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Articles and ViewsAn International Tender Recruiting Sponsors and Financiers for our new

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An International Tender Recruiting Sponsors and Financiers for our new

01-29-2014, 06:16 PM
Shihab Taha

An International Tender Recruiting Sponsors and Financiers for our new

    O people of Sudan, with a heavy heart filled with all grieve and sorrows we are announcing the foundation of a new armed political movement. Not to increase your sufferings, indeed, but to be a protectors for Nawafeekhakum which most of them had flown and some are still waiting and expected to fly away because of the last speech of President Omar al-Bashir that was delivered two days ago in the evening of January 27 2014 corresponding to 26 of First Spring 1435. Our honourable citizens, enough is enough as the flood had reached the Zuba and we are no longer willing to tolerate those suffering. Today we are pledging to operate the safe landing of those flown Nawafeekh back bases and forbid the rest from flying away.
    O people of Sudan; what we requesting was so objective and very simple. We never asked for a Tarabaezah in the Presidential Palace despite the existence of a very respectable quantity of newly imported Tarabeez, stacked in the large storage which is located in the south-eastern corner of the Republican Palace, according to our intelligence investigations. We never ask for one Wilaya to rule and control, or any Ministry for the show-off or any parliamentary seat to enjoy. Nevertheless, the only thing we always kept asking for is the creation of a National
    Authority for the Interpretation of the Presidential Speeches and the empty speeches of the government officials and National Congress members, but as you know, it is the Rescue’ Government that used to get us lost and confused about what happening in our beloved Sudan and never lend us a sympathetic ear. Herby we kindly asking your understanding and appreciations for the conditions and circumstances that forced us to choose such bloody option.
    Shihab Taha
    Founder and President of N.A.M.O. (National Army of Mu7tareen Organization)
    Here is the international tender that was presented today and we would like to assure you that we will not be only war mongers but we have a secretariat for the entertainment and cultural affairs, and soon you'll be watching a great show via satellite channels named; “Tarabaezah in The Presidential Palace”. It is my won masterpiece; I am the author, screen writer and the director.
    An International Tender Recruiting Sponsors and Financiers
    for our new Armed Movement
    Hereby we are offering a golden opportunity for the sponsors of the military movements in third world countries to take care of the new armed movement financially and politically. Our movement named the National Army for the Mu7tareen Organization.
    Our mission is just to ease the confusion experienced by the sons and daughters of our Sudan when they sit to listen to their President Omar al-Bashir and all his other officials. Please be advised since we are looking to globalize our cause it should be noted that we leaving the doors open for the largest possible number of sponsoring participants.
    The reasons that forced us to establish the armed movement are as follows:
    A – We are hassling to establish our movement before President Barak Obama and Vladimir Putin step down or leave their offices as both are the best and the biggest benefactors of whatever military movement arises in the Muslims world.
    B - The fact that we turned to this kind of opposition is not because we are so smart but for the season that we will enjoy the immunity from visiting the ghost houses of the Sudanese Security Forces that are dispersed and
    dagmesated all over the neighbourhoods of the country. Certainly we will not be like the rest of the idiotic peaceful opponents who do not know how eat the meat of the shoulders. And we will enter Khartoum as victorious.
    C. – This armed movement is the legitimate child for our socio-political organization that is rising for the sake of all people of Sudan without any racial discrimination, and the purpose of our struggle is for their valid rights to find a solution to the chagrin and confusion that they are enduring from the Presidential speeches, other governmental officials and the members of the National Conference.
    D – Already we had sought peaceful solutions and demanded the establishment of a National Authority responsible for the conceptual and rhetorical explanations of what is happening in our beloved Sudan but as you know that our pregnant government will never lend us a sympathetic ear. Here we have to explain the definition of the phrase “Pregnant Government” as it is acting the same as a pregnant woman whom is socially and culturally know that her ear will be deaf, a hearing-impaired person during her pregnancy.
    1 - Applicants should present an approved financial plan beside a non-refundable one Million US Dollars fees as a prerequisites of eligibility to enter the bid. The one Milllon US Dollars must be deposited into the personal account of
    the head of the movement in a Swiss bank named SwissIBAN. Only serious applicant will be informed about the account number.
    2 - Applicants will be approved according to their efficient strategies and abilities to withstanding the tedious bargains with the Akaleet of the National Congress whom are assigned on behalf of the Government of Sudan.
    3 - Highest priority will be granted for the sponsor who will succeed to masterminding and convincing a neighbouring country to be the host for our headquarters and the staging area for our military operations against Sudan Army but generally we prefer Dubai.
    4 - The applicant for the tender should be aware that the first and last reference in our movement is I who is the founder, the President, the Supreme Commander, the military chief of staff, the Spokesman, the Secretary of Financial, the Legislator and the Legal Counsel of the organization as well as the officer of the Diplomatic and Political Relations beside the Interior and External Affairs. Nevertheless, so far the movement is growing and definitely will keep growing proportional to the cash flow.
    5 – Applicants must express the understanding and firm conviction that the armed opposition is the most effective and the best means of political dialogue in our third world where all the parties are beneficiaries. Governments can make the most of any armed movement merging into the bloodshed as it will helps to ensure their prolonged survival grounds by unifying the domestic front and to claim the duties and the responsibilities of protecting their nations any armed movements as long as they were supported by the imperialists. Also they will find themselves free to declaring state of emergency and to launching whatever desired restrictions against the internal peaceful opponents and denouncing their legitimacy, while the armed opposition eventually will get all and even more than what they expecting and the sponsors, with no doubt, will achieve their agendas.
    6 – Applicants must recognize us as a nationalistic movement that doesn’t accept donations or aid and must deal with us a mutual partner applying the code " Darling write for me ... and I will write foe you” and to be acknowledged that whatever amount of financial and logistic supports they accredited will be reimbursed sooner or later in forms of political and monetary packages.
    7 - After depositing the one Million Dollars sponsor must be sure that we will accept all their terms and conditions and we will sign it, but emphasize that the Western Bidders
    final approval depends entirely on the amount of the cash flow.
    Please communicate via this e-mail:
    [email protected]
    National Army of the Mu7tareen Organization

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An International Tender Recruiting Sponsors and Financiers for our new
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