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Articles and ViewsIslam-an out-look of A Sudanese Sufi By Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer-Gedaref
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Islam-an out-look of A Sudanese Sufi By Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer-Gedaref

12-08-2013, 07:12 AM
Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer

Islam-an out-look of A Sudanese Sufi By Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer-Gedaref

    Islam-an out-look of A Sudanese Sufi

    By: Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer-Gedaref
    A visionary leader, Imam Sadig EL-mahdi, was a prime minster in Sudan in the 1960s-1980s, and is currently the chairperson of National Umma Party has been awarded Qusi peace prize in Manila, the capital of Philippine. Gusi is a Pilipino freedom fighter and human rights campaigner. Imam Sadig EL-mahdi arrived in Philipine on the eve of a hurricane that severely hit the country was the keynote speaker in his honoring ceremony. He stated his feeling “I came to Manila with a heart overburdened with un-happiness for the loss of lives and properties ‘’.then he begged Pilipino people to accept his heart-felt condolences. While a sadly welcoming Pilipino music played in the background, some Pilipino surviving children slept peacefully. That made me wonder why don’t they wake up to be as animated as those children painted by a friend on university dormitory wall: There are little hands clapping…little tongues chattering…they run merrily shouting and laughing with a wonderful music” It is such an absent sound of an exhilaration that inspired Imam Sadig EL-mahdi to write an article on timely and contentious issues. I would like to share you his view of Islam, terrorism and extremism.
    Montignor Formenti , the Vatican spokesman set the ball rolling as he said “For the first time in history, we are not at the top. Muslims have overtaken us” Imam Sadig EL-mahdi caught the ball and answered in his turn “ Muslims politically and militarily are pathetically weak , yet emerging Islamist movements get the majority of votes in every free and fair polling. The he added “ Regardless of their historical and sectarian rift , Muslims are polarized by two trends: an Islam seeking the revival of radiant past and an Islam striving to find a new expression ,a new formula that recognizes the free will,humanrights, religious diversity , peace and justice as a foundation for a universal co-operation. “
    He declared that Al-Gaeda misinterpreted “Jihad” and earned a universal character. As for the advent of Al-Gaeda , he said “ It initially started in Afghanistan to break free from the Soviet Union hegemony and then sprouted after being fed on domestic grievances such as social , political oppression and external injustices like the imperialistic domination , the pending fate of Palestinians under the Isreali’ occupation”. Depravity and suppression of domestic national regimes, palpable western cultural dominance to the extent of viewing modernity as surrender, occupation and stripping of rights and the failure of ecumenical moderate systems to meet their commitments, Imam Sadig EL-mahdi notes that ushered in the up-surge of extremism.
    Imam Sadig EL-mahdi singled out the ideological disagreement as a key reason of failing in steming violence and making peace. Therefore, he proposed that the U.N should reform the process of decision-making, seek a wider legitimacy and introduce educational and informative programmmes that inculcate the sense of accepting pluralism, human rights, freedom and social justice in the arena of climate change for the affected mankind.
    Imam Sadig EL-mahdi didn’t only bewail the victims of cyclone in Manila but also the casualties of Gases emission in avaricious industrial countries. Those countries, Imam Sadig EL-mahdi said have held series on convention to minimize Gases discharge so far they have never fulfilled their pledges and do no more than keeping their aggression against environment. He described their environmental mal-practices as “an eco-terrorism” You; I and others may ask what is to be done to save such a situation?
    Imam Sadig EL-mahdi in this context, called for what he termed as a preventive reform He explained that as setting up a world environment Security Council to act as a mechanism of an ecological monitoring, protection and accountability.

    Abit of Khartoum gossips

    By : Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
    My bus hadn’t arrived and until it was in sight, I read an Arabic Newspaper. All of sudden, I heard the sound of scuffling coming from the premise of a hospital. On an impulse, I went there to investigate. I found that there was a companion of patient huffing and puffing as the doctor delayed entrusting into his care his patient. Hassan Abdulla, the hospital Director sensed the presence of journalist. He extended the invitation for a cup of tea in his office where the Air-conditioning was in a full blast. He appeared more relaxed and friendly. When he put on the desk two cups of tea as carefully as his colleagues put a rare serum in the laboratory, I asked about what makes patients angry. He replied “patients and their relatives always want knowing their health problems. Some medical doctors leave their patients lost in the impenetrable maze of their jargons. Others don’t have the skill to properly break bad news”. I quitted my chair in the medical director’s office as my mobile phone clank. From the other side of phone spoke Hussein, an ex-work-mate inviting for a breakfast made on an occasion of his daughter home-coming. His daughter name is Ayat. She has come from Cairo. There, she is staying in a narrow rented apartment. Her work is dyeing soft hands with Sudanese Henna, one of flesh adornments in Sudan. Among the invitees who arrived in my presence was Hibba . Ayat embraced her tearfully and introduced her as a childhood friend. After lots of fun Breakfast ended. Ayat’s father pulled me as side somewhere in the house to tell Hibba’s story and I leave the rest of lines for her tale. It is worthy of telling and reading.
    Hibba was divorced from her first late husband for loose morals specifically drunkenness and he left in her bosom a girl that filled the sad vacuum. She wished from the bottom of her heart to see the day when Hibba snuggles in the arms of new father.
    As if in an answer to her prayer, a good –looking young man knocked on the door to propose wedding and her relatives insisted that she must be married off to avert the stigma of being a divorcee. Days went by. Huda’s beaming little daughter grew into a girl with an unusual beauty but she was still minor.
    On one sinister day, it must have long after the sun-set, the husband was late as he went into the kitchen with his wife’s daughter in tow, ostensibly to prepare the evening meal. His wife heard sobbing of a girl and came running to the kitchen to find her daughter in chains bearing the evidences of sexual abuse.
    “Doctors and teachers, I ask you: what is hell? Wrote Doestifsky “It is the agony of being unable to love “Indeed, It is an agony to feign love in the name of father to justify your means. The distraught mother stayed at home. She waited until she could make out from a far the Nile river fishermen pulling their nets from the cold waters. Birds sang telling in their own way the story of raped girl and their song steeled her resolve to expose the crime, to bring to justice her escaping husband.
    The husband confessed to being guilty after his arrest, but he denied the charge in the court. According to damming account of mother and the forensic doctor report, The Court pronounced it is sentence: hanging to death.

    Afire man in Gedaref saved an innocent driver

    By: Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
    An accident! One of female passengers yelled as our bus driver stopped to take on board. Fellow passengers leaned out of the small windows to watch the incident but they could see nothing in the dark. When the bus went ahead, one of striding paedstrians hailed the driver. As he stopped, “You struck my horse cart” the man said holding an accusing finger. A police man showed up and instructed to hand over his license. One of memorable sights is an Egyptian on the board of the same bus. “No, Pasha! He has done thing. I swear by God that he is innocent. Shouted his protest. Then, he alighted to talk to the police man. The horse rider tried to silence him and he responded politely and daring’’ It is a word of truth and I shall say it “.
    The police man beckoned to the driver to join him in traffic offences department and so did the riding public. The police investigator greeted amicably the passengers,” Could 3 of you leave their mobile phones to testify? He said “Sure” many of voices answered and he picked 3 of us. As one of chosen witnesses started to talk, the vehicle of Civil Defense arrived dropping off a young man. That was the real culprit. We were impressed by the immediate intervention of fire men. One thing we learned from their humane and heroic demeanor: There are there to help even when there is no shout of fire!

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Islam-an out-look of A Sudanese Sufi By Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer-Gedaref
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