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Articles and ViewsNew Economic Slavery

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New Economic Slavery

10-14-2018, 03:47 PM
عبدالله الشقليني
<aعبدالله الشقليني
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New Economic Slavery

    04:47 PM October, 14 2018

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    New Economic Slavery

    The evolutionary process as a whole led to the Jews being unable to guarantee their survival only thanks to money. In the literal sense of this word. It is meant that from time to time they had to buy the right to live in this or that region of Europe from the popes and princes, so the money became more important to them than their daily bread. No less necessary than the air they breathe. Thus, in such circumstances, money is ultimately acquired by the Jews.
    Peter Leukumson
    Perhaps that explains the suspicious relationship between the Zionist alliance and American capitalism. Perhaps America was a democratic country according to the well-known claim. The new land of European countries has been given to people who have not found themselves stable in their homelands, from low-class groups or from criminals. Which made it easier for them to exterminate local peoples or Indians, without any sense of responsibility or reprimand. So the weapons remained legitimate to date.
    The founders of the United States of America had their creative role in creating democratic laws but with a degree of nobility of purpose, not to trace the capital I found, or to remain subordinate to it, to its families. Democracy, unlike the founders, was the instrument of capitalist growth and protection for it, a means of developing the capitalist system, not ideal democracy, as seen by those who have a fog of vision, and confusion in the confusion between media promotion and truth.
    The capitalist system, which expands as it pleases, takes in the foam of its passion, every human means of looking for a better life. It is not an ideal world of justice, nor noble human values. But it drives all values and concepts and subordinates them to the law of capital development, which is just an emotion. And all those who dream of a noble democratic life will be surprised by the cyclone of suddenness, which is neither justified nor desired. Democratic life, though it is the roof of today's dreams that everyone desires, carries the germ of exploitation and serves the growth of capital supported by intelligence agencies, which have no moral roof.
    In a television interview with Professor Valentin Katasunov, he explained that slavery is indeed a multidimensional concept. The first definition of servitude, literal: is "possession of man". A man possessed by another man, as a property by law. The other dimension of slavery is social-economic slavery. Namely, that someone uses someone else and acquires the proceeds of his or her mental activity, eg, the seizure of the work of others. The third dimension is the concept of deeper slavery, spiritual and intellectual slavery. They are human habits, or certain physical values, imposed on people through media hegemony and psychological propaganda. For example, the Tablet PC, which has evolved into a telephone computer, is a new cult, which all people seek. They spend days of daily worship, such as prayer and rituals. It is, in fact, a capitalist product supported by advanced media psychology.
    So why has it become more profitable, with the passage of time, to possess the result of what man has made and his control of man himself؟ What is the resemblance between Pax Romana and Pax Americana in dealing with the immediate past colonies and the economic and financial "colonies" of the present؟ Professor Valentin Katasonov explained with mental proof that capitalism and slavery are two sides of a single coin, not a schism.
    One might be surprised to learn that the Federal Reserve Bank of America is a private institution! The money is printed and owed to the federal government, and the federal government compensates for the tax revenues and dollars owed to it from Third World countries. If America's military strength remains, the dollar will remain the best currency. Federal government debt now stands at $ 16-22 trillion, against the purchasing power of the dollar, which is without any gold reserves supporting the paper dollar since it was abolished in 1973! . This is the secret that America is the most indebted country in the world, without ever shaking its eyelids. Never suffer, unless its empire collapses as the Roman Empire collapsed before, but at a pace predicted by economists may be more violent. At every time range launches its economic bubbles, creating a financial crisis, paving the way for development !.
    The Karl Marx theory, which describes human history as a consistent sequencing of socio-economic formations, is not merely a simplistic and schematic description, but rather a fundamentally incorrect theory. Nevertheless, this characterization deepened in social consciousness and created the misconception that slavery existed only under the system of slavery centuries ago.
    Indeed, slavery, as a socio-economic phenomenon, continues to exist today, but it no longer requires that one man have another direct property. Any form of human relations, if it allows a person to possess the result of another human being, is slavery from a socio-economic point of view, especially if it is against the will of the productive human being. The phenomenon of contemporary socio-economic slavery often combines two forms: paid servitude and bondage - debt bondage - if direct classic slavery is based on violence and forced coercion, credit or debt bondage is based on deception and regulated fraud .
    Credit slavery or debt bondage is therefore based on deception and regulated fraud. Contemporary lenders, led by America's money-changers, are concerned with keeping most of the population in complete ignorance to see how the global financial system works. If the capital of ancient Rome is predominantly capitalist, modern capitalism has undergone several stages of development. But in the early 21st century it had once again regressed from industrial capitalism to capitalist capitalism as before, resulting in a tightening of the role played by debt bondage as the most prominent embodiment of socio-economic slavery. The highest form of slavery under capitalism is the bondage of money - or consumer slavery. Unlike both debt bondage and paid servitude, the bondage of money is a form of spiritual enslavement, while at the same time it illustrates the efficacy of social-economic slavery in all its forms.
    Contemporary capitalism is an integrated global system consisting of two parts: the first is the capitalism of desire, where the "golden billion", the second is the margin of global capitalism - the rest of the world. These two sections are related to the relations between the exploited and the exploited, where the West has the role of the slave and the margins of the slave. Based on this, comprehensive awareness, through presenting an impartial and objective picture of the contemporary global financial system and its mechanisms, must be one of the most important conditions of the struggle against modern socio-economic slavery in all its forms.
    Why do most of the people in the United States do not know the mechanism of the US Federal Reserve system, who follows, even if it is a government or private institution؟ Why do the media keep silent about the families behind the big global companies and how they seamlessly penetrate most of the world؟ Why do not politicians talk about the "pyramids of credit" and looting of peoples by promoting the mysterious loan mechanism, not to mention the politicized loans imposed on entire countries by the World Bank and the IMF؟ Why do those who rebel against the systematic deception and elite secrecy of the global financial system collapse politically؟ Why is anyone who questions the official accounts of the American authorities, immediately labeled as "conspiratorial" or "conspiracy theory"؟ Is there a systematic policy under the supervision of an intelligent intelligence to whitewash violators and "neutralize" them in one way or another؟
    On June 4, 1963, US President John F. Kennedy signed a resolution. He was the last American president to sign Resolution 11110. This decision authorizes the Ministry of Finance to print foreign currency for the first time without the use of the Federal Reserve Bank. Six months later he went to Dallas to be assassinated. And then came his deputy, President "London Johnson" simply canceled the Resolution!.
    References: Professor Valentin Katasonov, former Russian World Bank official.

    Abdalla A Shiglini
    8 October 2018


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New Economic Slavery
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