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Articles and ViewsIs America Great Again؟ Or has Trump weakened it؟ By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – UK
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Is America Great Again؟ Or has Trump weakened it؟ By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – UK

04-15-2017, 09:42 PM
سعيد محمد عدنان
<aسعيد محمد عدنان
Registered: 02-28-2014
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Is America Great Again؟ Or has Trump weakened it؟ By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – UK

    09:42 PM April, 15 2017

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    The world skies are clustered with smoke and smog flaring up from the plunder and of the acute turns of realities from the explosive strategies Trump declared at inauguration, on the solidity or looseness of the realities they are based on, and on the turn back by Trump’s team to the extricate drawing board, with a huge lack of expertise and political edge needed to defuse all.
    Let us start by scanning the papers of the sixth of April present:
    The New York Times presented a point of view by writer Thomas L. Friedman titled “For the U.S., a Real-World Assad Test”, in which he explained how ISIS was formed, after Nouri Al-Maliki and Iran laid the ground for it by persecuting the Sunnis and crushing them in the giant jawcrusher of the Shiite Alawite Assad forces and Hezbollah on one end and the Iraqi Shiites on the other. In that, Assad hoped to turn a multicult democracy into a Shiite struggle (Jihad), after igniting sedition fires with the Sunnites by crushing and burning them, which he did.
    Friedman goes on, Trump chose to play the card of fighting ISIS and getting rid of it with the aid of Russia, which is the same opinion I made in a previous essay on “The Repercussions of America’s Absentia from World Arena”, that Trump, in his chosen Alt Right direction and chosen seclusion strategy for America, Israel would be of no functional purpose to him, and he would ally with Russia to fight the religious extremism of Zionism and Islam.
    In the London “Telegraph” of the 7th of April, there were news that America would not want to hit Russian troops or equipment or destroy their war efforts, so they informed them prior to the launch of missiles to keep out of harm’s way, and of course allow the Russians to warn their ally, the Syrian Regime. American missiles damaged one of the two runways only and killed 7 of whom was a Brigadier, Head of Defence, evading hitting a Sarin stock store. It also published Homs Mayor’s accounts and those of the M.P. for Aleppo of how that airport was pivotal in fighting ISIS.
    Around Trump’s Team, thick mist plumed, where newspapers delving into the struggle between the architect of the explosive trade protectionism of America, Steve Banon, the white supremacist, and between Senior Advisor to the President, moderate Jared Kushner, the Jew and husband to Trump’s daughter Ivanka.
    As “The Young Turks” TV program [Turk in English is held to connote a rebel or an earnest reformist] presented a brief analysis of Jared Kushner from the Huffington Post journal that he took over the place of Steve Banon in the National Security Council (NSC) after Banon was banned from formally attending its meetings, despite his closeness to Trump’s ear; and what ensued of their competition of a despicable barrage of insults (Banon calling Kushner ‘globalist’, meaning he is a Semite, a Jew, while Kushner, according to the Daily Beast journal, calls him ‘Cuck’, as of Cuckserver, an obscene expression marking white supremacist men’s reversed lust – see The Urban Dictionary.
    Jared demeanour had been peaceful and loving; he even dropped his aim to be a prosecutor because he disapproved of the practice of injustice he witnessed his father go through when he was jailed for corruption. It was an experience that strengthened his relationship with his father and his father’s love to him. He also sought appealing to Israel to accept the Two State Solution for the sake of peace, and that the destiny of peace lied with them. He even arranged a meeting with the Mexican president, to which Trump was very furious and prevented him from that meeting. He became tense with Trump, edgy and clumsy. He showed a long-lasting ability of harbouring vengeance deep, and a fast revenge whim, till he became thin and indulged in the foulmouth with Banon, referred to earlier.
    Banon, with his Alt Right extremism and previous membership of the racist Ku Klux Klan, and the architecture of Banning of Muslims to the USA, the Repeal of ‘Obama Care’ and the confrontation with China, is still striving to the maintain those strategies.
    Trump did agree to invite the Chinese President in his resort in Florida, timing it with the launching of the attack on Shua’irat Airport in Syria. At that time, he already had despatched a strike fleet comprising six vessels including an aeroplane carrier and a missile launcher with two nuke heads. He despatched it to Australia en route a combat drill at South Korea, which he decided to furnish with nuclear weapons, equally with Japan, to flag North Korea, while ‘wagging a finger and tapping a wrist’ of the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping, who wore a cunning smile of courtesy, as if he messages the Chinese President ‘you hold North Korea, we abandon Russia’.
    In Haaretz Israeli Newspaper, Israel is almost screaming out it was the mastermind of the Sarin attack, as its Defence Minister declared he was 100% certain Al Assad Regime was culpable of the attack ‘100% certain؟ As of witness؟’
    When the G7 meeting in Italy despatched America’s Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson to Russian President, Putin, to hand him a letter in which they dropped the clauses urging him to abandon supporting Al Assad or face tough sanctions, and only asked the agreeing to remove Assad, not before the transitional period, but during a truthful transition, according to Al Hayat International newspaper. Putin reiterated in his response in a broadcast that, false flagging a chemical attack is not a challenging task for any player, from opposition factions or otherwise, to implicate whoever, especially Syria being in a state of war with Israel. What the UN inspectors returned with from Iraq of evidence of Chemical or mass destruction weapons, was planted by whoever had an interest in attacking Iraq, which Iraq paid for.
    Also, the newspaper claimed in the plan, if Trump agreed, is ending the fight and entering serious negotiations between the regime and the opposition in Genève, under the auspices of the international community. If Putin objects to the written deal, an international and regional pact will be structured under America’s leadership, to wholly eradicate ISIS off the East of the Euphrates, availing temporary settlement areas North and South of Syria as areas of international liaison between America and Russia, then leave the intact part of Syria west of the Euphrates for the Russian and Iranian leverage, with a depravation of that area from the affluence of East of the Euphrates, which will be under the control of the Kurds, together with blocking any reconstruction aid to the area of Syria under the power of the regime. That is as well as the prohibition of use of chemical weapons and an elevation of red lines and prohibitions......…A return to the Cold War.
    The London ‘Mail’ ran an analysis of Britain’s position (represented by its Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson) when he set out to accompany the American Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson to meet Putin to urge him to abandon support to Al Assad or else face sanctions, and that was before the scheduled meeting of the G7 in Italy. Johnson abandoned his mission ‘to clear the way’ for the American Minister and the Russian President for ‘a divulgence small talk’ to avoid embarrassing them, that they may come out with a new plan with an impenetrable shell and a hidden mystery inside. The newspaper thus labelled him ‘poodle of Trump’s’, (in conjunction with the naming of Prime Minister Tony Blair during Iraq War as the poodle of George Bush’s).
    So, what came clear out of the smoke pit of realities now the smoke has settled؟
    • The strike of Syria was not a pre-emptive strike (remember Trump’s comment on Obama’s declaration of a timed invasion of Mosel to purge ISIS, that the essence of the power of war was to be pre-emptive, not declaring it؟), Trump even warned Russia of the missile attack so it might guard her personnel and equipment, and that was to avoid a major catastrophe of World War and probably nuclear; that Russia could not keep the secret from her ally, Al Assad, to keep intact its trustworthiness, and America agreed. Thus, no Syrians but seven personnel, including a brigadier, Head of Air Defence, was killed, seven planes under maintenance were hit, and none of the operating planes was hit. On the ground only one runway of the two runways was hit, and a Sarin stock store was avoided; only this worthwhile damage when it is reported that 90% of the airport constructions were destroyed.
    • Iran and Russia declared mobilising their forces to retaliate to any American aggression on Syria, that Russia also had despatched a missile launcher to the Mediterranean to hit back at America if it dared. Did Putin mean what he said؟ Is he convinced it is actually an American attack؟ But he was alerted prior to the attack and given assurances of safety for his forces and his client’s forces; doesn’t that count him as a party of it؟ So, what sort of partnership is that؟
    • ‘Going to the toilet is not like leaving it’ as the motto says: Trump let off during his flare-up of his presidential victory, many ill feelings and dissemination of ill will and enmities, none of which can be drawn back or defused, after exposing Trump’s intentions and strategies, which carried no credibility, and intentions that could not be denied.
    He disturbed the fine balance between the various powers of various cultures, while they kept feeling their way to preserve the holding of the World Order, and wreaked havoc, which China tasted the sting of, and retreated with the experience to deep gorges of distrust.
    • Trump drained the World Order of all it had collated in its fragile crawl towards credibility and amassing of trust, and the lay of common grounds for dialogue and the breaking of the cores of conflict and rooting their cause of distrust. So, he wiped out what faith the nations the World Order came to lay justice to, and instead commenced on replacing the justice ethics with trade ethics, and high morals with force, and ignited a religious and racial sedition.
    • Trump destabilized the societal unity in America and violently shook its constitutional institutions and its fathers’ rules, so he used his bulk of white supremacists to eradicate all what America gained of little civilization in its past seclusion, and reflected to the conception of the multitude of people of the world who knew little about the mint of the Americans, a picture of America that internationally widened the patch of Anti-Americanism; and America will feel that in its political manoeuvres after this stage.
    Trump’s program that was based, to the best assumption, on a strategy of absentia of America from the world arena, clashed, because of the inaptitude of the political players sulking behind lethal barriers:
    First, no one or group can falsify or defraud the will of the nation that was raised via the grandparents and observed by the sons and grandsons; so, the white supremacists cannot erase the Great Civil War of America, its lessons and its cautions.
    And the rich will never build a nation the way they build their resorts or gambling casinos to further their income. The national entity operator and that of the high morals drenched from religions and what they reaped of life’s ethical gains via their experience and that of their grandparents’, are the merits that build countries, communities and nations.
    America’s experience under Trump is a bitter one; now that he completed his honeymoon period, a period of grace, he must be closely held to account for all what he does, first and before all, to preserve the shape of the skeletal system of America’s democratic rationale and legislative one, before they lose their identities, and it is a must that Trump should step down so as not to subject the nation to more tests that it does not know how prepared it is to pass.

    This is the English translation of وهل أمريكا قوية من جديد؟ أم أضعفها ترامب؟ بقلم سعيد محمد عدنان – لندن – بريطانيا

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 15 ابريل 2017

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