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Articles and ViewsFaith and Madness In Retrospect of Manchester Islamic Centre’s Plea on an Arm’s Length from Bombin
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Faith and Madness In Retrospect of Manchester Islamic Centre’s Plea on an Arm’s Length from Bombin

05-25-2017, 00:33 AM
سعيد محمد عدنان
<aسعيد محمد عدنان
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Faith and Madness In Retrospect of Manchester Islamic Centre’s Plea on an Arm’s Length from Bombin

    01:33 AM May, 25 2017

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    Faith and Madness
    In Retrospect of Manchester Islamic
    Centre’s Plea on an Arm’s Length from Bombing
    Part 1

    By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – U.K.
    The issue of faith is an issue of moral high grounds and foreboding the treachery of the incompetent human mind (the Devil’s Den). Salvation necessitates a revelation, from God, which is the absolute virtue. Belief, which is the comprehension of the virtue, is only true when it is associated with doubt to rekindle it. Absolute knowledge that surmounts to belief is impossible whence it is to be advocated by a mind failing the metacognition of creation. To claim absolute belief is to claim absolute ignorance of the limits of ability to believe: limits of your brain; but you can persevere to believe and stay believing.
    That is why Islam advises to envision God’s creations and not His Entity.
    That is why the Muslim community in the world is precariously goaded into or out of three main intellect groups: a group goaded by the absolute virtue, a group goaded by heritage and a group goaded by ego. Most of Muslims fall in the second group, that is, goaded by heritage. There they are subdivided into Sunnite and Shiite, and are victims of misinterpretations and taints of culture and worldly old blood and vengeance.
    And who goaded them to this؟ It is the third group: the one goaded by ego and excessive confidence of being a chosen few.
    You don’t have to have faith to be in with us; the basic denominator is Virtue as per ‘versus Evil’: all you need to fair with is to be supportive of virtue, which is truth, peace of mind and avoidance of mischief. But you have to have faith to meet with God and salvage your soul.
    Before I delve into these treacherous vortices, I would like to adopt Russell Brandt’s “white flag” that:
    1. I deplore terror and the resolution to violence
    2. I absolutely deplore the taking of life for any reason
    3. I absolutely hold high the rights of everyone, in a dilemma, to voice out, with no violation of others’ peace, any opinion or to express any views of retribution or reconciliation therein.
    And I further add to it:
    4. I am a Muslim and I a true believer
    5. I respect and love Prophet Mohammed and believe in his truthful and full conveyance of the Message. The same I do with all Prophets, and do believe the Message had always been the one message of submission to God.
    6. I hold in high reverence and solemnity our righteous ancestry of their companions.
    These areas invite serious debates, for they are the breeding grounds for extremism and the broad scene of clashes of devout convictions; and they eclipse all chances for further sight, rearing tunnel vision of only survival chores, whilst struggling to identify the meaning of life prescribed in a conviction or a faith, by evidence, in Islam.
    Controversies and conflicts used to get inflamed by them. But now, with fast track information and dialogues by virtue of the digital revolution, there is no run from it all; in the contrary, it is badly needed to stem down the explosion of violence and deep conflict that dialogue must take reign from.
    And evidence (Al Bayina) is the light of faith as God advocated, and it is the tool that the Devil toys with to shake faith.
    Such sensitive is the subject, which, sadly, provides a pasture that the media finds sumptuous by muddying the waters around. Another culprit who benefits from these muddy waters, and therefore stands close to being an accomplice, if not a full partner or associate, is the zealot, who parasitizes on faith to pry into individual choices for leverage of power. He ushers religion to advocate a holy war for God to inherit the earth (as if God needs to!).
    We, the true believers, whether in God or in Goodness, need to prescribe our identification of virtue versus evil, without prejudice or societal insatiability.
    With a rotting carcass, you find blue bottles: they celebrate the kill and spawn disease, a role they propagate beyond the kill. This role is what is taken by of the dropouts of the failed ages of slavery, of invasive expansions, of crusades and of Holy wars and of exterminations, taken from the claws of the enlightenment human rights emergent authority.
    They are the losers, from both ends of the divide, who cannot survive otherwise.
    Sanity of the human race rests on our role to preserve it.

    Insanity of Taking a Life and the Conundrum of Revenge
    There is no hard and fast rule of what is sacred for the society except what they agree upon.
    Plus, what Faith clearly dictates: evidenced with source and by non-self-contradiction.
    Non-self-contradiction is reason, and for all true Muslims and People of the Book, it is congruent to the source.
    For the non-believers, it is congruent with their ethical ascendency.
    However, in the personal virtue of faith, your god (for believers it is God or Allah) enlightens you what is sacred and what is evil, and your consequent harvest when you meet him (Him) decides your fate. That is a self-oriented spiritual matter, and does not advocate the right to compromise others’ beliefs or disbeliefs. That is where politics and religion separate in their jurisdiction, but may unite by agreement. This is because ethics is purity and politics is a weapon to reach worldly aims (as virtual aims are personal – conscience controlled). God set virtue to have no teeth, that is why He proclaimed awarding and punishing in Judgement Day, and in Judgement Day only. Politics is execution of Duty: and it must have teeth, and therefore it is a burden of a social contract to the will and benefit of the Parish. Good reasoning marries the two together.
    Good reason is best demonstrated by the Enlightenment Philosopher Immanuel Kant, particularly in his essay ‘ON THE OPPOSITION BETWEEN MORALITY AND POLITICS WITH RESPECT TO PERPETUAL PEACE’
    In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics, he is guilty if he only thinks of, and wills doing so.

    The death of dogma is the birth of morality.
    Before we go any further, the following has to be clearly comprehended:
    Ethics and Practices are two different, totally independent chores of our lives, where ethics is freedom of belief and the following personal commitment, while practices are freedom of actions, limited by the power satiability from the community.
    The only natural sanctity is the personal belief, and the other added sanctity is what the community agree upon and commit to.
    In this second form of sanctity comes the sanctity of life. That sanctity, like any sanctity, is virtually immune from violation unless non-violation would incur a worse violation of the kind. That is to say, killing a person has to only happen when it stands the only way to prevent that person unduly killing another.
    In Islam, very unmistakable evidence ‘Bayina’ was clearly advocated in God’s words. He stated the precise case permitting a killing, and the precise one case of granting licence to kill. And in all these cases placed alternatives to stay the execution.
    Why do not the Muslim who are in a position to effect a difference, like the Islamic nations, the Islamic theologians and Islamic Cultural Centres, including that of Manchester, why don’t they have the guts to deplore the deviation from ‘Al Bayina’ in God’s words to the reviling of the faith by persisting to place parallel to God’s clear message such hearsay claims where there is clear conflict with God’s words؟
    How can they intertwine the most solid evidence ever, that of the Quran (the one and only miracle God advanced to clad His Message in to the end of time), how can they intertwine it with the weakest evidence on earth, that is, hearsay, which Quran itself discredits (testimony of less than two witnesses for evidence), and humans in all times and everywhere discredited؟
    Yes, you can say you deplore Terrorism, and I, personally, believe you. But do I believe you messaged it harsh enough to the terrorists to get the message؟
    Have you convinced the listening brains that you are displaying before them an incumbent movement to root out that resident evil of misinterpretation and sourcing, and quell its pernicious ember glowing in the side of the Muslim community؟
    To be continued in part 2.

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 24 مايو 2017

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