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Articles and ViewsI Beg Your Pardon President Obama (1 and 2) (Published in two parts by Sudan Vision Newspaper on Nove

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I Beg Your Pardon President Obama (1 and 2) (Published in two parts by Sudan Vision Newspaper on Nove

07-15-2017, 00:49 AM
Faisal Elsayed Ali
<aFaisal Elsayed Ali
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I Beg Your Pardon President Obama (1 and 2) (Published in two parts by Sudan Vision Newspaper on Nove

    00:49 AM July, 15 2017

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    I went through poles apart and diametrically opposed feelings and oodles of ambivalent thoughts before deciding to write to you overtly in public and with no holds barred. I truly wondered if a President of a Super Power would really turn his attention to or take notice of an unpretentious opinion of a common and simple Sudanese person. Sitting on the fence for a bout I finally decided come what may to press forward with my escapade and succumb to the castigation and consequences of my audacious and mulish attempt.

    This open letter trails the footprints of democracy and takes pleasure in the guiding principles of the freedom of speech that your country swears by unreservedly. Consequently and within the preamble of this humble message, I beg your pardon Mr President for the wet behind the ears’ avowals that I am all the way through unpretentiously reflecting. I feel quiet culpable for not writing to you in a squashy, saccharine and ambassadorial type of phraseology that you deserve to be communicated with. This is simply because it is rather piteous that I am, alas, not a graduate of the Harvard School of Diplomacy. I am just a graduate of our big African University for Edifications of Clemency, Obedience and Reticent Behaviors and the Sudan University for National Studies of Anti- severance and Promotion of Peace and Sturdy Unity.

    Allow me Mr President to shed lights on the fact that we Sudanese people are born politicians characteristically and intrinsically. We come into being with natural affections for casual political colloquies, shoot the breeze and critiques. We, ad infinitum, express on tap concerns about each genre of tattletales that gives a lowdown of any political maneuvers, decorum or stratagems in our country or elsewhere. In fact, Sudan informal and public political discussions are authentic spitting images of the unadulterated feelings and perspectives of the Sudanese people. Prior to enlightening you ornately about the latest political tête-à-tête and chew the fat, it gives me great pleasure to tell you that, once upon a time, the name of the United States of America meant a lot to the Sudanese people. It symbolized a nirvana of egalitarianism, summit of civilization, target of aspirations and a home of a genteel nation.

    Many old persons like me have indeed witnessed those ancient golden days of the great United States of America. It was an era when we had categorical and unwavering conviction, reverence and adulation in whatever America says or does. We never had shilly-shallying or reservations about what any American President declared. That was because an American President during those glorious days of the USA was a bona fide pictogram of justice, integrity and decency. We in Sudan had never stumbled upon or met trepidation or had an aversion to any actions taken by the United States Government in any part of the world. We also felt that those decent American people were very providential to have such great and civilized leaders.

    Then, that golden era of the highly regarded, estimable and affable United States of America started worsening at a snail's pace and a new despicable face of a ferocious American Administrations transpired. That did not affect Africans in large and Sudanese in particular immensely likewise the global negative transformations that laid offensive impacts on some ill-fated countries. We all witnessed when the United States of America animatedly, uncompromisingly and scratchily ripping the Soviet Union’s powers to shreds in an attempt to become the solitary Super Power worldwide.

    At that juncture, we erroneously thought that such American’s comportments and moods of abhorrence targeted other Super Powers. It has always been conceivable that a big country like the USA opts for dominating other big countries. Therefore, we were inclined to believe that minuscule, feeble and underdeveloped countries that do not pose any perils on big countries would constantly remain out of harm's way. That opinion, before long, proved to be wide of the mark.

    As witnessed by the whole world, the United States of America embarked on more than a few bizarre and arrogant actions against a number of countries. It waged wars against Iraq and Afghanistan and fueled civil conflicts in Somalia and Yemen. While doing that the USA continued to pressurize the UN and many European countries and coerced them to bow to its unfounded deeds. The whole world realized shortly thereafter and for the first time ever that the USA was not that highly regarded and indomitable country any more.

    Some less stronger but courageous nations like Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Syria started to regard the USA as nothing more than a paper tiger and soldiered on defying it blatantly. That was when we African and Arab nations came to realize that the magnificent image of the United States of America had changed. We were no longer looking at the USA that we previously admired and respected. Similarly, the United State of America was no longer treating our countries with the friendly manner that we have previously enjoyed.

    Sudanese people looked upon those global political revolutions as a drastic change in the international relations between the United States of America and the rest of the world. We definitely felt jittery and perturbed with the way the US Government started to strike at the foundations of other countries and chipped away at their sovereignties. We were also worried about the new tailor-made role of the world’s police officer and judge that he USA started to play and went intensely to impose on other countries with absolutely no regard to their opinions.

    We all know that the overall political structures worldwide, including the USA, are largely identical and like peas in a pod. In any specific country, there is a ruling party and opposing bodies that point the finger at whatever the ruling party says or does. Peaceful and wise opposing parties opt for diplomatic and nonviolent courses of slinging match or resistance. Other extreme offensive types of opposing parties may decide on some uncouth and stronger actions that may include raising arms against the ruling party. They, moreover, make big campaigns to proclaim boundless allegations and claims about corruptions and deficient performances of the ruling party. This pattern of aggressive opposition has usually no reservations in joining forces with any foreign powers in favor of reciprocal interests.

    Unfortunately, Sudan underwent the aggressive type of opposition for more than twenty years. The famous Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which have been, largely, sponsored and engineered, by the USA in collaboration with other International Community’s parties, pulled the plug on that long lasting war. The Sudanese nation was more than grateful to those international intermediaries who facilitated the course of action for bringing peace to our country. We were, however, under the impression that those same international mediators would, once more, use their influences on the two conflicting parties and mend our political situation to the best interest of a united Sudan. As the days went on, we started to feel that the impartialities of those mediators were counterfeit and fictitious. As the two conflicting parties were actively pressing forward with the CPA towards a closing ecstatic wrap up the hidden and suspicious motives of the foreign mediators transpired on a whim.

    Prior to arriving at the most sensitive part of my message that deals with how the Sudanese people feel about the USA and its current President, let me first describe their earlier feelings when you won the elections. I can say unreservedly that the all the Sudanese nation was in high spirits when you scored that remarkable, groovy and life-size victory. Your victory came as a relief for most, if not all, Sudanese people who had some reservations about President Bush’s anti-Sudanese Administration. The Sudanese people then regarded the image of the UN as being at the pits, nadir and depths of despair of a collapse a propos to its apt fulfillment of its mandate. They were, and still are, not happy with the UN’s absolute and reprehensible capitulation to the directives of certain Super Powers.

    Anyway, your victory Mr President in the elections was a generously proportioned event and we considered it as a pride for every living soul in Africa. That was simply because, on the one hand, you raised the slogan of “change” which indicated to us a call for suppressing and discarding President Bush Administration’s anti-Sudanese visions. On the other hand, the fact that you billowed out of an African blood and an Islamic belief was another emotional and heartwarming factor. Your sharp-witted, glittering and consequential campaigns, the dictums of changes that you advocated for and your triumphant win have indeed raised big hopes among the Sudanese people. They expected beyond any doubt a new era of cherished, equitable and prosperous relationship between the Sudan and the United States of America.

    After this scrupulous commentary of historical proceedings, I beg your pardon once again President Obama for my absolute frankness in drawing a precise picture of how the Sudanese people feel about you and your Administration now:

    • With the exception of a handful of southern and western politicians who have some fishy mutual interests with your Administration, the rest of the Sudanese people hold you directly accountable for the current vicious strives for tearing the unity of Sudan apart. They attribute those attempts to your desperate endeavors for retrieving the briskly and indefatigably deteriorating confidence of the American people on your Administration. They point the finger at you for seeking political gains for your next elections in 2012. You are aiming at the obliteration of Sudan through conspiracies and bogus allegations. The bottom line of their current judgment regards your Administration as an internationally ostracized Government.
    • The blurred and changing statements about Islam that you are showing reflect a distorted political posture, weakness and unbefitting presidential submissions to internal and external political pressures. As we are talking about Islam, I draw your attention to the fact that Sudan is following a moderate channel and with your hostile attitude against our people, you are pushing them towards similar channels to those adopted by Islamic groups in Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq etc. against your country.
    • The whole world has realized that your plans for ending the Israeli / Palestinian enduring fight have totally failed. The Israeli Government’s obstinate and defying stand has resolutely blocked your attempts and obliterated your hopes. Accordingly, you have lost a propitious element for brightening up the rostrum and environment of your coming political campaigns. The results of the elections that the USA has just gone through, illustrated how the American people are progressively turning their backs on you and initiating a countdown for your Administration.
    • The majority of Sudanese people are laughing at your fabricate alternative plan for claiming a conjured political triumph. The way you concocted a thespian and eccentric story about the sufferings of the people in southern Sudan is rather satirist. You, indeed, added more spices to your fallacious allegations and counterfeit heroic feint as regards to liberating the southern Sudanese people from the belligerence, callous manipulation and abuse of the National Congress Party. We admit that our southern brothers have some legitimate claims that we all should cater for. There was a lot of exaggeration on the picture that you keep on presenting about the situation in Sudan. Unfortunately, all international delegations that came to Sudan had to follow the course of your unreal stories about Sudan and draw a matching picture.
    • It is true that the conflict between the National Congress Party and the SPLA/ SPLM continued for over twenty years and the Sudanese people have appreciated the US and UN interventions towards ending the war. However, dismantling the unity of the country has never been among the choices of the Sudanese people. They innocently thought that the US Government and the UN came with a risk-free plan that aims at logical reconciliation between the two conflicting parties under a united Sudan. Everyone knows that the US and the UN have unassailable capabilities and appropriate instruments for putting an end to the conflicts in Sudan without separating the southern regions from the rest of the country. We are all wondering now why are they doing the contrary.
    • Any average or non-politician Sudanese or American person would easily realize that ending the political dilemma in Sudan without separating any of its regions would represent a victory for the American nation. It is apparently clear that the US President’s preference went for what doles out recompenses to his own political interests. The false picture of rescuing the poor African Sudanese from the hostilities of the Arab Sudanese is a cheap scenario for a purposely-designed gloomy picture.
    • Is it to the best interest of the American nation to give the friendship of the Sudanese people the slip because of some political party’s cheap motives؟ Following the directives of the Obama Administration and vibrant counseling of its Department of States, the Government of Southern Sudan has officially proclaimed their interest in cooperating with Israel. What are the impacts of such a decision on the USA’s friends of Arab and African countries that are anti to Israel؟ It is clear in many ways that the US is dashing blindly to separate southern Sudan from the rest of the country without making proper analysis to find out the expected results and consequences of such an action.
    Well, the door is similarly wide open for the Central Government of Sudan to strengthen its relationships with more fair and responsible governments in China, Russia, Iran, Northern Korea, Venezuela, Syria and elsewhere. The USA is shoring up southern Sudan and converting it to a base for fighting neighboring country. The Central Government would defiantly rummage around for support from friendly countries towards structuring similar bases of mutual interests. Bigger conflicts would, in next to no time, surface out in Sudan due to the political conspiracies that both the USA and UN are cooking now.

    • Notwithstanding all the denials that the majority of Sudanese people have expressed counter to the proposed hasty implementation of the referendum in southern Sudan and Abyei, the US and UN are acting uncooperatively. They are, in a perilous act, insisting on executing the referendum on 9 January 2011 by any means. The entire world knows that many of southern Sudan’s tribes are still exchanging blows among each other. If the US and the UN insist on executing the referendum before the reconciliation are concluded among those tribes, they would be, once again, committing a terrible mistake. The International Community should definitely hold them responsible for replicating the same horrible scenario of Rwanda’s massacre and carnage in Sudan. We are hereby alerting the whole world about the international deliberately perpetrated crime that is just about to be committed in Sudan.
    • You and the Secretary-General of the UN both know very well that you have to tackle a chain of issues first. Unless you make sure that the demarcations of the boarders are completed, the conflicting parties in Abyei reach an agreement, and the concerned parties deal with the issues of Sudan debts, assets, and oil shares etc., serious security threats would surface again to bring the current conflict to the fore and to its zenith.

    There is still a chance for you Mr President and for the UN’s Secretary-General to deal with the plight of Sudan with more wisdom, impartiality and pragmatism. We would of course pay no heed to any proposed solutions that jeopardize the unity of our country. We are convinced that the American people would not put up with an involvement of your Administration in such an international crime if they were aware of the exact situation in Sudan. We, henceforth, will make sure that they do.

    The people in all parts of the world have witnessed tragic cases where politicians lead one part of a country to separate from the other. They are also aware of the people in both separated parts have gone through. Is it not the optimum point in time for the whole world to explain to the UN Secretary-General that he is in charge of an organization that sponsors the peace and welfare of any united nation؟ He is definitely acting contrary to that by dismantling the unity of Sudan. We should all raise a loud and clear voice that says enough is enough to separating any united nation؟

    Moreover, why was the UN Secretary-General unable to form a fact-finding mission to conduct a thorough investigation of the contemporary factual state of affairs in those countries that underwent experiences of internal separations؟ His country should be included as one of the victims that continued to undergo conflicts up to this moment with the separated part of North Korea. We are sure that the countries under the umbrella of the UN would love to see the findings of such an important investigation before seeing the name of Sudan added to the disgraceful list of preceding victims. This humble request for investigation goes to you Mr Secretary-General from an individual whose country is under your current UN’s leadership and a horrible threat is hanging over its head.

    I am also in quest of advices from all the international and independent legal institutions and human rights organizations worldwide. Please give me directions on what further steps could I possibly take to defend my country against such international criminal acts, dire exploitation and awful threats. Until then I will keep on producing articles to the internal and international media explaining the dismal outcome of the US President and the UN Secretary-General damaging decisions and wrong behaviors in Sudan.

    In conclusion, I am sending this SOS directly to all the academic institutions in particular and the American nation in large. Every American has a family that s/he loves and would do any thing in the world to keep it out of harm’s way. We Sudanese people consider Sudan as our big family and President Omar Albashier and Vice-President Salva Kiir are our parents. Let me describe to you the gloomy destiny that confronts us now.

    Similarly to what happens among your American families, misunderstandings occur between parents and other family members and friends participate in solving the problems peacefully. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening to our quarreling parents now. You and the UN Secretary-General stepped in and demanded that one of our parents should be taken to court (ICC) and possibly to jail. Then you turned around and suggested that the second parent should take some of the children and go to live in a separate house! The rest of the children will live without parents to, probably, start fighting against each other and walk out of their beloved home one after the other. Could any of your families, Mr. President, accept to undergo such a tragic experience as per your decision؟ If not, they should kindly tell you to either come up with a wiser and a fair solution that keeps our country united or, otherwise, take your hands off our country.

    Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

    E-mail address: [email protected], WhatsApp No.: +249 11 3489558 or mobile No.: +249 91 3336080


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I Beg Your Pardon President Obama (1 and 2) (Published in two parts by Sudan Vision Newspaper on Nove
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