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Articles and ViewsNEW IDEAS MY PERSAL APPEAL By Ambassador Dhano Obongo
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NEW IDEAS MY PERSAL APPEAL By Ambassador Dhano Obongo

11-05-2016, 05:07 PM
Dhanojak Obongo
<aDhanojak Obongo
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NEW IDEAS MY PERSAL APPEAL By Ambassador Dhano Obongo

    04:07 PM November, 05 2016

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    I may not claim I know Dr. Riek Machar well but I have met him several times in various
    social and political occasions. I am writing now to express my concerns as a citizen of South
    Sudan and not in my capacity as a civil servant. I write as an individual concerned with the
    political developments and violence happening in our beloved country since early July.

    God almighty created us, put us in our mother’s womb, and planned for each individual a
    career path to follow according to his divine will. This theological dogma is called
    predestination. This tenet says that all happenings are willed by God. The ultimate destiny of
    each individual soul is predetermined. The doctrine of mankind’s free will often conflicts with
    predestination and forms a paradox or inconsistency. Predestination is a form of Christian
    religious determination or predetermination.

    In public life God has called three leaders to us, namely Dr. John Garang D’Mabior, General
    Salva Kiir Mayardit, and Dr. Riek Machar.

    I first consider Dr, Garang. God predestined him to earn a doctorate in philosophy, join the
    Anya-nya one known as the South Sudan Liberation Army/Movement (SSLA/M) armed struggle movement, become an army officer and a leader of the SPLM/SPLA in1983.

    God did not stop there. God chose him to sign a peace agreement, known as the CPA become the first South Sudanese First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan as well as the initial President Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS).

    And then on June 30, 2005, God called him home saying to our hero that he had accomplished his mission and work on earth.

    Now consider our beloved President, Salva Kiir Mayaradit. God predestined him to join the
    Anya-nya one armed struggle movement. Following the Addis Ababa accord, he was absorbed into the Sudanese Army. By 1983 he was into the SPLM/SPLA. He succeeded Garang as chairman and became First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and then into the post of President of the GOSS. In 2010 he became President of GOSS. With the referendum of February 2011, Kiir was predestined to become the first South Sudanese to become President of the newly formed Republic of South Sudan. God had predestined Kiir’s development and exercised divine will in these moves.

    Dr. Riek Machar was called to earn a PH,D in engineering, to join the SPLM/A in the 1980s
    and be commissioned as their leading officer. Machar was destined to be called as running
    mate with Kiir in the elections of 2010, GOSS.

    It was all God’s plan, not happenstance or a result of human ability. My purpose is to
    remind Dr. Machar, a good Christian Presbyterian, about this Biblical teaching of dogma.

    Leadership is a gift from God and not achieved by our own ability and intellect. I am biased to
    believe that from his mother’s womb, God called Salva Kiir Mayaradit to be President of the
    people are fed up on
    Machar has forfeited the office of First Vice President of the ROSS and lost the will of God and
    the people in working with President Kiir.

    My humble appeal therefore is that he seems to have gone through traumatic conditions that are clouding his normal ability to work for the people of South Sudan at the moment .He needs time to recuperate. For that matter the country cannot be held hostage,rather it should continue now under the leadership of Gen. Kiir and Gen. Taban Deng Gai and Gen. James Wani Igga.Dr.Machar should bide his time in preparing for coming elections in 2018, this will give the people of South Sudan an opportunity to rethink through the South Sudan we want, chat the way to the future and create the necessary environment for the elections in if God willing as stipulated. That I guess would be another opportunity for Dr.Machar to ask the people of South Sudan for leadership. Believe me or not if that is the destination God has prepared, you won’t miss it my brother and leader.

    It is not time for politics as usual. I apologize for offended feelings in these expressions of my personal opinion. Our people are fed up on conflict and deserve a bit of peace and tranquility.
    The era of weapons is past and debate of ideas should be our norm.

    God bless South Sudan. Long live one nation and all.

    The author can be reached at email address: [email protected]

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