real concrete Salva Kiir’s strategic cheap shot policy plan agenda, but it’s boomeranged against him because there was no coup d’état staged by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar. So the whole affair was a hoax, deception and the biggest lie of the century. The Nuer nation and its resilient people could not be more than pleased with the ongoing events and developments in South Sudan because the Nuer have been falsely accused throughout the world by the Dinka as bunch of killers and the bad guys on the bloc on the one hand and the Dinka people have been the good guys on the bloc on the other in South Sudan. Who are really the good guys and the bad guys or the cannibal-likes now in the ongoing acute, dangerous, aggravating situation and escalating crisis in South Sudan? Let the readers to determine and to answer the preceded question.
    Historically, the Nuer people fought the hardest for South Sudan political independence more than their Dinka counterparts who have not ever started a national liberation movement, but have been so good in hijacking the works or what others have established or built from the scratched by others through a third party. For instance, the late John Garang, raised by the Nuer nationality from abject poverty to become the world’s famous, hijacked the Southern Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SSPLM/SSLA) its founding fathers abated by the former Marxist-Leninist Dirge regime (1971-1991) was founded by the Nuer fighters and led by the late Colonel Samuel Gai Tut. In 1964, the late William Deng Nhial hijacked from the Eqautorians leaders the Southern Sudan African National Union (SANU) and ran away with it to Khartoum and made it to become his personal property to seek political power, money and fame globally and until he died mysteriously during the election campaigns in Gogrial, Bahr-el-Ghazel.
    The Nuer brought South Sudanese the idea of the exercise of the right to self-determination, democracy, federalism, freedom, social justice, social equality and egalitarianism based on the concept of let live in peace, to co-exist, to become compassionate, to become the “Good Samaritans” and to care for each other rather than hating and killing each other. All of these concepts have been truly the backbone of the Nuer egalitarianism, social equality, social justice, democracy, political culture and political socialization. We [the Nuer] would like to state at the outset that without the ultimate sacrifices made by the Nuer fighters or if we united with the Arabized North, there would have been no independence South Sudan. This has been a fact and without any contradictions that any Arabized Muslim Northerners could attest and admit in any political and military discussion. If the Nuer people, for instance, joined hands with the Arabized Muslim North against the other sixty-three (63) other weaker tribes, including the Dinka, Sudan would have remained united and the Nuer would have become predominant throughout South Sudan for this generation and the next. This episode has been the first and the foremost mistake that the Nuer people have committed, but it was not too late.
    In the ensuing crisis, the Nuer fighters shall and will demand that South Sudan become an ethnically federal system of government similar to Ethiopia federal system in which the Nuer who makes up over 85% of the population in Greater Upper Nile and wealth-mainly oil fields and Gas fields, plus other strategic crucial and strategic minerals, fertile agricultural lands, abundant waters, animal and fisheries resources, with equally competent manpower, could cede or cut off the Greater Upper Nile region to become a new state or polity of its own like in Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland in Hargeisa, the Island nation of Cyprus- that divided itself vis-à-vis into two into the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the divided Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside divided Island nation of Cyprus, Abkhazia and South Ostia that broke away from Georgia and recognized by the Russian Federation, the ongoing armed struggle in Ukraine that led Crimea to rejoin Russia in a referendum since it was annexed to Ukraine in 1954 by the late Joseph Stalin Ukraine and other parts of Ukraine have been waging the armed struggle to rejoin Mother Russia and the Christian Enclave of Nagornokarahvk in Armenia and many others test cases that we could not possibly cite in this work because of time and space. We would eventually, whether we would like it or not, split or secession is going to happen in Greater Upper Nile region at the end of this provoked premature civil war by the wicked and lazy Dinka and their Ugandans allies in South Sudan.
    Let’s assume hypothetically that majority of the Southerners do not like the Nuer nationality or ethnicity as a people, but it potential resources, we shall surely cede from South Sudan as an independent and sovereign state under the right to self-determination guaranteed to “all peoples” under international law and the UN Charter. The question that we would like to probe would be this: could South Sudan exist without the Greater Upper Nile region? Affirmatively, there would be no South Sudan without the Greater Upper Nile. We have made and concluded it that this decision-making in any future peace agreement, nothing on the planet-Earth could prevent it to happen. Certainly, some diehards who have postulated it that the international community may not accept this development; my cheap shot answer to anyone thinking way this has been that if the international community could not accept such development in South and accept them elsewhere in the world and in the Middle East in particular, they got to be kidding themselves to reject or deny such political developments in South Sudan. The people of Greater Upper Nile region do not want anything in Juba or Wau, but their own land and resources in Greater Upper Nile for that.
    The international community has already set up the laws, resolutions and protocols on the right to self-determination to “all peoples”, why should it deny it to the people of the Greater Upper region or any regions wishing to cede from South Sudan? Why did it allow South Sudan to cede from the mother country-Sudan- in 2011 and now working feverishly under the Rockefeller Plan designed by the American Jews in the past fifty-year (50) of research to split the African nation of Sudan into five (5) to six (6) unviable and un-vibrant nation-states as opposed to one heterogeneous multicultural Sudanese state retrospect to its construction by Turkey in the 1900s similar to the United States or South Africa? Whilst the international community and the USA in particular, that midwifed the birth of South Sudan, it has been also in the making on midwifery of Darfur to go, the Nuba Mountains to go and Southern Blue Nile (Ingessena) to go and Eastern Sudan to go. The question that we would be obliged to probe would be like this: where do they? Furthermore, the international community under the umbrella of the United States has already begun the construction of the “Nubia State” in the far Northern Sudan.
    Nevertheless, if the international community continuously partitioned, dismembered glued and amalgamated culturally diverse nations and creating new more nation-states within the established nation-states, why should it prevent or deny the same right to the people of Greater Upper Nile? Assuredly, we shall and will peacefully and responsibly could present and argue this case legally and politically the demand for the right to self-determination before the United Nations, the African Union and the Arab League, including any other international forums to guarantee without any reservations and hesitations or questions to guarantee to the people of Greater Upper Nile region the right to self-determination or secession from South Sudan in the same pattern and fashion that it splinted or partitioned or dismembered the failed Republic of South Sudan from the mother country- the Republic of Sudan- in 2011 north of the border. We made this decision because of the events transferred and orchestrated by the Dinka power elites that intentionally targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part amongst other multifaceted nationalities and cultural diversities in South Sudan.
    The Nuer people have gotten the wealth and the brains, but the Dinka have gotten nothing, lazy, wicked, weak animals that equals one-fourth of human being compared to the , wicked, weak link, poorer, lazy and without resources, they have been temporarily allowed by the Nuer people the strongest and potentially the richest to lead democratically, but because some Dinka people have naturally inculcated the process of “Nuerophobia,” arrogant, stubborn, stupid, dictators undemocratic, negatively sophisticated and remains untamed cannibal-likes individuals, a Soviet’s, a Stalinist‘s state or a Marxist-Leninist like in the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution, which demised in the late 1990s to the early 2000s through perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (openness) as the legacy of the former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, apartheid regime in South Africa defeated through passive résistance in the aftermath of more twenty-seven (27) years behind bars by the late President Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) colleagues of South Africa or otherwise known
    Madibo” figure in South Africa to free all South Africans from the yoke and bastion of apartheid institutionalized by the Boers or the white tribe National Party in 1948 up to its demise of apartheid in 1994 in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) for that.
    To qualify this proposition, if the Dinka males were truly full grown males with balls, the political will, cooperation and the way forward, there were no good reasons for them to have involved the UPDF and its affiliated mercenaries in the domestic affairs of South Sudan. Of Course, the ferocious fighting Nuers proudly have already defeated Salva Kiir’s militias though he (Kiir) remains in Juba at point it’s because of the present of the remnants of the UPDF that would sooner retreat rather than later because of the war fatigue and naturally something bigger and much more dangerous is awaiting them in South Sudan and in Greater Upper Nile region in particular. The fighting Nuers White Army would graciously deliver them this package before they know it in Juba. Therefore, it would be in the best national interest of Uganda’s national interest to get the hell out before all hell could break loose. So we do neither care nor fear the Dinka fighters anymore even if they (Dinka) were to involve the Americans, the Brits and the Norwegians troops like their Ugandans counterparts as if they would become Dinka and they would be defeated because their (Dinka) partners by nature have been created as the weak link by mother Nature or Almighty God the creator of all things above and below for that.
    The Nuer rebel fighters, soldiers and the deadly White Army (WA) have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that no matter what the Dinka do in the future and the present, they have been as if already defeated in the centuries past, the future and the present. If they have miscalculated it the logic that it is not the “procured weapons that would do the fighting, but the men and women behind such weapons would be the ones doing the fighting”. In terms of the military logic and strategic studies, it is not often the weapons that make defeats against the enemy possible, but the tactics, the command structure, organization, the leadership that provides encouragement, readiness, commitment and motivation to the men and the women doing the ground fighting or the foot soldiering and the level of training and the spirit of the leadership capabilities and the command structures and experiences for that. Precisely, the Dinka lack these quantifiable qualities compared to their Nuer counterparts who naturally the qualities in the battlefields. As an American military and NATO trained, the Nuer like the Ghuorkha soldiers from Nepal Units in the British army have been the best any good commander could sacrifice himself or herself to command in any battlefields. The Gorkha Units in British Army from Nepal have proven themselves courageous and brave soldiers in the WWII and in the Falklands during the British- Argentine War of over Malvidas (the Falklands) at the tip of Argentina on the Pacific Ocean. We the Nuer leaders may opt for a treaty with Her Majesty Government to sign up and train young Nuers to serve like the Gorkha counterparts in the British Army such the UK commanders could see and experience what a Nuer soldier could do in the Battlefields for the UK of the future and the present warfare. They have courage, bravery, endurance, stamina and what Albert Einstein termed as the “high spirits” vs. the “mediocre spirits” fighting abilities and capabilities.
    The Nuer troopers fight like the IDF, the British Royal Marines, the US Marines Corps, the US Special Forces and the US Army (the big Redone) and the Vietcong in the former French Indo-China against the both French Legionnaires in Ding Bien Phooh in the 1950s under the command of General Vo Nyuen Giap and the American in South Vietnam quagmire under the command of Ho Chi Minh in 1958-1971. The Chinese have taken a side and supply such tons and tons of arms worth billions to Salva Kiir’s regime to kill the Nuer nationality in violation of the historic normal Chinese foreign policy epic of “non-interference” in the domestic affairs of its partners or patrons. What has happened or gone wrong this time around that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has broken this ethical code? This time around though the Chinese have goofed and miscalculated their interests’ in the oilfields and Gas fields located in the Nuerland in South Sudan. The Nuer nation and its resilient people would not allow the Chinese oil companies to continue siphoning or pumping out the oilfields and Gas fields in South Sudan.
    Enough is enough because we could not permit the PRC pumping out our oil to supply the enemy with heavy weapons to kill us. They would be kicked out and millions or zillions of dollars debts that they have paid in exchange for oil revenues would surely go into the red. This is the bottom line. We would caution those individuals on our side or in the opposition to be paid off with sumptuous cash secretly by the Chinese oil tycoons; they would at the end be exposed and identified as traitors, collaborators and to justify how they have spent that money either for the cause or personal gains. They should be made ashamed for what they have done before the community leaders and elders if they have opted to use such secret big money from the Chinese oil tycoons for personal gains. We do know this fact that the Chinese have already paid off some guys on our side of the camp, but they do not show it at all, to the commanders to procure the tools that they are greatly in need to get the job done. The leadership of the SPLM-in-Opposition (SPLM-I-Op) should be held accountable for this calculated corruption, embezzlement, patronage before it assumes power in South Sudan. I rest my case and had to move on.
    The Chinese have become the prima facie enemy of the Nuer nation and its people. We (the Nuer) as the true owners of the black gold, would request the Chinese to call it quit and the golden dream of further oil exploration and exploitation would become invalidated, declared as null and void because they have broken the policy of “neutrality” as superpower in South-South crisis and to opted to take side of a child and a woman killer Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba. No Nuer leaders would further support Chinese oil companies continuous present in the oilfields and Gas fields in Greater Upper Nile region for that. We shall and will turn elsewhere to keep the flows of the crude oil or the “Nuer Crude Oil” to the international marketplace for our benefits and development rather the Chinese thieves, stealers and the treasure hunters in Africa. They should be kicked out of South Sudan sooner rather than later. We shall and will place all oilfields and Gas fields to free market completion capitalist style.
    We would prefer “privatization” of the oilfields and the Gas fields in the future to eliminate or to reduce corruption that has become the mother of all types of corruption in South Sudan. The purpose of privatization of the oil industry would be to give the little his/her rights and to keep off the big government bureaucrats from accumulating big money that would culminate to the exploitation of the little man. In addition, privatization would keep the revenue for local development- schools, universities and colleges, technical institutes, roads and bridges, transportation infrastructure and building of health care facilities and big hospitals for the good of the local inhabitants. This would also provide corporate fiscal responsibility and socio-development programs for the locals. From the socio-economic viewpoint, the oil belong should belong to the people where it is located and over 80% of the revenue should remain the local areas where the resources have been located and 20% should go to the Central government and not the other way around.
    The Chinese government and its oil consortia or multinational oil companies should underscore and know they came to South Sudan through the “Old Sudan” or before Sudan split to become two-sudan states. Notwithstanding, that have two-Sudan states, all previous oil agreements should become invalidated and to be declared as null and void. The Chinese should know that South Sudanese do not like them because we do neither understand them nor do they understand us. We have really both irreconcilable modes of communications and cultural gaps that remained deep and wide. Therefore, we have a big gap of the bridge to be narrowed and that in my opinion could take generations. Because of these irreconcilable gaps and cultural differences, including what the Chinese eat in their diets that they considered to be normal, we have considered then as if abnormal to us. The Nuer people and South Sudanese general, for instance, do not eat dog meat, snakes, and other others things… to say the least. We shall and will go westwards because we do know them and they do know us and South Sudanese relations with the Western world has not been apolitical, but pretty long historic human relations and the Chinese should know and understand wholly and solely these cultural realities and communication factors.
    It was Khartoum that invited the Chinese when the country was one predominated by the Arabized Muslim North. Cognizance, that the US championed South Sudan’s birth from Sudan, whose president, Field Marshal Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, loathed, and whom it referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the charges of genocide in Darfur. As I see it, the ability of the US-Sino relations and to work together toward a common strategy for peace in South Sudan would be a real test case for the first time ever retrospect to the Containment Policy by the US and its European allied of both Russia and China during the peak of the East-West ideological confrontation or the Cold War to work together in Africa and beyond.
    This could be called as true and realistic ideological shift on both the US- Sino relations on the African continent and beyond. Both China and the US were on the opposing sides of the pendulum on Darfur Crisis, it would seem in despite of the long suffering in South Sudan for the past sixteen months or so, the two superpowers share a heck of a common ground on South Sudan for the following raison d’être that the US has invested politically in South Sudan and China since the birth of South Sudan and took with over 85% of the oilfield and Gas fields invested economically or has economic stakes in the country, Both the US and China have great interest in restoring peace and satiability to South, thus avoiding disrupting its black gold flows. I could not agree more with Casie’s Copeland of the International Crisis Group (ICG) South Sudan expert critical analysis that “The ability of the US and China to work together on the continent and beyond”: would become a “test case for their ability to work together on the continent and beyond” and that both Washington-Beijing have opted as “sort of walking in a circle.”
    In despite of this new détente by the PRC and the USA on South Sudan, the US still has the greatest both economic and political advantage over China if it could do the right thing. We would be ready to help as Sudanese-Americans with the US and its Western allies interests at heart, not only in South Sudan, but throughout Black Africa. The PRC is going to become a big loser because it has abandoned it traditional policy of “non-interference” in its patron’s domestic affairs not only in South Sudan, but worldwide. It opted to supply arms to one side of the conflict at the expense of the side has got the black gold or the oil. What would China do at the end? Does it think and believe that it could pay us off with our black gold revenues? Of course, not, and we will take hard nose against the PRC this time around in South Sudan. They have goofed by supporting Salva Kiir vs. Dr. Riek Machar who owns and whose fighters controlled the black in the war.
    The opposition against Salva Kiir’s would have no choice, but ask the PRC to call it quit in South Sudan and the US multinationals would come in full swing to replace China in the oilfields. We would make sure that this happens. However, there conditions that the US must and ought to admit to do first and foremost of all, viz.,: (1) to restore full diplomatic relations with Sudan; (2) to remove Sudan from the blacklist of the US State Department of countries known to be supporting international terrorism against the US interests worldwide. Sudan has been put on the list by default because there is no tangible and strong concrete evident to corroborate or to substantiate, per se, that Sudan has been supporting international terrorism against the Western powers converging and diverging interests in Africa and the world; (3) to remove sanctions and embargoes that did not work against Sudan; (4) to allow US business and financial and banking system to return to Sudan; (4) to resume trade and technical exchanges; (5) to scrape the policy of the regime change orchestrated retrospect to the 1996 up to present; (6) freedom of movement of Sudanese seeking to go immigrate to the US to take their siblings for those already in the US; (7) educational and cultural exchanges between students and academics in both the US and Sudan institutions of higher education or learning. These and many others should be put into implementation by both countries. We could surely help them achieve these objectives on consultancy basis as academic experts and statesmen and diplomats.
    Most importantly, we urge and appeal to the Western countries to re-cement stronger relations with Sudan like they have with South Sudan. We would not rest unless these demand of re-establishing full diplomatic relations, removable of Sudan from the US Department of State blacklist of countries supporting international terrorism in which there is no shredded evident to corroborate or to authenticate that the African country has been supporting international terrorism against the Western interests in Sudan.
    Finally, sanctions and embargoes are removed against Sudan and then follow by the nullification or suspension of the ICC charges against Sudanese President Field Marshal Omer Hassan Al-Bashir on the alleged Darfur genocide. These actions would improve the two-Sudan states relations with the Western countries and the USA in particular. As a Sudanese- American, We would recommend that the US hits two birds with a stone. We do not want China to have a foothold or a bridgehead in Africa because this could become dangerous, detrimental and threatening to the vital Western national security interests and greatly could threaten their foreign policy agendas in Africa and the Horn of Africa, including the two-Sudan states in particular. The UPDF fighting at behest of Salva Kiir has committed genocide siding with Salva Kiir regime have also become an accomplice to the genocide or democide in South Sudan because the Uganda Air Force jet fighters dropped sorties of internationally banned bombs, i.e., Napalm bombs, Cluster bombs, Phosphorous bombs and the Uranium depleted bullets similar to the 2012 Twelve-Day War and the Fifty-Day War in Gaza Strip with Israeli-Hamas-Hezbollah fighters in Southern Lebanon in 2006 and 2008 respectively, in South Sudan.
    As regard to the minority communities that have been involved or entangled in the ferocious Dinka-Nuer crisis, they should only blames their leaders of any consequences rather than blaming the Dinka-Nuer leaders as the most affected communities in the crisis. The minority traditional Shilluk (Chollo) Kingdom in Upper Nile State should blame first and foremost the Reth of Shilluk that is the supreme leader both spiritual and temporal leader and no Shilluk above the Reth, Dr. Lam Akol, Pagan Amoum the notorious terrorist and renegade General Johnson Oolong, General O’oyuk and any other Shilluk leaders that have been co-opted to join Salva Kiir’s genocidal war that targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. The minority Abilang Dinka in northern Upper Nile committed itself to fight the Nuer majority in the state in a crisis that they should not have been entangled for that. At the end of the war it would be to their disadvantage and detriment because the Nuer would not forgive them for the things they have done, which they ought not to have done. They massacred the Nuer families in Gerger, Renk and other towns in the areas in question, including the murder of the Chief of Police on the line of duty providing protection to the people in Renk’s town regardless of their ethnic or tribal backgrounds.
    Conclusively, any outcome of this current politico-military crisis would be determined by the warring parties or by the two largest nationalities that have been at the loggerhead for the past sixteen (16) months or so and with no end in sight, unfortunately. The minority groups that have not been affected by the crisis should neither interfere nor take sides because that could become detrimental for their survival at the end of this crisis in the future and the present. Therefore, the minority communities activities and leaders should keep off and should not be dragged or entangled in this crisis because they could become smashed, disseminated, annihilated or exterminated for no apparent no reasons in the midst of these two giants in South Sudan. As the African adage goes that “When two elephant fight the grass get hurts.” My advice to the minority groups in both Upper Nile and Bahr-el-Ghazel regions, including Equatoria to absolutely and resolutely keep off from being involved in the Dinka-Nuer fighting because they could get hurt and could not recover from it in the future and the present.
    On Friday, on 15 November 2013, the Dinka dictator announced the dissolution of the SPLM main organs, structures that include the highest executive organ, the Political Bureau (PB) and the National Liberation (NLC) leaving the office of the chairman secretariat division will function until he appoints a new secretariat. The purpose of this premature policy was to remove those that he perceived as threats to challenge in the schedule elections for 2015.The Dinka dictator was attempting to remove potential Presidential candidates within the SPLM as the ruling party and other non-SPLM challengers from other parties. Salva Kiir’s was using stalling tactics… the SPLM was expected to hold its convention in May, but he was silent about it because he fears that if the convention continues, then, they party may elect a different chairman instead of him. The Dinka dictator threats include former VP Dr. Riek Machar, Pagan Amoum, Rebecca Garang Nyandeng Garang de Mabior, Nhial Deng Nhial, Deng Alor Kuol and many others. To make the whole story short, Salva Kiir has self-ordained himself to become the vicar of the party and assumes that nobody else could replace him at the helm of the party. The tactics used by Salva Kiir have been to maintain absolute power, authority, dictatorship, patronage, oligarchy and control. In other words, he (Salva Kir) has become a non-benevolence dictator compared to Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao Zedong or Mao Tse-tung (1873-1976) of the PRC, General Franco of Spain, the Fascist Mussolini of Italy, Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Germany. From the viewpoint of the SPLM Party’s constitution as the ruling and the Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan (ROSS), it was illegal, unjustifiable for the Salva Kiir to have fired the VP, the NLC and the PB members. Salva Kiir broke the law and he should have been impeached by Parliament.
    Peace in South Sudan would come as a result of push from external pressure points that is now being exerted by some powers-mainly the TROIKA (the USA, the UK and Norway), the IGAD has failed in the Peace talks attempted to reconcile the SPLA-Juba and the SPLA-In-Opposition and the Western controlled UNSC has become the Third Ministry for executing their geopolitical foreign policy agendas and their geostrategic vital national security interests throughout the global interactions when they perceived that such interests have been threatened.
    The IGAD has failed in the process because its member states attempting negotiating the peace talks have vested military stakes and interests in the crisis less Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sudan. Since the inception of the war in mid-December 2013, South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) comprised of many different components was already in the opposition against both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar regime. We fought them and they fought or we fought each other. We wanted to overthrow them and they wanted to defeat us to maintain power and control. They both fought the SSRF and the ferocious White Army (WA). They called them as Khartoum’s Militias, which today by submission or omission the former VP Dr. Machar has self-proclaimed himself as the Commander-in-Chief of these forces without any prior consultations or meetings with the political and the military command leadership of the SSRF. We have been as nasty a force that we could be and reckoned with by Juba because we fought and annihilated, disseminated and defeated them in Higglich oil terminals and the oil rich Unity State, Bentiu, South Sudan. We gave them bloody noses or hell and we would continue to do so in the future and the present until our demands have been met and the peace process would be reconvened in order to become comprehensive and inclusive.
    We would not accept such exclusionism in the peace process similar to what transferred in the bilateral Naivasha peace negotiations in which Professor John Young writes that “The international community focused its peace-making efforts on the north-south dimensions of the multifaceted conflict and reduced the protagonists and peace process to only two parties, namely, the NCP as the ruling party in Sudan and the SPLM/A.” Professor John Young further illuminated that “The various protocols of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement only recognized these two parties; in despite of the rhetoric by the international community about broadening peace-building--but not peacemaking--opposition parties in the north and the south were entirely excluded from the process. Professor John Young concludes that if the international community subscribed to the logic of the NCP/SPLM that only parties with the capacity to wage war deserved a place at the negotiating table ”
    The logic utilized for this exclusionism of other factions was pretty simple and it went like as professor John Young writes it. The various protocols of the bilateral Naiviasha Peace Agreement technically known as the Comprehensive peace Agreement of 2005 only recognized the aforesaid two parties; despite the rhetoric by the international community about broadening peace-building- but not peace-making- opposition parties in the north and south were entirely excluded from the process. Indeed the international subscribed to the logic of the NCP and SPLM that only parties with capacity to wage war deserved a place at the negotiating table. This plan was designed by Pagan Amoum that has adorned himself as the head of the so-called former Detainees who have been the main source of the crisis because they were anti-Riek Machar from the very beginning in the SPLM Political Bureau and even denied him the right to run for the Office of the President of the Republic and do have forces backing them on the ground inside South Sudan.
    Even the bilateral Naivasha peace process, which led to the signing of the CPA, was a scaled-down affair that precluded from the outset participation by others involved in the conflict elsewhere in the country as well as civil society and political parties from both the north and south. Most importantly, it denied the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) an armed Movement that brokered the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) that became the mother of all peace agreements in Sudan with comparable size or even greater than the SPLA and as a result it was widely believe that the signing of the CPA would set the stage for South-South war. This was realistic analysis was correct because if the late John Garang had landed at Khartoum International Airport en route from Uganda, the South-South war could have begun at that stage in Khartoum and then spread throughout into Southern Sudan. Let’s assume hypothetically that if the war occurred, the CPA would have been in shambles and left in ruins for good by such an incident, unfortunately.
    The IGAD has failed the peace process to become comprehensive and inclusiveness because it wanted to apply the old logic of the bilateral Naivasha Peace Agreement of 2005 technically called the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 that was a real blocker rather an inclusive because it excluded in the process many actors. It focus was the late John Garang and his cronies who have tossed over the table against Salva Kiir or tacitly the so-called Garang Boys and who called themselves the ex-Detainees otherwise known as the Group 10 (G-10) with no army on the ground. They neither belong to Salva Kiir’s Juba SPLA nor to Dr. Riek Machar’s so-called SPLA- in- Opposition (SPLA-I-OP). Who is really the G-10? With no army on the ground, what kind of peace could talk about? We could recall that it was Pagan Amoum who coined the term during the Naivaisha Peace negotiations and agreement to exclude other Armed Groups that “only parties with capacity to wage war deserved a place at the negotiating table”. This time around, we think that the so-called G-10 led by Pagan Amoum the former arrogant little like-mind, stupid Red Communist SPLM/A Secretary-General, We think now that they have become a bunch of yo-yos troublemakers with no specific peace and politico-military agenda. They were also responsible for the rift between Salva and Dr. Machar because they wanted power, money and control by any means necessary. Who would want to associate with these bad apples or characters? We would like to make it loud and clear that if Dr. Machar’s unilaterally welcomed to SPLA-I-Op. there could be resentment and exodus that could tilt the status quo ante in disfavor of Dr. Machar. We would like Dr. Machar’s to know in advance that any unilateral decision-makings that he makes without the collective inclusion of other opinions in the process, he (Dr. Machar) could find himself in a tough pigeon hole like Saddam Hussein epic with the US in Iraq.
    The main political and military opposition groups have been absolutely and resolutely have been excluded from the Addis-Ababa peace talks ever since such talks started on the crisis in South Sudan. Dr. Machar’s loves power, money, control and his’, therefore, no different, in my opinion from Salva Kiir because he often bulldozed himself, self-proclaimed and self-superimposed himself as the Chairman and the Commander-in-Chief of the non-SPLA fighters, which already existed, with chain of command and its political leadership that Dr. Machar’s, Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan) plus other closed and inexperienced relatives and in-laws that they wanted to sideline the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème in the process. Instead, Dr. Machar’s to come on in to join the original opposition on the things that we foresaw and to share political power in the leadership. South Sudan, for instance, was already a pre-born and a pre-failed state, that corruption was at the highest peak from the top to the bottom, that there was extremely entrenched ethnocentrism (tribalism), that unless the necessary corrections were undertaken before it was too late, South Sudan could plunge into a bloody civil war that could lead to national disintegration and Africa’ youngest state could become truly a failed state in Africa like Somalia on the Horn of Africa and that it remains politically instable, thus, moving from being stateless to statelessness.

    The author of this article, I was bitterly rebuked by both Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar and others clienteles who have clearly and undeniably came out to declare me as a “crazy and arrogant Sudanese-American Professor.” Of course, they do have any god damn record to show that I am crazy, but his ultimate goal was to blemish me politically and my good name sake as a renowned intellectual seen by the Nuer as the most potential replacement of Dr. Machar in the future and the present. We should make it clear to the Nuer Community (NC) and the entire world that during the eight (8) of Dr. Machar’s tenure as the VP in Juba, he did everything possible to blemish my name with Salva who was a good friend from the very beginning, but prematurely convinced by Dr. Machar and General Thomas Douth Guet and other useless Nuer Yieoni (Nuer for the money) that if I were to come in to join the government I would certainly stage coup d’état against Salva Kiir through the USCIA and the M-6 because of my American connections. This was perceived as big threat by Salva Kiir even though the US and the UK did not have such fabricated plans to stage a coup d’état against Salva Kiir that they have considered to become a good ally in Juba.

    Looking at it now and then, the fact that I remained out of the GOSS was a blessing in disguise because I am pretty cleansed and pretty cleansed indeed and nobody could claim that Professor/Ambassador David de Chand, the former Senior National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan prior to the split has been corrupt or embezzled monies compared to others, including the President and the former VP Dr. Machar who have embezzled a hell of a lot of money in their private banks accounts, purchased big mansions in Khartoum and abroad for what they did deserve such as, the stolen public purse. Even though I have qualified my position or statement of truth as a political scientist/political economist, historian and in my capacity as an expert international relations and international law, a former diplomat, conflict negotiations and conflict resolution, international humanitarian law and human rights laws and an expert in public administration; management; public policy decision-making; comparative government; federalism, management and the author of three book manuscripts on Sudan South Sudan relations retrospect to the split in 2011, the ICC and African leaders and the ongoing civil war in South Sudan. Succinctly, South Sudan has become a failed state that remains politically instable and moving from the stateless to statelessness like Somalia on the Horn of Africa.

    Realistically, I have qualified my statements by saying that South Sudan has been a pre-born and a pre-failed state not because of lack of highly qualified calibers, manpower and technocrats, but because these men and women with such capabilities as a league of its own has been deliberated and willfully sidelined or excluded in the process of establishing new democratic institutions for the Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan. In addition, I was bitterly rebuked and I could not be pleased that the issues that I have painstakingly researched and wrote about them have become political realities. I have specifically argued that unless the SPLM leadership as the ruling party undertook the necessary political reforms and corrections on the probed concepts that South Sudan was a pre-born and a pre-failed, corruption and deeply entrenched ethnocentrism (tribalism) I have proven them all wrong and I could now feel at ease, feel great feel terrific and could laugh at them because they have been crazy and cranky. They have killed hundreds of thousands of people and internally displaced (IDPs) millions of people in so short a period of time. Many people have lost lives compared to those that have died during the years, that they have created pain, suffering, mental anguish and hunger for their people in one of the most fertile lands in Africa and the world and potentially rich in strategic critical minerals, oilfields and Gas fields, that they have failed and disintegrated the state on ethnocentric lines (tribal lines); that it would become impossible South Sudan as a state would not be reunited ever in the future and the present. History would not absolve both Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir, but would absolve me because I have caused no pain, suffering and mental anguish or death to anyone or anybody in South Sudan.

    In my capacity as a former diplomat, academic, leader of South Sudan Democratic Front Party or South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDFP), and its military component--South Sudan National Revolutionary Army (SSNRA), we have not participated in Juba’s government one of the most highly corrupt system and the most backward regime, unfortunately. I have earned my entire wings from the “Old Sudan”. Since I have been the political leader of the SSRF led by 1Lt. General Gordon Kong Chol, Lt.-General James Gai Yoach, Major David Yaw Yaw, and Major General Oolony that turned to become a terrorist and Salva Kiir’s renegade misleading the Shilluk (Chollo) minority to hell to become enemy against the predominantly Nuer majority in Upper Nile State. I hold the rank of Lt-General in the SSRF and sometimes my guys called me “Herr Marshal”. We bitterly fought the SPLA incursion into our bases with combined SPLA, JEM, SRF, SPLA-N deliberately and willfully attacked our positions because they called us as Khartoum “militias” in which we were not, never been and would never be forever. We were (still is) a guerilla movement that has been anti-Juba’s corruption, ethnocentrism (tribalism), spillover of bad governance, democratization; the rule of law and human rights protection.

    Let’s assume hypothetically that we have been truly Khartoum militias then and now, we would have kicked out the SPLM as the ruling party a long time ago. Even though it has brought in the UPDF and its affiliated mercenaries from Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya Somalia and Zimbabwe, including its witchcrafts from Nigeria and Rwanda fighting the rebels, we gave them hell of a bloody fight that the UPDF would never ever forget the ferocious fighting Nuers in South Sudan. We could have already overran Juba, but the self-proclaimed rebel leader Dr. Machar really mess up the guys fighting this war because he has got an agenda to be reunited with Salva Kiir for the SPLM to rise up again as the ruling party to continue ruling South Sudan. This has become now too late and a bride too far to cross. We have been opposed to the management Africa’s youngest state, corruption, extreme ethnocentrism, embezzlement, and #####ng of the public purse or coffer by the SPLM officials, including the President and the former Vice President up to the common or the little man on the street in Juba.

    We have been the staunchest architects and advocates of political and military elites that pushed for independence that Dr. Machar left the entire South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/SSIA) that brokered the 1997 KPA or the 1997 Sudan Peace Agreement(SPA) was the first peace agreement in the country that became the mother of all peace processes in the country), which was twisted around with heck of alterations, insertions, deletions, new agendas, new changes inserted by the American lobbyists, Roger P. Winter known as the Pentagon man in South Sudan after Rwanda, John Prendergast, Ted Diane the Ethiopian émigré and turned CIA Agent on Africa, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan, Dr. Susan Rice, the former US Ambassador (African-American Iron lady) to the UN and now head of the National Security Council (NSC) in the White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

    Notwithstanding, Dr. Machar compared to Dr. Lam Akol left his group” headless” because compared to Dr. Lam Akol that has been impatience, an opportunist, a vulture and a hyena when he suddenly and not surprisingly signed the so-called Nairobi Declaration with the late John Garang de Mabior on 7 January 2002. Dr. Machar left his people “headless” and this has been the predicament that attributed to confusion and disillusionment in Dr. Machar’s leadership style, which up to this time confused and weakened many capable and highly qualified calibers to follow Dr. Machar’s leadership because of lack of confident in what he does and to become the loser at the end of the day. Of course, he knows that he has been obsolete within the Nuer Community likes Salva Kiir has been in the heterogeneous Dinka Community.

    In conclusion, neither Dr. Machar’s nor Salva Kiir’s could be able to lead, reunite and to rebuild trust amongst South Sudanese in the future and the present. We suggest or recommend, therefore, that they leave peacefully the political scene and to let them go on to venture in other careers like any other politicians have done so worldwide. They should those who have followed them for so long a chance to lead. We do reckon that in the Nuer Community that traditionally liberal, democratic, faith-based political culture and especially amongst the Nuer intellectuals and generals, Dr. Machar has done and would not rise again at the end of this crisis and so too Salva Kiir as his counterpart. For the two men, in as far as I am concerned, enough is enough, because they killed too many people, accumulated a lot of money and should just call it quit and to move on with career change ventures in order for others to have a chance to rebuild or to reconstruct and to contribute effectively in the construction of the pillars of the bridge in the national building process. This is the bottom line.

    The root causes of the ongoing crisis in South Sudan Africa’s youngest failed state could be attributed to the shocking and baseless, but not surprising premature announcement made in Juba by Dinka dictator Salva Kiir on 15 December 2013 to the world that there a failed coup d’état attempt against him (Salva Kiir) in which the former VP was implicated as the ring leader. Based on the said, there was no shredded evident to corroborate or to substantiate beyond a reasonable doubt, that there was really a failed coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir. It was a hoax and pretext to assassinate the entire SPLM Political Bureau, including the former VP. I was the first amongst equals that announced and articulated to the world media that there was no coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator, a child, a woman killer and the minister of death. My position and articulation was pick up by the international community and the US championed the birth of South Sudan accepted it in principle and in a whole that there was no coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir staged by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar.

    The unanimous acceptance of no coup d’état attempt cleared the airwaves and exonerated the former VP Dr. Riek Machar of any wrong doing, guilt, doubts over the aforesaid incident. Unless Salva Kiir could produce tangible, viable and vibrant concrete and stronger evident to substantiate the allegation of a failed coup d’état attempt by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar, the Dinka dictator does not stand any iota chance on whatsoever evident that he already presented to the world and South Sudan state remained elusive and illegitimate that the international community, the international tribunal and the Constitution of South Sudan would accept it as legit. Therefore, if what Salva Kiir claimed to be evident, then, there was sufficient evident to warrant the former VP to be termed as the ring leader for the so-called coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir by any military tribunal or any courts of law.

    Because Salva Kiir has been asphyxiated by his anti-Nuer nationality or ethnicity hateful sentiments, jealousy the already registered Nuerophobia and other phobic phobia amongst the Dinka (Jieng) people toward the Naadth or Nath (people of the people), the Nuer nation and its resilient people and as potentially the richest in natural resources, i.e., oil and gas, strategic critical mineral and fertile agricultural lands and they [Dinka] virtually have got nothing besides the cattle that the Nuer also have. The Dinka must admit that are poor, lazy, arrogant and stupid, dictators and undemocratic. We have been to the Heartland of the Dinka; they have good fertile lands like their Nuer counterparts. However, because the Dinka men are lazy and do not cultivate like their Nuer counterparts, it’s one of the raison d’être that they have been hunger all year round and solely the victims of “Dependency Syndrome” from the UNWFP food dropping that no Nuer people would accept. Even during the sixteen months war perpetrated by the Dinka jackasses’ power elite, the Nuer people have cultivated more than enough Bel or Dura (sorghum) to fight the war against Juba and the UPDF that they shall and will defeat them.

    We have known that they [Dinka] have grown big bellies with Nuer oil money that they [Dinka] do not deserve. They would sooner rather than regret the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. We shall and will overcome what happened to the Nuer nation and people, but for the Dinka it would forever remain a register crime that they would not escape it, but they would transmit it from generation to the generation as long as humankind lives on the planet-Earth. We would pursue them no matter where they go, to live and to work worldwide. We are determined to do justice like the Israelis’ Mosad and the Israelis’ Shin bin have done against the Nazis that genocide the Jews during the Second World War (WW II) (1939-1945) and escaped to other parts of world. We have that capability to accomplish this mission and my Dinka cousins should know and underscore this fact, political and historical reality. It would happen sooner rather than later.

    In the history of humankind, there have been no problems without probable causes of crises, conflicts, quagmires and wars did not occur spontaneously without probable sociopolitical, socioeconomic, negative perception before between country A and country B. These have been logical, analytical, methodical, epistemological and philosophical dynamics and uniqueness of the root causes of the crises in the international geopolitical and geostrategic system. Mankind as a rational animal and the hardest to rule, to administer, to control, and to manage and to r on the planet-Earth, have the ability and the capacity at times to create to the most dangerous sophisticated negative perceptions as a rational animal with fluctuating minds and thoughts that have been often the essence of rational scientific minds and rational reasoning and reasonableness either positive or negative rational and negative thinking and neo-thinking to create the most gruesome and horrendous crises that could make life to become much more miserable than it has already been miserable to become pretty miserable, pretty nasty as it can be and the most difficult to bear, unfortunately.

    Nevertheless, in despite of mankind’s ability and capacity to create problems, it also have the capacity, the ability, the willingness and the readiness to make peace, reconciliation, to forgive, but not to forget the past. So history of humanity could be summed succinctly that we if we yearn for peace must also be prepared for war and if we yearn for war, we must also be prepared for peace and vice versa. From the time of immemorial, mankind created politics or states or the nation-states to continue doing so, it created within the existing states or nation-states inherent social problems and crimes that could become resolvable, irresolvable and the rest could become the tumultuously tedious and compound complex problems that would often required, logical and analytical reasoning and reasonableness, Dialogues par cum pari (equal) to listen, to learn, to grow, and to change in the process of achieving peaceful and political conflict resolution. This is the real current crisis in South Sudan that unless we altogether seek peace for the sake of peace in the region , it could escalate like wildfires in the bushes and it could become the most episode or epic to quench in the future and present. The Dinka Community should know by now that what they have done, which they ought not to have done would be detrimental to their co-existence with the Nuer people in south Sudan. They should critically think about after the fact or the post-mortem of them what they have done to the Nuer people who would overcome this incident.

    The current ongoing crisis in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan has become a compound complex crisis because of regional and international actors’ involvement that should not be neither underestimated nor ignored because if the regional powers, could not find a substantive and logical solution, reasonable peace and political conflict resolution, it could create real geopolitical and geostrategic havocs not only for the international actors who are desperately pushing their economic and their vital strategic national security interests, regional political upheavals throughout the Horn of Africa and beyond. South Sudan has already failed; disunited and disintegrated such that it could become impossible to retrieve this state of affair in the foreseeable future. The crisis rather than the so-called coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir staged by the former VP Dr. Machar was a hoax and has put South Sudan back to square one- that’s to say, to its previously status of being a pre-born and a pre-failed state as result of its democratic institutions were not well preconceived, envisaged, structured and not properly established, mismanaged and mal-administered.

    Specifically, the lack or the absence thereof of established democratic and federal institutions, strategized prioritized socioeconomic planning and infrastructure in despite of South Sudan’s enormous resources that the current regime leadership and the ruling party failed to appropriately manage, to administer and to equitably distribute or wealth sharing amongst its culturally diverse nationalities and ethnicities because of rampant corruption, embezzlement, self-aggrandizement, patronage, nepotism, favoritism and socio-ethos in the building of the pillars of the bridge, the absence of sustainable governance, democratization; the rule of law, human rights protection, transparency and accountability, have been disproportionately advantageous to the welfare of the Africa’s youngest state or polity in South Sudan.

    Hitherto, the absence of comprehensive and inclusions of all the culturally diverse population in the process in the formation of national government to give each and every one of them a sense of belonging and patriotism as full citizens in Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan has been another great setback. Thus, the visionaries that foresaw, researched and wrote about the ongoing events have been correct in what they foretold would happen if necessary corrections and the internal contradictions were not ascertained and authentically implemented for that.


    Joana Adams, RSS, writes on 24 December 2013 that the former US Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Princeton Lyman, has put off his diplomatic hat and squarely blamed Salva Kiir for the violence engulfing the country in a BBC interview. We could not agree more with Joana Adam’s analysis, reasoning and reasonableness. The people of South Sudan have witnessed the unfolding events in the Africa’s youngest country. South Sudan is a democratic Republic and not monarchy or hereditary monarchy; it is a constitutional right of every citizen to contest for the highest office of the President in the land. It absolutely and resolutely shocking that the president who elected by the people democratic would become enraged about being politically challenged. It was cleared that the president went on rampage by: (1) unconstitutionally sacked the VP in August 2013; (2) unconstitutionally suspending the Secretary-General of the SPLM party; (3) Blocked every avenue for Dialogue within the SPLM as the ruling party by refusing to convene the SPLM Political Bureau (PB) meeting to internally discuss SPLM and to set agenda for Liberation Council meeting; (4) prematurely issued an order to dissolve SPLM structures, i.e., politburo, National Liberation Council (NLC) forcing the press conference on the 6 December 2013 by those opposed to him and affected by the monumental dissolution;(5) swiftly convened a surprise meeting of the NLC to divert attention from and obstruct a public rally by the opposition forces within the SPLM party: Dr. Riek Machar and company suspended the public rally in response to call from religious leaders in anticipated to attend the NLC meeting, but were further humiliated by an ignorant and arrogant President Kiir which result in their walk-out; (6) The Dinka dictator Salva Kiir gave orders that the Nuer ethnicity Presidential guards be disarmed;(7) Salva Kiir gave instruction to his militias to indiscriminately attack and kill Nuer soldiers, civil servants, unarmed and helpless civilians’ population or citizens in Juba that shall be known hereinafter as the 2013 Juba Genocide.

    Certainly, with this brief explanation, it was clear that Salva Kiir was to blamed for the violence in the country. Specifically, Salva Kiir must and ought to be investigated on the charges of inciting and authorizing genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacres, killings and gross systematic human rights violations throughout South Sudan. Based on the preceded explications it was beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Dinka dictator has proven to be unfit to lead Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan.

    First and foremost of all, the full responsibility of the crisis in South Sudan be squarely blamed on Salva Kiir, General Paul Malong Awan, James Tellar Deng, the Presidential Advisor, recently posted to Moscow as South Sudan Ambassador, the Twic Dinka Special Militias under the command of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan, SPLA Security and his loyal cronies, sycophants and protégés. We must call a spade a spade or to put it in Black and White, the SPLA as if a party’s forces comprised of all ethnicities or nationalities in South Sudan did not shoot anyone to kill any innocent unarmed and helpless people in Juba. However, when the SPLA split into two one faction became pro-Salva Kiir’s and another faction became pro-Dr. Riek Machar’s, it could be assumed possibly that it was them that each group decided to undertake revenge killings. For many young Dinka who have died in this crisis, the survivors at the end would ask why they have to die, why they would have to hate the Nuer so much, what have the Nuer done them? Many of their loved ones do not know that their kids, husbands and brothers have been all killed in fighting the Nuer troopers in Greater Upper Nile region and the war is moving rapidly, but slowly, steadily and surely into the Heartland of the Dinkaland in Warrap State and Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel State.

    These two states have the source of the crisis and they must and ought to be taught great and un-forgetful lessons. They should not blame the Nuer fighters for what may come, but Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan have been identified as the two men responsible for the crisis, the war and the most wanted criminals dead or alive. As for all those that participated in the Genocide like Major Kirbino Kuanyin Bol the son of the late notorious General Kiribino Kuanyin Bol responsible for the death of more than 300 unarmed and helpless Nuer people, including many others that have been documented, they would meet their fate through the administration or the adjudication of social justice. We would make sure that justice must and ought to be done and the ICC, the UNSC, the AU and the weak IGAD should become mindful that the crime of genocide and other rights violations have been committed against the Nuer nationality or ethnicity in the 2013 Juba Genocide. Failure on the above mentioned organizations not to act swiftly, could cause the Nuer to take matters into their hands in dealing with the Dinka accordingly and that could become fatal compared only to the Chaka Zulu wars in Southern Africa in the 1900s and the Arab-Israeli war that has no end in sight in the Middle East. We would have no forgiveness for all those that have committed this crime and we would haunt them down no matter where found-to destroy the perpetrators [Dinka] of the crime of genocide and other rights violations.

    As soldiers and professionals with a code of ethnic based on positive organized dictatorship, a chain of command and a mission to protect the national interests and its civilians’ population when call upon to do so, they have opted to remain out of politics by obeying orders. The former Chief of the General Staff, Gathoth Mai, a well educated, balanced and a veteran of the war of liberation, firstly, did a pretty good job as an Officer and a Gentleman. Nonetheless, he failed to provide protection to the unarmed and helpless civilians’ population with specifically targeted the Nuer ethnicity per orders of the President to this great nationality amongst the sixty-four (64) different nationalities or ethnicities for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. General Mai should have realized that the state became lawless, chaotic and unarmed and helpless civilians’ population were being genocide, massacres, killings by the President Kiir’s Twic Dinka Militias comprises of Agetweng, Bany Adut, Malwal Anyuo and Malwal Anyier totaling to 3-6,000 man strong.

    As the Chief of the General Staff, this where he should have shown leadership by staging a coup against the elected President of the Republic went berserk after having got so many shots of Whisky, drunk and broke the law and the Constitution of the Africa’s youngest stat. He could not have been blamed had he undertook this actions or the leadership of protecting the unarmed and helpless civilians because the whole thing would have come foreclosure swiftly and fairly many months ago. The world would have supported him, including the IGAD in politico-military paralysis within the state and then returns over the power to the civilians once clam was achieved in the country. This could have been similar to what occurred in Burkina Faso in the last few months or so when Burkina Faso Armed Forces [BFAF] took over power and then returned it over to the civilian rule.

    The militias were not part of the Ministry of Defense (MOD), but exclusively under the command of President Salva Kiir and the Chief of the General Staff Paul Malong Awan. The Militias instructed to specifically deal with the Nuer Question by targeting the Nuer nationality for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Salva Kiir has vowed to completely wipe out the Nuer as a race to become statistics on the planet-Earth once and for all on the face of this planet-Earth and South Sudan in particular. How could he accomplish this plan? The Nazis attempted it against the Jews during the Second World War in Europe and they failed, Saddam Hussein did it by gassing the Kurds, he failed; the Hutus’ did it against the Tutsi in the 1994 Rwanda, they too had failed. How could the Dinka dictator to a whole nation that found in three (3) countries, viz., South Sudan as the majority nationality according to the 2010 Fifth Population Census in Sudan prior to the split, the 500 Kilometers Southwest Nuer-Ethiopia- South Sudan border and along 2,800 to 3,000 Kilometers along the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan border. Realistically, it could have been an impossible mission for the Dinka dictator to accomplish. Without the shadow of a doubt, at least one Nuer nationality would have left and then to continue the fight against the Dinka dictator until he would be defeated.

    The failure of the top braze SPLA Generals to stage a coup d’état against the President was incompatible with the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan because the President had acted contrary to the Constitution and bylaws of the Republic as a democratically elected President by the same innocent unarmed and helpless people that he genocide in cold blood and that they[the military] establishment failed to stage a coup d’état against the President that went berserk by ordering the killings, massacres and genocide of unarmed and helpless people in violation of Article 6 of the UN Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG), including the ICC rights law.

    Major-General Mach Paul that and Lt. General Gai Yoach fought and defeated disastrously in Bentiu and Higglich oil terminals and Lt.-General Majak de’Aggoot, former Deputy Minister of Defense and others though gave straightforward statements to the AU Investigators on the ensuing crisis, they were, nonetheless, not cleansed either because they were part and parcel of the problem rather part and parcel of the solution. We do know how wicked and arrogant these two Dinka Bor generals have been anti-Nuer nationality and as a race in South Sudan. They have not been out of the woods yet because they had a lot to be accounted for at the end of the day. They armed the Dinka Bor to kill the Nuer civilians’ population when we convinced them through a painstaking hard work until they agreed to be disarmed through the United Nations Demobilization, Disarmament and Rehabilitation (UNDDR) Programs in South Sudan. Realizing all of the events, which have transferred in the post-UNDDR Program, we have fully and heavily re-armed the Nuers than ever before. They would never again to accept any of the so-called UNDDR Programs. In fact, we would train and re-arm more the Nuer nation and its resilient people for self-protection of their communities and property from any further Dinka, the Murle and the SPLA maunders incursions into the Nuerland in the future and the present. Absolutely and resolutely, no Nuer leaders never again would encourage and to accept any further disarmament of the Nuer in South Sudan. It would become a non-negotiable item, a big red line and a no-go item. This is the bottom line. We have done it once and it did not work as we have intended it to be so. The Nuer folks would forever remain well and heavily armed and properly militarily trained for self-protection of the Nuer Community against all foes or enemies.

    Last, but not least, as for the Nuer generals and politicians bought by Salva Kiir under his “Nine Points” secret agenda extracted from the so-called 39 Laws, which are no longer secrets because they have been accessed to and disseminated widely, any bought off generals or politicians who make any attempt to disarm the Nuers, could be in big trouble or in a hot soup. It has to be made clear herein and now that we have two books- one black and the other white. Surely, nobody knows who are in the Black Book or who are in the White Book. It surely remains a myth to be de-mythologized. Therefore, anyone paid off with big cash to betray the Nuer Community, should realize he/ she might have been already placed in the Black Book.

    Those Nuers for the money (Nuer Yeiouni) or in Dinka language tacitly termed as “Nuer Wew,” they have already been placed in the Black Book and any encroachment of these idiots into the Nuerland, they could meet their fates from any Nuer persons bystanders because they have been traitors, collaborators, betrayers as well as sales out of the Nuer people, culture and ethics. They shall be condemned, ostracized or ex-communicated in absentia. Folks like Dr. Riek Kok, Dr. Barnaba Marial, Tut Gatluak (Tut Kaw), the sons of Montuiel and the Foolish and under educated James Kok Ruai, lady Nyadak Paul, General Thomas Douth Guet and John Luke Jock, for instance, the Nuer nation would have to fight their “Kempf” or their war on them because of the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done against the Nuer Community for the sake of the money they have been paid off by Salva Kiir as the partial fulfillment of the so-called 39 Laws that would not work. Can a Dinka really draft 39 Laws against the Nuer or is it not the Nuer to draft 39 laws or more against the Dinka? I had already accessed these retrospect to 2004 Yei River Conference and the speeches made by John Garang Salva and Wani Igga and had written long analysis that would I have to revisit now for further revision because of the changes that have occurred during the years up to the present. The availability of the Black and the White books should make everyone to become cautious in what they say, what they say, how they say it, why they say it; when they say it; and where they say it…etc. It would become the secret code of ethics to make sure that every Nuer must and ought to know what they say and do in the community. We shall have no forgiveness this time around until learn how to conduct ourselves properly like good men and women in the Nuer Community.

    From happened in the 2013 Genocide, not even a single soul stood with us in this tragedy in south Sudan. What have we learned, what have the Nuer traditionally known to be democratic, responsible, leaders, Good Samaritans and died for the sake other weaker Southerners when they being abuse by outsiders in our presence. This is lesson that we have learned the hard way. American lobbyists such as, Roger Winter, John Prendergast, Ted Diane and Dr. Susan Rice and others as well have been responsible for what happened to the Nuer Community in 2013. It has been their agenda for many years retrospect to split in 1991 of the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A that we built with our sweats and blood to liberate South Sudan. They should know that the Nuer nation and its resilient people shall and will overcome this incident like others who have experienced genocide before us in the world. We shall overcome and we shall over… and Kuotth Naadth or Nath diede e long… (The Nuer God through Nyundeng is great or the God of the people of the people id great, and we shall overcome). As for Dinka cousins, the Nuer nation and its gallant people would promise them long suffering in South Sudan. They should know this fact because they have started it and we would end it for them. If anyone transgresses against a Nuer, he would transgress against that person twice as hard as the transgressor has done him. There would be no forgiveness of the perpetrators of the crime of genocide.

    As the author of this work, we would call for peace through strength, but never in weakness, the immediate establishment of an International Tribunal in South Sudan similar to Rwanda Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania, in South Sudan, establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in South Sudan similar to the post-apartheid TRC in South Africa and Dialogue par cum pari (equal) (Ruaini ti paarke) and reconciliations through the formation of an international Tribunal in South Sudan similar the Rwanda Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania, the formation the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Sudan similar to the South African Truth and reconciliation at the end of apartheid such that everyone that has committed a crime against an unarmed and helpless persons should confess what they have done, which they ought not to have done against their fellow countrymen and counterwomen. For those who have lost their loved ones that have been murdered in cold blood, they should learn to forgive, but not to forget, because those who have committed such acts did not know what they were doing. We should not simplify ourselves to act like them, but we should be above and beyond them and become humble and Christ-like people. We do reckon that these statements are hardest and difficult to comprehend and to swallow them, to chew them and to digest them. They have started this show and we would finish it for them when, where, how, what and why or through the “Maslow laws.”

    These paid off Nuer yeiouni, would have no place on the table in the Nuer Community. They have been already classified as the outcasts, the outlaws, and collaborators, betrayers of their community as well as criminals of the third kind. They should know that in accordance with the Nuer culture, law and customs, they shall and will transmit this guilt from their children to their children’s children. They have been cursed by the Great Nuer God forever. Their money would finish one way or the other, but the guilt that they have committed against the Nuer Community and it great people would continue haunting them for posterity and forever lasting. Kuoth Nhial a thin, ka Kuoth Nhial a thin! (God is Great and God is Great), Halleluiah! So let everyone, including the author looks out and watches carefully what comes out of their tongues as the “numero uno” (public enemy No, 1) against mankind in accordance with the Biblical interpretations. We shall not forgive the perpetrators of the Genocide until the mission as been accomplished. This is the bottom line.

    The current worsening crisis in South Sudan have multifaceted problems with emphasis on intensifying hunger for more than a year, according to the UNM more South Sudanese have sought refuge and shelters and protection its peacekeeping outposts. Stephanie Dujarric, a spokesman for the United Nations reported in New York that more than 4,500 South Sudanese had recently entered UNMISS Compound in Upper Nile, bringing the total number who have sought sanctuary at the base to 26,000 shelter and protection at the base and pushing the total number in the entire country who are living in the UNMISS Compounds or facilities to 115,000. More than one 1.5-2.5million have become internally displaced persons (IDPs) inside South Sudan and more than 500,000 to a million fled to the neighboring African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.

    The looming crisis started with the alleged coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir by Dr. Riek Machar as it ring leader and the political feuding between factions loyal to Salva Kiir and others who swear allegiance to Dr. Machar have been the root causes of the crisis. Nevertheless, the crisis is as old as the US midwifed the birth of South Sudan and could be traced to the 1984 when the late General Abdullah Chol Deng of the Anya-Anya (A-2) from Fangak, Central Nuer, murdered many Dinka cadres from Bahr-el-Ghazel en route to Itang, Bilphan and Bonga Military Camps (BMCs) in revenged killings and massacres in revenge of the death of the late charismatic Colonel Samuel Gai Tut swiftly murdered by the late John Garang de Mabior abated by the Dirge Marxist-Leninist (1971-1991) in Ethiopia and the Split in the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A as terrorist outfit rather a national liberation movement compared to Algeria, led by Ahmed Benbella, Libya led by Sheikh Ahmed Mukhtar, the ANC led for twenty-seven (27) years in Jail or behind bars on Robin Island offshore South Africa by the late President Nelson Mandela, Mozambique Liberation Movement led by Zamora Michel, Southwest African People Organization (SWAPO) led by Sam Njuma, the Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) led by Dr. Agustino Neto and the Union for the Total Liberation of Angola (UNITA) led by the late Johannes Samvibi, including other success test cases of African national liberation movements.

    To qualify and to quantify my statement that the SPLMA has been (and still is) a terrorist organization have been because it murdered in cold blood it best and the brightest or la crème del a crème cadres because the late John Garang adorned himself as the vicar of the SPLMA and often carried it in his brief case and managed it like his own personal plantation whilst it claims that its was liberating the people of Southern Sudan from yoke and bastion of the Arabizrd Muslim North neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism. Realistically, the late John Garang had a designed to entrench the Dinka supremacy, dynasty and chastiystanism and apartheid in South Sudan. The Nuer ferocious fighters resisted and killed it for good before it could bloom at the horizon in South Sudan. This has been the same legacy that Salva Kiir wanted to install it and the Nuers resisted and killed it for the second time for good. The present of Ugandans in South Sudan soil would not allow the Dinkanization and Dinkaism Programs to takeoff in any shape or form as long as the Nuer nation and its resilient people remain alive and well. The Nuer would push for the seed of ‘democracy’ and our thick and strong blood have already watered such a seed to bloom and to grow and no one ever would neither remove it nor to destroy it in South Sudan soil. They would fight such individuals until death departs.

    The same dictatorial, Stalinist’s state and Marxist-Leninist Bolshevik’s leadership style were inherited and emulated by the current Dinka dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit whose legacy shall be remembered as the most bloodletting, genocide … as the most gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity with the intention to murder people because of their group membership, even if political or economic. A second definition of genocide, which may be termed as democide is any intentional government murder of unarmed and helpless people for whatever reason. The 2013 Juba Genocide committed by Salva Kiir’s regime targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part and the governmental intentional killings of unarmed and helpless people for whatever reason in Juba town was genocide in violation of Article 6 of the UNCPPCG and the ICC rights.

    Basically, genocide is a product of the type of government a country has. For instance, South Sudan has a diabolical non-benevolence dictatorship and entrenched ethnocentric (tribal) regime that Salva Kiir’s focuses only on his siblings, relatives and the Twic Dinka from Warap and Aweil in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazel States. R. J. Rommel writes on Genocide, says he that “There is a high correlations between the degree of democratic freedom a people enjoy and the likelihood that the government will commit democide.” Certainly, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that governments that commit most genocide or democide have been truly totalitarian, Marxist-Leninist, dictatorships, authoritarian, military junta and oligarchic governments or regimes on the planet-Earth.

    Regardless of the type or system of government, the likelihood of genocide increases during their involvement in war, or when undergoing internal convulsions or disruptions as social revolution or social renaissances, rebellions, or foreign incursions. Such provides the cover and excuses for genocide. In time of peace and war, the motive for genocide may be designed specifically to deal with a perceived threat to the government or its politics, to destroy that one hates or envies, to pursue the ideological transformation or democratic change as opposed to dictatorship in society, to purify society, or to achieve economic or material gain. We would like the Nuer readers of this article to micro-macroscopically should focus specifically on the terms “hates”, “envies”, to pursue the ideological transformation of society, to purify society, or to achieve economic or material gains.” Specifically, the Dinka wanted to destroy the Nuer because of the economic gain because they are poor and do not have natural resources compared to the Nuer people the potentially richest in resources in Greater Upper Nile region and the Nuerland in particular. We would not allow the ignoramus and cannibal-likes Dinka to do this to the Nuer, but they have already paid a pretty high price and more would follow on the way as long as the crisis continues to loom in South Sudan.

    The Dinka tribesmen and power elite lack natural resources, hitherto, all of the above terminologies applied to the 2013 Juba Genocide. Salva Kiir’s has been all along intended to reduce the number of the Nuer people to give the poor, weak, lazy and stupid Dinka an edge of over the Nuer nationality or ethnicity by targeting it for genocide as a “final solution” in whole or in part and to create what I may be called as “Dinkaphobia” as opposed to an inculcated “Nuerophobia” similar to “Germanophobia” or Europhobia and phobic phobia by the Dinka against the Nuer people that they often perceived with hate, contempt, jealousy, envies in the same patterns that Europeans, including British Isles have negatively perceived the Germans retrospect to the First World War (WWI) (1914-1919) and the Second World War (WW II) (1939-1945) and how the Asian peoples as a whole also have the same negative perception of Japanese during the periods of the First World War (WWI) (1914-1919) ended concluded by the Treaty of Versailles in Paris, France, in 1919 and the Second World War ended by Japan’s surrendered to the Americans under the commands of General MacArthur on 8 August 1945. In case of the Dinka, it was futile attempt to reverse the history of defeats from the Nuer nation and its resilient people. Major-General Mac Paul, the former Army Chief of Intelligence stated it at the outset in the leaked AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan Report (#17) that when they asked Salva Kiir “What was the problem?”

    The Dinka dictator Salva Kiir a child and a woman killer replied that the problem is personal, everyone wants to be President. What’s wrong with that? His problem was that Dr. Riek Machar was acting outside the process of the SPLM…” It was, surely, reflective of chronic old problem and vendetta against Dr. Machar that has been all the way held accountable for breakaway in 1991 and assumed was driven by similar personal problems”. Succinctly, there are no correlations at all, between the 1991 events and what occurred in an independent and sovereign de jure state, member of the AU and the United Nations organization. Realistically, the plan was to implicate Dr. Machar in the coup d’état attempt and if he had any shredded evident to support such a thing he could have invited all the IGAD countries and others to intervene in South Sudan similar to what is going on in Yemen with the Husseineen and the Saudis and its coalition. Nonetheless, such a designed has become a real and truly failure. So Salva Kiir goofed and would pay the price of his premature action against the Nuer nation and its resilient people. We shall and will make it loud and clear as the PM Churchill told to the English people against the German Luftwaffe (German Air Force) (GAF) raids over London during the WWII said he that “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

    We say in the same vein to the Nuer people that “we shall defend the Nuerland, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the Suds (marshes) of the Touich of the White Nile River, we shall fight on the landing strips, we shall fight in the farms, the bushes and in our villages, we shall fight on the fertile agro-lands; we shall not surrender to the defeated Jieng (Dinka) or Kuany (slave-like person or a Cinderella-like person that is less than a human being (raami raan or Naadth or Nath) (people of the people). Salva Kiir’s started this premature crisis he must put to an end or it must him to an end before the crisis puts an end Salva Kiir and his cronies. It was the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy that said he that “Mankind mut put an end to war before the war puts an end to mankind.” We would also like Salva Kiir and his poorly and cowardly ill-trained generals to know that the Nuer nation and its resilient people are courageous and not afraid of forgiving for the sake of peace or afraid either of neither army of lions led by a sheep nor an army of sheep led by a lion.”

    The Nuer people from the beginning wanted peace with their neighbors, but not aggression and genocide, and deliberate and willful killing of children and women that the nucleus of the nation for no good reasons at all. This made us to be bloody mad and angry. Nevertheless, we [the Nuer] shall forgive and we are courageous and are not afraid of forgiving, but we shall and will never ever forget the past events. If the Dinka people did not know in modern history of Sudan, my great father Chan Koryom Diet, the Great Prophet Dwal Deiu and the Great Prophet Nyundeng resisted the British colonial rule in Southern Sudan or otherwise known as the “Nuer Revolution” (al-Sana’a al-Nuer) (1900-1930) in contemporary Sudanese history and they never surrendered to the British suzerainty. Where was Salva Kiir’s grandfather, what did he do? Succinctly, No Nuer person would surrender to anyone in South Sudan, but the Sixty-three (63) other tribes, including the Dinka would surrender to the Nuer people one way or the other. Without the Ugandan, the Dinka would have running like pack mad dogs out of Juba and would sooner rather than later. The Ugandan as protectors would soon get the hell out of South Sudan, where would Salva Kiir go to? We would not forgive him even he were to hold our feet for forgiveness he would have to die like those unarmed and helpless women, children, elderly, doctors, educators and the like in the 2013 Juba Genocide and beyond. We do know that he can run, but he cannot hide because we would know where, when and how to get hold of him to be brought to justice.

    The reply and the vendetta that Salva Kiir an undereducated, constantly drunkard, primitive President and Benedict Arnold’s type could not be compared himself with an intellectual, thinker, a scientist, liberator or the George Washington of South Sudan and a leader of great people in South Sudan. Every Dinka and “Nuer Yieuni” or Camjiecni (useless, stupid and food first Nuers) referent to those that remained with a child and a woman kill and the minister of death in South Sudan, or what the Dinka called them “Nuer Wew” (Nuers for the money) should know henceforth that Dr. Machar has been (and still is) South Sudan George Washington rather than Benedict Arnold was represented by the late John Garang and his replacement the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir in Africa’s youngest failed state in South Sudan. We would like the South Sudan and the world to know and for the record that Dr. Machar has been the Nuer General Charles Gordon (the Chinese Gordon), the Nuer Churchill, the Nuer General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Nuer J.F. Kennedy, the Nuer Chancellor Billy Brandt of Germany, the Nuer Professor Albert Einstein, the Nuer PM Aba Eban of Israel, the Nuer General Moshe Dayan of IDF, the Nuer President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, M.K. Gandhi of India, the Nuer Rt. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., of the US Civil Rights, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) of Germany, the UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, President Havel of Czechoslovakia and President Mikhail Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union. They would be more than ever determined through the democratic process for Dr. Riek Machar to become the next President of South Sudan by any means necessary.

    We reckon that some idiots and empty ######### jackasses like Salva would say No, No and No, that he could not become the President, but we, the people of the people plus our great allies within South Sudan, including the Dinka Community, we would “Yes” without any reservations and hesitation that Dr. Riek Machar shall and will become the next President of the would-be Federal Republic of South Sudan because he would be the only one that would nurse the nation to health, the chartered new course and to heal the wounds for reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past. We [the Nuer] as a courageous, brave and fearless race (ram mi raan) people of the people, we are not afraid of forgiving for the sake of peace. Peace will return to South Sudan by any means necessary. We shall overcome and we shall and will overcome this tragedy. The Nuer God through Kouth Nhial diede e long (God of heaven is great indeed)!

    Succinctly, we would like the Dinka cousins to know that there could neither be South Sudan without a Nuer and to my Nuer beloved people and race nor there could be South Sudan without a Dinka. So this Algebraic equation must and ought to be balanced through peace; promotion of peace culture; social justice; social equality; democracy; democratization; the rule of law; human rights protection transparency and accountability. Because these two groups with one-root divided only by the quest for political power and money amongst the power elites, there has been no enmity compared to the degree that Salva Kiir and his Twic Dinka militias have done against the Nuer counterparts.

    We [the Nuer people] should not do as the Dinka have done because they did not know what they were doing or even if they did, we should not do like them. We should be greater than them all and this would become our strength and courage. Cognizant, that the Nuer are great and courageous people, we are often vulnerable to be attacked the weak and the wicked characters to provoke us to undertake ugly actions for them to win the world sympathy and support. This was really they did and what we from these historically defeated entities experienced in the 2013 Juba Genocide from our Dinka cousins. Down the road, we shall and will forgive them because of our greatness, but less we forget the death of our loved ones through the perpetrated 2013 Juba Genocide, unfortunately. Could there be forgiveness between the Dinka and the Nuer folks? Think about it on both sides of the opposing camps and the means to achieve this forgiveness, reconciliation and way forward. We do not have reservations and doubts because many songs have written that “There could be no forgiveness between the Nuer and the Dinka” which is in authentic Nuer language translation goes like this “Kamda ke Jing thiele maliech wa ke thiele Palaka” or “kamda ke Jieng thiele maliesh wa”. The Nuer people as a strong and courageous people, they fear no forgiving for the sake of peace. President Nelson Mandela said he that “Courageous people do not fear forgiving for the sake of peace.” The Nuer nation and its resilient people would not be afraid to forgive for the sake of peace as long as all the perpetrators of the 2013 Juba Genocide have been apprehended and brought to justice to be tried, sentenced for the wrongs that they have done, which they ought not to have done.

    Failure on the UN, the ICC, the AU and the IGAD, including the China-USA Test case diplomacy on South Sudan, the world and Africa could be rest assured that the Nuer people would be committed than ever to get these cannibal-likes, criminals, thieves, devils, hooligans and thugs, whenever, wherever, however and whatever to get them like the Israeli Mosad hunted down worldwide the Nazis that committed the Holocaust--the systematic attempt by the German authorities during the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945) to kill all and every Jew no matter where found-to destroy as a group. This has been exactly what Salva Kiir and his Twic Militias had intended to genocide or democide against the Nuer nationality in South Sudan similar to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide by the foolish and renegades Hutus’ majority against the courageous and the strongest Tutsi’s minority group in Rwanda. We would like the world and people of South Sudan to know that we (Nuer people) shall and will not rest until the perpetrators of the 2013 Juba Genocide, including Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan and others have been apprehended and brought to justice and justice-qua-justice. We would eagerly look for justice to be done because as the US Supreme Court Justice Thurmond Marshal said he that “justice delayed is justice denied.” The perpetrators of the 2013 Genocide should know that they can run, but they cannot hide. We would get them all no matter where they go in this international “global village” interconnected by technology or the Big Brother Science, Vipers, Skype’s, the Global Internet networks plus others. We promised them that they would be caught and brought to Justice dead or alive. There would be no escaped from the law. This is the bottom line.

    If they go to North America, a Nuer is there to identify (ID) and to locate them to be apprehended; if they decided to go to the EU countries, they would encounter a Nuer to ID and to locate them to be apprehended; if the opted to venture to Australia (Aussie) or the World Under, they would also meet a Nuer to ID and to locate them to be apprehended. The same processes would apply to the Arab and Islamic world and Africa as a whole. We would not hesitate to punish them with impunity if any of these criminals should fail to cooperate with the law. Our best bet for them would be to report and to surrender themselves to the law when this hoopla of genocide that they have started would be over with sooner rather than later. We would like to state with confidence that the days of Salva Kiir’s regime are numbered. We do also reckon that now we affirmatively could truly confirmed and reaffirmed what we have been saying all along that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They [Dinka] are the Chosen People” by whom and for what- remains a myth to be de-mythologized.

    The world would be rest assured that these archaic and divisive preconceived negative ideas would be crashed and the seed of democracy that we {the Nuer] have watered with our thick blood as the ultimate sacrifice would prevail and to further fertile the ever fertile soil of South Sudan. We do feel pretty positive that the time is now for democracy and ethnic federalism similar to the ethnic federal system in Ethiopia would take shape and form in South Sudan. This is also another Nuer people contribution against the forces of dictatorship that its days are numbered and decreases daily.

    Precisely, Salva Kiir has been a non-benevolence dictator, undemocratic, ethnocentric (tribal) and a child and a woman killer of unarmed and helpless civilian’s population in violation of Article 6 of the United Nation Convention on prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide (UNCPPCG) and the politically motivated rather legally motivated the so-called International Criminal Court) (ICC) on human right protection laws.

    Last, but not least, we urge and appeal to all the Nuer people to unite together their ranks and files in times like these like a bundle of sticks tied together that no one can break them apart and like a wolf pack. This is for the second “darkest spot” in our nation history. The Nuer people experienced this tragedy at the hands of the British colonialists in 1915-20s during the Anglo-Nuer Revolution (1900-1930) against the British imperialism and colonialism in Sudan and Southern Sudan in particular. The Nuers were gassed by the British soldiers with Mustard Gas like it was tested on the Indio-British soldiers during the same period in the Sub-Continent. The Nuers were not sure that even the British colonial administration fell remorse and regretted what they did to the Nuer people with the Mustard Gas compared to the foolish Dinka who have been less remorseful. We do not seek any apology from them because no Nuer with good conscious and feel proud to be a Nuer would accept such an apology. We do not need it and would never ever ask for it. We have accepted the 2013 Juba genocide of unarmed and helpless people for no reasons that would really justified their cold blooded death, unfortunately. If anyone in the Nuer Community would accept any apology from a Dinka, he would be considered as the cowards of the cowards and as if a Dinka. Such Nuers who would do this would be without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos would be ostracized or ex-communicated for good from the Nuer nation or the Nuer Community. Our forefathers never ever accepted an apology from a Jieng (kuany cieng) (indenture slave-like). Such Nuer people who would do this be put automatically in the Black (Waragak in char) because such people are dumb (camjiecni) in the Nuer culture. It would be Salva Kiir vs. Salva Kiir to tell the world why he hates the Nuer nation and race so much in South Sudan. We would do our part to containment this hatred by any means necessary.

    These tragedies have brought us together and so let’s keep it that way. We should become like the Euro-Jews and the Israelis and in the Middle East in South Sudan and to deal with impunity with anyone that has been against us and tries to pushing us into the White Nile (Kier in boor) dangerous crocodiles (Nyaang tin jiek) as cadavers (rieng naadth or Nath) for their dinner. We should all unite for our ranks and files for the cause to cede from South Sudan to become like Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland, Haregeisa, the ethnic federalism in Ethiopia, the Island nation of Cyprus that divided itself into Greco-Cypriots on Westside of the Island nation of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriots on Eastside of the Island nation of Cyprus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia that broke away from Georgia and recognized only by Mother Russia as independent and sovereign de jure states as well as the Christian Enclave of Nagornokaravhk in the Republic of Armenia. We should all solidly unite behind our great leader Dr. Machar or his replacement and the replacement of his replacement to lead us to victory in achieving the establishment of ethnic federalism and full democratic transformation in South Sudan. We should remain calm and to be patience because time is on our side. Fear nothing except fear itself and keep on moving forward with pride, dignity and to walk tall in the midst of those who hate you because of your group membership. Keep on smiling and be happy and merry and let’s not forget our dead in the 2013 Juba Genocide. What shall we do about China-US convergence and divergence as “test case diplomacy” on South Sudan? Firstly, it was the US that has really helped South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 after a referendum in which an overwhelmingly majority voted to secede to become the world’s failed youngest state.

    The People’s Republic of China that has no historic interest and knowledge of the people and their cultures has become the most important patrons- constructing its roads and in exchange for stealing, depleting and siphoning or plundering its oil and gas. For the past year or so South Sudan’s leaders plunged the country into a dangerous civil war that could have dangerous geopolitical and geostrategic implications not only for South Sudan, but the entire Horn of Africa region and beyond. It could also become a test case in diplomacy between the USA and China, thus, raising the real question: Can Washington and Beijing turn their converging and diverging interests in South Sudan into a common shared strategy to halt the civil war? In order to stop the bloodshed, both China and the US should exert pressure points on Salva Kiir that has been more stubborn and irritate compared to Dr. Riek Machar that is always ready to negotiate peace with strength, but not in weakness for the good of the country.

    Both the US-China have been supportive of Salva Kiir in the war for political investment in as far as the US is concerned and China as the main supplier of arms to Juba in exchange for pumping the oil and gas. The US sanctions and embargo against South Sudan would not work. China, which has espoused a policy of non-interference “still is one of the bedrocks for foreign policy in its partners’ domestic affairs, has revealed it into the position. Because China has opted to take side, it risks losing billions of dollars that it poured into the oil industry in two-Sudan states. The Nuer would not forgive China and it would be much preferable and healthy for them to call it quit before it’s too late. Let them go to Salva Kiir who does not have the black gold (oil) and to leave Dr. Machar alone who has got the black gold alone. Realistically, we the Nuer do not want the Chinese in our land and at the same time stealing our oil at our own expense. We will shoot the hell out of them to go out of the Nuerland and they know this statement well. It’s now about time for the US to wake up to respond to the Chinese foreign policy agenda in South Sudan. Who is worth amongst the two guys? Let the Chinese determine this equation.

    The United States and China are now in camps compared to the opposite camps in Darfur crisis, the two-superpower have convergence and divergence interests, given the long structured suffering Sudanese region, the two superpowers share a lot of common ground on South Sudan. China, for instance, has made big economic investments, including the supply of massive arms to Salva Kiir’s regime; and the USA that midwife the birth of South Sudan has heavily invested politically. It was the US lobbyists that started this war and behind the scene involved President Yuri Museveni in this protracted nasty war in South Sudan. In fact, both the US and China have one common interest in restoring stability to South Sudan and avoiding or averting disruptions to its oil flows. Whilst people are dying, both Washington and Beijing have opted to go slowly in the process. This is a clear reminiscent of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and the extermination of the Jews with due knowledge of the European powers during the Second World War (WWII) and the gassing of the Kurds in Northern by the late dictator Saddam Hussein. Because the US has closed ties with the SPLM as ruling party in despite of the intentional genocide that it has committed against the Nuer nationality or ethnicity, they resisted taking any step like arms embargo that they would further weaken the dying regime in Juba.

    The former US Envoy to South Sudan Princeton Lyman, put it like this “The US position is hardening in the administration, but it has taken a while.” Thus, based on the said, the US effort in the peace-building and peace-making- is to preserve its perceived threatened national security interest vital strategic national security interests and its foreign policy agenda. How long can the US do this without the intervention of other interested powers in South Sudan? We do know that the US did not care about the 2013 Juba Genocide against the Nuer people that have correlations with 1994 Rwanda Genocide by the Salva Kiir’s wicked racist, tribalist and apartheid regime in Juba. President Obama invited the child and woman to the White House that was in my viewpoint, to travesty to American democracy and the champion of human rights abuses throughout the world. The war is intensifying between the forces of Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, force has killed tens for thousands, displaced more than two million people, brought the country to brink of disintegration famine and left trail of rape and killing.

    The US engineered or manufactured the crisis, death, rapes, killings, and the UN has confirmed the recruitment of school children by the Kiir’s renegade and terrorist General Oolony a reminder of what the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A did in the past and the US through its lobbyists had covered up as such, a crime against humanity. In my capacity as an African Affairs expert, both the US and China have different histories in South Sudan. In the past, the US was supplying the Khartoum with arms to fight the southern rebels. When the US realized that its national security interests and its foreign agenda were at stake in the 1980s-1990s to early 2000s, it changed face against Khartoum and switched to support the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A and supplied it with the non-lethal weapons and money against Khartoum regime and any Southern factions that was perceived to be closer to Khartoum labeled as an enemy and referred President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of genocide in the Western Sudan’s Darfur region.

    China by contrast has been one Sudan most important allies- and still is. But when South Sudan split from the mother country in 2011, it took most of the oil oilfields and gas fields; China courted the dictatorial government in Juba and kept its stakes and interests in the oilfields and the Gas fields. The quest for oil in Greater Upper Nile region, made China to undertake an active role, considering its traditional policy of “non-interference” in its patrons domestic affairs. China dispatched its own troops numbering 750 soldiers to the UN peacekeeping mission and requested the UNSC to include an unusual mandate for the peacekeepers mission” peacekeepers are tasked with protecting not only civilians, but also the oilfields and the Gas fields which have been attacked and closed down by the rebels in South Sudan. We would not allow any Chinese soldiers to set foot on the Nuer soil and oilfields because this would happen over dead bodies. Realistically, we wanted the Chinese Now and not tomorrow exit South Sudan soil!

    Although China has claimed that it has stopped supplying arms to Juba, it continues doing it through Uganda as the end-user and transports such arms to Juba that it is helping fighting the rebel forces. The American-drafted resolution would impose travel ban and asset freezes on individuals who threaten the peace and security of South Sudan, including those accused of human rights abuses, recruitment of child soldiers and attacking UN personnel. This is a pretty weak resolution and still indicative that the US still supports Juba in despite of the 2013 Juba Genocide that targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity for genocide as a “final solution” in whole or in part. We could also assume that the US still standby Juba to protect its vital national security interest and its foreign policy strategic agenda in South Sudan and throughout the Horn of Africa and beyond. Furthermore, the US could also be behind the refusal of the African Union completed into the human rights abuses, but the peace talks are continuing. We could not agree more with the US Secretary-General and more 75 organizations calling for the release of the AU Report on the 2013 Juba Genocide and the human rights abuses.


    Africa and the international community must and ought to acknowledge that the conflict in South Sudan has been genocide… as the gravest and greatest crimes against humanity has been defined by the UN Convention on Genocide in December 1949, which came to effect in January 1951. In Article II of the said Convention, the crime of genocide has been perpetrated against the unarmed and helpless Nuer people by the Government of South Sudan, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan Twic Militias and the SPLA loyal to Salva Kiir and foreign powers on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 that shall be known heretofore as the 2013 Juba Genocide. Tens of thousands have been forced to seek refuge in the UNMISS compounds. The crime of genocide, rape of girls and women by both sides of the warring camps, rights violations in the country and the recruitment of child soldiers have occurred in Salva Kiir’s side.

    In addition, the Uganda Air Force (UAF) planes dropped large sorties of internationally banned dangerous bombs such as, Napalm bombs, Cluster bombs, White Phosphorous bombs and Uranium depleted bullets utilized by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) planes against the Hamas fighters in Gaza Strip during the Twelve-Day War in 2012 and the Fifty-Day War in 2014 respectively, in which for the first time in the history of Arab-Israeli conflict every Israeli city was hit by barges of more than 1,500 rockets launched by Hamas freedom fighters in Gaza Strip into Israel with the US made Patriot intercepted only a third and similar to Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon in 2006 and 2008 respective, that forced Israeli ground forces defeated and forced to withdrawal in Southern Lebanon.

    As a professional trained soldier and a veteran of the US Army, we do know and have firsthand knowledge and know-how the impact of the said internationally banned bombs on the lives of the people they have used against in the decades ahead. We could trace our experiences to the quagmire in the former French Indio-China (South Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and the pretty savaged and uncivilized utilization of these internationally banned bombs against the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza Strip and in Southern Lebanon. The people of Jongeli, Malakal and Bentiue, including any other areas in South Sudan would surely experience many mysterious diseases that they have not experienced in their lives in the future and the present. Of course, the British imperialist used Mustard Gas against the Nuer people during the Anglo-Nuer War (1915-1920) and against the Anglo-Indian soldiers in the Sub-Continent. Present Yuri Museveni of Uganda should be charged as an international war criminal, international terrorist for the utilization of the internationally banned bombs against unarmed and helpless people as per Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT, the UN International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) and the use of other banned arms of mass destruction (MAD). We would pursue this case internationally against President Yuri Museveni of Uganda by using weapons of death to make an apology and the payment of reparations to those people gravely affected and the pollution and contamination of the grass agricultural lands and the drinking waters of these traditionally Dinka-Nuer horticulturalists by the UAF in South Sudan.

    The IGAD, the AU, the UN, international community, including the superpowers with vested economic, political; threatened economic and geopolitical and geostrategic national security interests should realize that there is a greater need to resolved the crisis in South Sudan prior to its escalation throughout the region. It resolution must be comprehensive and inclusive. Most the of the discussions, thus, have been concentrated on the reconciliation of the split SPLM Juba and the SPLM-in-Opposition at the expense and the exclusion of the original opposition known as the South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SSRF) comprised of different components that was also opposed to Dr. Machar and his in-law Taban Deng Gai led by Lt. General Gordon Kong Chol,, Lt. General James Gai Yoach, Professor/Ambassador David de Chand as its political leader. We fought the former Governor Taban Deng Gai who as a pretty closed ally then of Salva Kiir.

    We have not forgotten that Taban then appointed Governor of the Unity State murdered one of our best generals, viz. Major Gatluak Gai (SAF) and many others that opposed to his malpractice, dictatorial, autocratic, undemocratic and authoritarian leadership in Unity State. Governor Taban Deng lured the general and is entourage and launched an attack to murder them without any prior noticed and his colleagues to a peace agreements and later. The impact of Taban Deng Gai’s (alas Mohamed Hassan) spillover bad leadership style still remains visible in Unity State during this period of the crisis. Because many people and the Bull Nuer and the Leek Nuer majority in particular, were isolated and rights abused by Governor Taban Deng Gai, many still believe that the ongoing crisis has been set of Taban Deng Gai’s returns once again as the Governor of Unity State. The exclusion of the Bull and the Leek Nuers has created defections and joined Salva Kiir’s because based on our underground intelligence and public relations in Unity State rest assured them that the brutal, ruthless and useless individual or the man called Taban Deng Gai would neither return as the Governor of the Unity State nor Dr. Riek Machar is the leader of the whole movement, but only the SPLM/A-In-Opposition (SPLM-I-Opp.) faction that many have rejected and do not even want to hear the ululations, i.e., “SPLA Oh Yea” in any gatherings. The current crisis in South Sudan has not been about the returning of Governor Taban and a return to Salva Kiir’s dictatorship. It has been all about the establishment of social justice, democracy; federalism and to force Salva Kiir to step aside or to step down from the Presidency. The non-SPLA-I-Op declared that the war has not been about the reintegration, reunification of forces with Juba, but has been about the grossed human rights abuses targeted against the Nuer people in the 2013 Juba Genocide.

    The ongoing social revolution or social renaissance would be to rest assured all the people that it is about the establishment of democratic federalism that would grant each region and every people the right to govern itself and themselves based on their inherent cultural diversity and peculiarities to manage its own resources for the benefit of the its people and the region as well. The Greater Upper Nile shall govern itself as if in Kurdistan-Iraq, Somaliland, Haregeisa in the Horn of Africa, Abkhazia and South Ostia that separated from the Republic of Georgia, the divided Island nation of Cyprus into the Greco-Cypriots on the Westside of the Island and Turkish-Cypriots on the Eastside of the divided Island nation of Cyprus and the Christian Enclave of Nagorno-karavhk in the Republic of Armenia and many other political arrangements around the world. In conclusion, Governor Taban Deng Gai should reckon that the spirits of those he had maliciously murdered in Unity State would continue to haunt him until social justice has been and until death departs.

    Presently, Taban has also attempted to Isolate Nuer intellectuals and professionals around Dr. Machar in the Movement that could have serious consequences for Dr. Machar’s leadership because there is greater possibility than ever that the Non-SPLA-In-Opposition could soon declare split from Dr. Machar’s SPLA-I-Op and absolutely and resolutely no return to Juba, but to fight for the separation of Greater Upper Nile region from South Sudan to become a new independent and sovereign state through the exercise of the right to self-determination as a universal right guaranteed to “all peoples” under the UN Charter. The people of Greater Upper Nile do not want anything from Equatoria and Bahr-el-Ghazel regions. We wanted only to become free from these renegades, thugs and hooligans to determine our political, socioeconomic, cultural well being and the right to development for that. We know that he (Taban) has been ambitious to toss over the table against Dr. Machar with hope of rejoining his buddies the former SPLM Political Detainees otherwise the so-called Group of Thirteen (G- 13) and Talban’s lusts for power; he could do this alone because there would be no commanders join Taban Deng Gai.

    The resolution of the conflict should involve the followings as pre-requisites for peaceful conflict resolution as follows that:-
    1. Salva Kiir steps down or resigns from the seat of power and authority for the sake of the vital strategic national interest, its unity, its independent, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. Without any preconditions or quid-pro-quos Salva Kiir returns the power and authority of the state to the people because such power and authority emanates from the people or the governed rather than from the governors because Salva Kiiir has failed the state and its people as a whole.
    2. Formation of an Interim National Transitional Government (INTG) based on a shared federal system of government for a period of 18-30 months in which a federal Republican constitution be drafted, electoral laws, regulations and to return the written constitution to the people through a referendum to the people of South Sudan.
    3. The head of the INTG shall be non-SPLM, reliable, above average educated; strong person with a national vision to reunite and to reconstruct the failed state, to promote peace and the culture of peace; reconciliation; forgiveness, but not to forget the past; mentally sound; moderately religious, non-ethnocentric (non-tribalist) or de-tribalized vs. tribalism, uniting all of the people in all political power sharing rather being egoist, selfless vs. selfishness; individualist or self-interests; to be decisive in decision-making; respectable and responsible; trusted by all of the warring parties or factions. In summation, the head of the transitional Interim Government must and ought to become a person of good character; non-corrupt, non-Dialectic Materialist that decisively believes and adjudicates social justice; democracy; freedom; liberty; social equality amongst all people regardless of race; color; tribe; gender; religion; human rights protection; national origin and gives fair and sound judgment to everyone according to the content of their characters.
    4. Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces from South Sudan soil- mainly the Uganda people’s Defense Forces (UPDF) who have been fighting at behest of Salva Kiir’s regime for the past sixteen months or so from South Sudan soil. All foreign forces shall comprehensively include and with no exception the UPDF, Rwandese, Somalis, Tanzanians, Burundians, Uganda- Rwanda-23 mercenaries and some elements from East and Central African countries; Soldier of Fortune (SF) from all IGAD countries with the exception or minus the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, the Republic of Djibouti and the Republic of Sudan (ROS). The Republic of Sudan rebel movement forces Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) (Tarboro) of Darfur; Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) (the Nuba Mountains) in Southern and Western Kordufan States, Central Sudan, the SPLA-North fighting at behest of Salva Kiir’s like the UPDF should also be withdrawn without any pre-conditions or quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace in South Sudan.
    5. Failure on the IGAD, the African Union (AU), the TROIKA (the US, the UK and Norway) to undertake measures of implementing the preceded or the aforesaid or above-mentioned conditions conducive political atmosphere, could further escalate tensions to maximum or to the highest peak and denies détente (reduction of tensions), hostilities, insecurity and escalating the war not only between the warring factions in South Sudan, but throughout the Horn of Africa, East Africa and the Republic of Sudan and beyond. We would not be hesitating to seek military assistance from any powers to protect and to defend our people and the motherland from the UPDF neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism, occupation, international terrorism and international criminal justice system as well as these international on slaughters, genocide resources that avail themselves to assist us by any means necessary in this extremely and acutely foreign military intervention, international terrorism, occupation, geopolitical and geostrategic dynamics interests converging and diverging of the superpowers intervention and the test cases diplomacy throughout the Horn of Africa region and beyond.
    6. We further reiterate to the IGAD and the AU mediators that immediate departure of all foreign troops from South Sudan soil without any pre-condition or quid-pro-quos would be sine-qua-non to peace, promotion of the culture of peace, cessation of hostilities, just and durable negotiated peace settlement with the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir’s in Juba. We shall and will continue with the war against Kiir-Museveni forces, mercenaries and soldiers of Fortune and terrorists affiliated to the above-mentioned forces on the failed Republic of South Sudan (ROSS) soil.
    7. The Government of South Sudan has acknowledged in principle that the crime of genocide… as the gravest and the greatest crime against humanity and other human rights abuses have been committed that targeted the Nuer nationality or ethnicity on 15, 16, 17 and 18 December 2013 in what shall be called hereinafter as the 2013 Juba Genocide throughout South Sudan.
    8. We would request for the formation of the formation of the International Tribunal to try all suspected perpetrators of the crime of Genocide from Salva Kiir, Paul Malong Awan and others to be apprehended, indicted, tried and sentenced for the crimes that they have committed against humanity. We would also call for the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in South Sudan as the most amicable and amenable way of healing the wounds, forgiveness, but not to forget and the GOSS should pay reparations to the families and children of unarmed and helpless Nuer civilians’ population targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part and in violation of Article 6 CPPCG under the United General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 260 (III) A, Paris, France, of 9 December 1948 and came to effect on 11 January 1951.
    9. We further reiterate that there would be no ceasefire and cessation of hostilities that the war would continue until all of the aforesaid conditions herewith have been adhered to and implemented appropriately by the IGAD, the AU, the UNSC and the TROIKA (USA, the UK and Norway).
    10. There shall and will be two separate armies during the Interim Period in South Sudan and political power sharing based on 50/50% across the board and all powers shall be invested on the VP or the PM Office. Rejection of this demand by Juba could undermine and jeopardize the peace process.
    11. Every region shall and will have the right to secede from the Union without any preconditions to become a state of its own.
    12. Each region shall and will utilize it resources for the development and benefit of its population and to allocate only 15% to the central government and 85% remains within the state. The National Parliament cannot reverse this decision because the wealth found in each region belongs to people of the region rather the central government. Equitable progressive federal taxation would provide the central government with more than sufficient money.
    13. We shall and will not accept any entry of foreign forces into South Sudan soil.
    14. Chinese oil consortia and others shall and will withdrawal all their personnel from the oil fields and gas fields because all agreements between China and Sudan shall henceforth be declared invalidated and null and void. We would re-welcome the US, the UK and other Western oil companies to return to do business based on competition rather than on monopoly compared to the Chinese business style.

    In conclusion, there is tenable alternative (TRA) solution to the current crisis in South Sudan. Because it is a crisis created by humankind, there is a solution at the horizon. There are no problems or crises without solutions from the public administration and public policy vantage viewpoint. In fact, for high spirited administrators, practitioners and public policy decision-makers often sought out solutions to resolve conflicts and to accommodate administrative, social and the wholesome functioning of the national institutional dynamics, whereas, the mediocre spirited administrators, practitioners, usually have been overwhelmed by the degrees of enormity of accumulated pending problems within the premises of any national, political, societal and institutional settings or establishments or frame of reference (worldview) on any given structured, functional, viable and vibrant nation-states. In the case of South Sudan crisis, we shall and will at the end strike or arrive at a realistic reasonable politico-legal solution that would become acceptable to all the warring parties on the ongoing critical and dangerous crisis that poses real threat to national disintegration, political unity in diversity, multiculturalism and indefinite political instability that moves the state from the status of instability to stateless to statelessness similar to Somalia in the Horn of Africa at end of the day. In South Sudan, we should deploy traditional and modern conflict resolution mechanisms.

    The IGAD, the AU, the UNSC, the superpowers, China-US influences in South Sudan should remain impartial and should not attempt to externally superimpose solutions to be based on traditional and modern mechanisms. Nevertheless, the entire responsibility to achieve peace and political conflict resolution remains solely with South Sudanese to exercise leadership, soberness, patience, endurance, reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past. Unless the warring factions moderate their positions, the likelihood of achieving durable and permanent peace remains grimes. This could impact, political stability, socioeconomic takeoff, human resources development and cohesion to prevent it from furthering or escalating the crisis to the point of no return that could possibly push the region to become an international ‘hot spot’ that could not be for the mutual benefit of the parties concerned.

    Whether Salva Kiir’s regime likes it or not, the crimes of genocide… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity has occurred that targeted the Nuer nationality with intention to murder them because of their of their group membership, even if political or economic gain in South Sudan. In addition, war crimes, crimes against humanity and other heinous crimes have been committed against humanity in South Sudan. The GOSS could not have the luxury of the slightest nerve, guts and gusto to deny this well-calculated, well-perpetrated, well-established, well-established, well- orchestrated and well-documented evident and political reality that the Nuer nationality as been targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. We would suggest or recommend that in order to heal the wounds, the IGAD; the ICC should establish an international tribunal in South Sudan to try all suspected accomplices of the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Most importantly, the GOSS should establish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in South Sudan similar to the experiences in post-apartheid South Africa. Salva Kiir would be defeated and there would be no Dinka domination, exploitation, oppression never now and forever in South Sudan! We [the Nuers) would not permit at all any dictatorship to flourish on South Sudan soil, but the seed of democracy that we already watered with strong blood and sweat shall and will always be flourishing forever in South Sudan. This is the bottom line.
    Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/

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